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Sunday, 19 March 2017

19 March 2017. Lest We Forget… They All Had Faces… They All Had Names… They Were All the CIA’s Victims

Here are the faces of the CIA’s victims… note well that the Anglos sleep well after they murder… it tells you much about them…



They all had faces… they all had names… and the Anglos don’t care. They kill without abandon… they maim without pity… they don’t care so long as they can fill their pockets with ill-gotten loot. The Aleksandrov Ensemble embodied a cultured and grounded Russia… the CIA embodies the lawless and grasping USA. You can choose one or the other. One culture brings out the best, the other brings out the most repulsive… but they do have such NICE and shiny toilets and sinks!

By the way, the American people are NOT the USA… the latter is a radical state brought about in the late 18th century, the first of the Radical Anti-Christian States. The American people, like all other peoples, are an organic and natural growth, not related to the so-called “American Revolution”… they’re better than that. Maybe, someday, their state will reflect their virtues…



Monday, 6 March 2017

6 March 2017. Russia’s Response to Anglo Toddler Tantrums… Concert for Defenders of the Fatherland Day 2017

00 Russian Army conscript with fiancee in Stavropol. 20.10.13



The concert begins with a speech by President Putin… it only lasts a few minutes. The legendary pop music composer A N Pakhmutova is part of the concert. She’s a true national treasure (Peoples Artist of the USSR and Hero of Socialist Labour)… did you know that she was born in Stalingrad?

After the loss of most of its members and soloists after the CIA sabotage of the Tu-154 airliner carrying the ensemble to Syria to entertain the Russian forces there, the Aleksandrov Ensemble is back, with young trainees and older stagers back from retirement. The new director is Gennady Sichenyuk… oh, does that mean that he’s “Ukrainian?” NO! He’s Russian, as all “Ukrainians” are (except for Galician Uniate semi-Poles). “Ukrainian” is mostly the invention of the Western foes of the Rodina. We shouldn’t buy into it. All those from the “Russias”… Great Russia, Little Russia, Carpathian Russia, and White Russia are RUSSIAN. If the American neoliberals hate that, they can eat shit and die.

NOTHING gets Russians down for the count. Americans had best realise that…

One last thing… Metropolitan Yuvenaly Poyarkov was in the audience… the Church stands for Russia… for it’s in the right. America is in the wrong… no Orthodox Christian can buy into the present anti-Russian campaign without imperilling their immortal soul… such is what is.


Monday, 26 December 2016

26 December 2016. As Seen by Vitaly Podvitsky… Sochi 25.12.2016



A Minoborony Rossi Tupolev Tu-154 bound for Latakia in Syria crashed off the coast of Sochi soon after takeoff. On Board were musicians, journalists, and TV crews. It was a terrible tragedy. I give my condolences and sorrow. Even on such a mournful day, the TV doesn’t stop their idiotic “entertainment” shows…

25 December 2016

Vitaly Podvitsky Masterskaya Karikatura


Sunday, 25 December 2016

Aleksandrov Ensemble Tenor Soloist Escapes Deadly Tu-154 Crash Thanks to His Child’s Birth



A leading tenor soloist of Russia’s Aleksandrov Ensemble, Vadim Ananiev, narrowly escaped the deadly Tu-154 plane crash as he decided to stay home due to the birth of his third child. Ananiev should’ve been on board the doomed plane if he hadn’t stayed home to help his wife with their newly born child. He told RT:

I feel as if I were hit on the head. I’ll probably realise all of it later. It’s a shock; I didn’t believe it, and I still don’t believe it. I think this is nonsense. They say I was born under a lucky star… well, maybe, I don’t know. I would’ve probably gone to Syria along with other performers, if the Ensemble had planned a series of performances, and not a small concert.

However, since the 57-year-old singer recently became a father for the third time and his wife needed help, he took leave and didn’t go to Syria with the rest of the ensemble.

25 December 2016

Sputnik International


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