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Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Chechen Leader Kadyrov Invites Egyptian Team to Try Traditional Chechen Dish


Chechen leader R A Kadyrov invited Egyptian footballers to try zhizhig-galnash, a traditional Chechen dish, upon their return to the team’s training base in Grozny. Zhizhig-galnash are Chechen dumplings with meat, traditionally served with broth and garlic sauce. On Tuesday night, Kadyrov said during a live broadcast of 60 Minutes as the Russia-Egypt game was still underway:

Tomorrow, we invite the Egyptian team to try zhizhig-galnash. If we win, the dish will be excellent, if we lose, it’ll be of average quality.

On Tuesday, the Russian national football team snatched another home win at the 2018 FIFA World Cup, defeating the Egyptian national squad 3-1 at St Petersburg Stadium. With six points, Russia has a solid lead in Group A; Uruguay is the runner-up with three points. Russia will play its final group stage match against Uruguay on 25 June in Samara.

Russia is holding its first-ever meeting of the FIFA World Cup, which kicked off in Moscow with a spectacular opening show at the Luzhniki Stadium on the night of 14 June and will continue until 15 July. There are 11 host cities as venues for the 2018 World Cup matches; Moscow, St Petersburg, Sochi, Kazan, Saransk, Kaliningrad, Volgograd, Rostov-on-Don, Nizhny Novgorod, Yekaterinburg, and Samara.

During the tournament, Egypt’s national squad will be in the Chechen capital Grozny. The players will stay at Hotel Lokal, about 10 kilometres away from Grozny’s international airport, and train at Ahmat Arena stadium.

20 June 2018




Sunday, 5 February 2017

Chechen Soldiers in Aleppo “Ease Interaction with Locals”



Russia sent Chechen soldiers to Aleppo as part of the military police battalion tasked with restoring law and order in the Syrian city. The battalion went to Aleppo in late December after the Syrian Arab Army liberated the city from militant occupation, providing security to humanitarian aid workers and Russian sappers who are helping Syrians to rebuild their lives. Now, it has the task of maintaining law and order on the streets of a city devastated by a drawn-out conflict. R A Kadyrov, the Head of the Chechen Republic, stated that around 400 Chechen soldiers are taking part in the policing and law enforcement operation as well as helping with the reconstruction efforts in Aleppo. On 23 January, Kadyrov wrote on his Instagram page that a Chechen Gosduma deputy and a Chechen mufti visited Syria and met with Chechens serving in the military there. He said:

The soldiers were proud to have the honour of serving in Aleppo as part of a peacekeeping force that protects civilians from terrorists.

RT’s Mariya Finoshina, who recently returned from Aleppo, said locals appreciated patrols in the streets, as people are afraid of looters who took to plundering devastated houses at the same time as residents started returning to their homes. Those trying to reclaim their belongings in the abandoned neighbourhoods or wishing to stay view the Russians as their protectors. Finoshina believed:

Many of the Chechens are Sunni Muslims, so their part in the mission is logical. You don’t want to see a total stranger patrolling the streets of your home town. Therefore, sending Chechens was a logical decision because they aren’t only Muslims, they’re Sunnis. Aleppo is a conservative city… and the Chechens are familiar with the religious and cultural traditions of the people on the ground.

Aki Rizk, a Middle East expert, told us:

 The participation of Chechens could really make the Russian military police mission more successful. It’s a very good step; it’d lessen tension. The people of Chechnya and Aleppo have much in common, both in a cultural and religious sense. The anti-terrorist mood amongst the [Aleppo] population also contributes to the mission’s success. The Syrian people are sick and tired of terrorist groups and they’ll cooperate with anyone who stands against these groups.

30 January 2017



Sunday, 15 November 2015

R A Kadyrov on the Paris Terakt… A REAL Muslim Speaks

00 ramzan kadyrov chechnya russia 151115


A monstrous event took place in France; a terakt* targeted Paris, killing about 150 people, with many more wounded. A special ops action freed the hostages, eliminated the terrorists, and arrested one of them. This tragedy shocked the world. President V V Putin strongly condemned the terakt, expressed his condolences, and offered assistance to the French leadership. Now, no one doubts that the events in Paris came from a satanic entity. This entity comprises a Terrorist Internationale, which threatens the whole world and all mankind. ISIS has tens of thousands of militants from all countries. We must destroy this evil at the root. Otherwise, hordes of terrorists will flood all countries and cities on earth like a noxious lava flow. President Putin clearly realised what a threat that ISIS poses to humanity; he launched a resolute fight against the international terrorist gangs. We’re sincerely grateful for his action, as we lived through the horrors of terrorist attacks for years. We once again call upon the leaders of Arab and Muslim countries to unite their efforts against the satanic ISIS entity. There’s no other way out of this situation. I’ve devoted my life to the fight against terrorism; I’d like to tell everyone that there are no “good” or “bad” terrorists. All of them have the goal of destroying humanity! If we don’t defeat terrorism with a united front, the whole world will plunge into chaos, and there won’t be an end to such bloody events!

Let justice prevail!

President Ramzan KadyrovR A Kadyrov

Head of the Chechen Republic (Russian Federation)

14 November 2015



  • Terakt: Russian acronym for “terrorist action”

Sunday, 19 April 2015

DNR Big sez Junta’s Disinformation about DNR Leadership Demonstrate Its Military and Diplomatic Impotence

satan at the computer


Today, Maksim Leshchenko, the Head of Administration for the Chairman of the DNR Government, the junta deliberately spreads disinformation through its lapdog media, demonstrating their military and diplomatic powerlessness, saying, “The Ukrainian side regularly issues made-up disinformation about statements allegedly made by our leaders. In particular, they spread ridiculous rumours of internal tensions within the DNR or tensions between the DNR and Russia. They do it all in a clumsy and unconvincing way, but third-rate ‘patriotic’ media outlets regularly circulate such stuff. Apparently, this is the only chance that Kiev sees to undermine the DNR leadership position, since it isn’t possible on either the political or the diplomatic front”. At present, Ukrainian webpages and bloggers are spreading a rumour about threats allegedly made by DNR head A V Zakharchenko to Chechen leader R A Kadyrov. The authors of this canard argued that the threat allegedly aired on a Russian TV channel, but offered no video verification.

19 April 2015

DAN Donetsk News Agency


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