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Sunday, 14 April 2013

14 April 2013. Moriak Tits-Up… Replaced by Golitzin


Change the caption to “And he thought that he could change Syosset and SVS“… it’d apply in spades to Mollard, no?


Got this from the Cabinet:

It’s not online yet, but two letters, from Moriak and the Metropolitan, were read today after Liturgy. Moriak’s gone (retired), effective tomorrow. Bishop Alexander Golitzin of Toledo (Bulgarian Diocese) is locum tenens.

Then, I checked oca.org… mirabile dictu! There was something posted in a timely manner (for a welcome change). I got wind of this yesterday, but my contact wished me not to post it… most probably, it’d implicate them and bring down the wrath of the Syosset Mafia and the First Families upon them (legit reason, so, I didn’t report it).

Now, the OCA Holy Synod should tidy up some unfinished business. Firstly, it should defrock Ray Velencia for posing as a clergyman whilst under suspension (a major no-no), and defrock John Erickson for his role in the Eric Iliff affair and coverup (and forbid him to appear on the SVS campus). It should also give public warning to JP that it won’t be threatened by his legal mouthpiece, and make the formal offer of a place at St Tikhon’s to take care of his maintenance. After all, JP’s a monastic… he does NOT need 25 Gs (779,000 Roubles. 19,100 Euros. 16,300 UK Pounds) for “moving expenses”). Gerasim Eliel (one of JP’s spoilt-goods episcopal nominees) should also be given a slot at a monastery, as he claims to be a “monastic”, as well (at present, he’s bunking in with Love BT on Michelorena St in LA). JP’s other gay cabellero, David Brum, should be moved to a remote parish, far from his protector BT… now, THAT would tie up most of the loose ends (and that’s all that can be put to rights, practically speaking… there’s still other things, but they either aren’t as important, or, the dramatis personae involved aren’t dangerous any more (like Iggy, Tosi, and Benjamin Peterson)).

As for Mollard… we’ll have to see what happens at the Memorial Day pilgrimage at St T’s, nicht wahr? That’ll speak volumes…



Saturday, 6 April 2013

6 April 2013. Was Ray Velencia Caught in Church in Priestly Clericals Again? Such is the Report…

01 looking for the exit


One of the Cabinet sent this dispatch in:

Ray Valencia was at a funeral in a Serbian parish, wearing a clerical suit.

This is outrageous, if true. Mr Velencia is a suspended clergyman, which means that he can NOT, under ANY circumstances pass himself off as a clergyman in any venue, public or private. The OCA Holy Synod stripped him of the right to identify himself or act as a clergyman when it suspended him in January 2012. It’s interesting, I have court papers in my possession after that date listing a “Rev Raymond Velencia” as the complainant. That means that he engaged in a legal imposture. He isn’t a clergyman in good standing, so, he can’t use the title “Rev” under any circumstance whatsoever. Indeed, he’s spitting in the face of the OCA Holy Synod. When will they depose this jabronie for contumaciously masquerading as a priest in good standing? He won’t sue me, despite all his threats. He can’t allow himself to be exposed before an objective court of law as the disgraced suspended clergyman that he is.

I can’t be sued for reporting that the OCA Holy Synod booted this guy out of the ranks of its active and respectable clergy, for it happened. Oh, yes… I made a copy of the relevant PDF just in case certain parties try funny stuff… it’s happened before. When will the OCA Holy Synod act? Mollard should can the New Age pabulum and start acting like the late Vladyki Kiprian… then, there’d be joy in Mudville (for Casey will have hit a grand slam bases-loaded homer)…


Saturday, 16 March 2013

16 March 2013. All Quiet on the OCA Holy Synod Front…

01 observer with binoculars


There were two pressing individuals IGNORED by the OCA Holy Synod in its latest meeting. Well, firstly, before we get to them, the Monomuckos morons are completely off-base in predicting the demise of Lyonyo Kishkovsky. If such were in the offing, I’d of heard of it… my contacts are sufficiently deep. This shows that Michalopoulos & Co are chock fulla shit and completely without credibility. However, be that as it may be, the HS ignored Moriak and Paffhausen. They’re the “niggers in the woodpile”, the “elephants hiding in plain sight in the room”. That means that the HS is divided on what to do. I’m told that one of the HS members is “depressed”… which means that there was an argument. They’ve decided to dither… no surprise, as Mollard (a known coward) is in charge.

In short, don’t believe the sweetness and light posted on oca.org… Lil’ Mizz Ginny Nieuwsma is a known PR flack and spin doctor, without the slightest hint of credibility and honesty. Don’t you see… Mollard and Jillions are going to the Pope of Rome‘s installation! I’ll bet you that they’re going as part of the Blunder‘s delegation… for Bart‘s going to this Dixie Fry and the EP does NOT recognise the OCA at all (is that why the GOAA parish that shelters Ray Velencia does so? Because the EP doesn’t recognise the OCA? Perspirin’ minds wanna know…). It’s another dreary day covering the slo-mo degeneration of the OCA…



Monday, 13 August 2012

13 August 2012. Breaking News! JP to Sue OCA! It’s Time to Deep-Six This Arrogant SOB…



One of the Cabinet sent this:

JP hired an Anglican lawyer pro bono, who’s threatening to sue for wrongful termination and slander! What a douchebag!

This is beyond the pale. This arrogant SOB deserves to be deposed immediately and without mercy. It’s clear from the above that Fathausen probably DID abet Ray Velencia in his iniquitous lawsuit against Michael Regan.

I also received this:

I seem to remember that Moriak suspended a deacon in Minneapolis (I don’t know what eventually happened to the deacon). His crime? Bringing up concerns about a man up for ordination. Given all the rot from crooked clergy, you’d think that a hierarch would at least be thankful if someone saw warning signs and mentioned them. I’ve also read over on Monomakhos than some consider that Golitzyn, the new Bulgarian Diocese bishop, is a shoo-in as the new metropolitan. Would this be a repeat? Picking someone unconnected with recent events (AKA a repeat of JP).

Bring out the humane killer. Not only is Fathausen a ravening rabid dog, so are all the other konvertsy. The sooner they’re all gone, the better off we all shall be. The OCA‘s a dead letter. It’s time to go home.



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