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Sunday, 25 December 2016

25 December 2016. Sputnik International Infographic: Crash of Minoborony Rossii Tu-154 Near Sochi



On 25 December 25, a Minoborony Rossii Tu-154 with 92 people on board crashed into the Black Sea enroute to Syria shortly after refuelling at the resort city of Adler. Most of the passengers were members of the Aleksandrov Ensemble, who were travelling from Moscow to Hmeymim Airbase in Syria to take part in New Year celebrations. The plane’s passenger list also included Anton Gubankov, the chief of the Directorate of Culture of the Minoborony Rossii, and prominent humanitarian activist Yelizaveta Glinka, the head of Spravedlivaya Pomoshch (Fair Aid). Pervy Kanal,  NTV and Zvezda broadcasters confirmed that their journalists were also among the aircraft’s passengers of the aircraft.

25 December 2016

Sputnik International



President Putin Declared 26 December National Day of Mourning for Victims of Tu-154 Plane Crash in Sochi



President V V Putin announced that an all-Russia day of mourning will begin on Monday, 26 December, to honour the memory of those who died in the Tu-154 crash over the Black Sea earlier today. Putin vowed that we’d thoroughly investigate the cause of the plane crash. He also told reporters:

Tomorrow will be an all-Russia national day of mourning.

The Minoborony Rossii Tu-154 with 92 people on board crashed in the Black Sea enroute to Syria shortly after refuelling in the resort city of Adler. Most of the passengers were members of the Aleksandrov Ensemble, who were traveling from Moscow to Hmeymim Airbase in Syria to take part in New Year celebrations. Earlier in the day, a source in the security services told RIA Novosti that technical failure or pilot error are possible causes of the crash.

25 December 2016

Sputnik International


BREAKING NEWS Nearly All Members of Aleksandrov Ensemble Choir Wiped Out in Sochi Plane Crash

aleksandrov red army chorus


One of the standards of the chorus… a 2016 performance of The Sacred War… performed after Obama and Clinton ranted loud bilious threats against the Rodina (the Repugs are no better, to be frank). Russia gave a proper response… note the patriotic gestures shown by the audience.


Read this. If so, the present chorus of the Aleksandrov Ensemble is no more. All of its members, save for three soloists, died in the crash. God willing, it was an accident. I wouldn’t want it to be an  American-sponsored terakt*. Let’s be frank… Chilly Hilly, McCain, Kerry, Carville, and Obama were all capable and willing to plan such a heinous and despicable act. Don’t forget… Chilly Hilly laughed at the Easter bombing of Belgrade.

Вечная и светлая память!


  • Terakt: Russian acronym for “terrorist action”

Thursday, 17 March 2016

17 March 2016. Old-School Red Army Chorus Vid… They Defended the World Against American Aggression

00 Soviet soldier in Afganistan. 16.02.14



This vid appears to be from the 60s (Civil War vets in the crowd… the VOV vets look like they’re in their 50s… the uniforms and equipment is of that era). The Red Army halted American aggression from 1950 on… it stopped American moves in Korea, Cuba, and Indochina, and assisted the indigenous  fighters in the Portuguese Colonial War of the 60s and 70s. It’s one major failure was in Afghanistan, where the USA used Radical Islamists (nurturing Osama bin Laden and the future Taliban) to push back the Red Army forces supporting the DRA. We’ve seen what happened in the power-vacuum after 1991… the actions of the USA since then proved to all comers that the Americans, NOT THE SOVIETS, were the aggressors in the Cold War.

Mistrust all “conservatives”… they’re liars and conscious defenders of evil. Give them no quarter…


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