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Monday, 11 May 2015

“Our Little General”: Touching Video of Troops Saluting Little Kid at V-Day Rehearsal (VIDEO)

00 moscow kid. victory day. 11.05.15



This little Russian lad had a moment of real pride as troops he saluted on V-Day actually saluted him back, greeting him like a true general. The video of the scene, recorded by boy’s aunt, went viral, melting the hearts of thousands on the internet. On 7 May, troop elements were marching in the heart of Moscow, making their last rehearsal before the massive Victory Day parade on Red Square. Amongst the crowds on the pavement, Ilya Kazansky, a 4½-year-old boy, came to see the soldiers. Right then, he might have imagined himself a general… the boy started smartly saluting the troops… they saluted back! Proud Ilya stood still until the last soldier passed by. The boy’s aunt, Yelena Tsukanova, recorded the touching scene and shared it on Facebook, where it soon went viral. She posted, “They saluted our favourite little general. People even filmed this scene”. Facebook user Derek Roman wrote, “I like that every one that saw him, just had a huge smile on their faces!” another user, VljevMarko ReezboSlav, commented, “Mega like! I’m still smiling!”

11 May 2015




Tuesday, 17 March 2015

USA and EU Snub VVP Invitation to V-Day Parade at the Centre… China Sez OK

00 moscow red square. victory day. 17.03.15


On Tuesday, citing the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Izvestiya reported that reported over 30 world leaders confirmed that they’d be in Moscow for the Victory Day parade on 9 May to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the Soviet victory over Nazi Germany, stating, “Invitations were extended to many heads of state and chiefs of various organisations. By the end of January 2015, 20 leaders confirmed their participation in the celebration on Red Square. By the beginning of March, there were over 30 [countries]”. According to Izvestiya, we’d have more details on high-ranking guests by April; however, we know that leaders of Asian and Middle Eastern countries, members of the Commonwealth of Independent States (SNG), Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (ShOS), and the BRICS bloc (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa) are more likely to accept their invitations than EU leaders are. On Monday, European Council President Donald Tusk declined Moscow’s invitation to the Victory Day parade. On 11 March, Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel also said that she wouldn’t go to the Victory Day celebrations and military parade in Moscow. British Prime Minister David Cameron also declined Moscow’s invitation. These moves reflects recent tensions between the West and Russia over the conflict in Novorossiya and Western accusations of Moscow’s alleged involvement in the region’s affairs.

17 March 2015

Sputnik International



The same shit-fer-brains who wrote the treasonous letter to Iran also advocate that the USA refuse Moscow’s invitation. Godless anti-life filth such as Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Lindsay Graham, and Tom Cotton spit full-force in the faces of American World War II vets by their treatment of Russia… America’s trusty ally in World War II… if it hadn’t been for the bleeding-out of the Wehrmacht on the Russian Front, the Normandy invasion would’ve failed. Don’t forget, the socialist New Deal made the victory of World War II possible. The Republicans have lied about it ever since 1946. Don’t forget… one country attempted to fight World War II on a “Free Market” basis… NAZI GERMANY. After all, the Bush family and Hitler were cosy prior to the war. I say that shitbirds of a feather flock together… and that the ideologies of the Nazi and contemporary Republican Parties are uncomfortably close. Be mindful that the descendants of the members of the White Citizens’ Councils are NOT repentant and that they’ve made their home in the Republican Party. You can honour the Great Victory or you can honour the GOP… it’s no secret where I stand. I don’t stand alone…

One last thing… the MP requires that its parishes serve a molieben on Victory Day and serve pannikhida for the Soviet war dead (both civilian and military). The ROCOR is part of the MP… I wonder… will Potapov, Whiteford, and Nelson honour the Great Victory and honour the Soviet war dead (along with their Western allies, of course), or, will they honour the shamelessly godless Republican greedster agenda and ignore their obligations as Russian Orthodox priests? Perspirin’ minds wanna know…


Friday, 23 January 2015

Two Attention-Seekers Stage Stunt at Lenin Mausoleum in Moscow




On Tuesday, two “performance artists” received 10-day gaol sentences after throwing holy water at the Lenin Mausoleum on Red Square and shouting, “Rise up and leave!” Irina Dumitskaya, a member of their art group, told AFP that they received sentences for petty hooliganism after a protest they carried out on Monday, an Orthodox holiday. She said, “Ten days for basically just pouring water. When it rains, it pours on the mausoleum too”. They called the performance “Exorcising the Devil, Desecrating the Mausoleum”. Dumitskaya said that the two men, Oleg Basov, a dance teacher, and Yevgeni Avilov, a computer programmer, are members of an anti-establishment art group called Blue Rider.

In a video of the performance posted on YouTube, the two young men carried five-litre bottles of holy water marked with a cross from a church across the square. They moved barriers in front of the mausoleum and threw the water at the doors and steps, shouting “Rise up and leave!” several times before cops nicked them. On Monday, Orthodox Christians celebrated Epiphany, a holiday marking the baptism of Jesus in the Jordan River… people mark it in Russia by immersing themselves in icy rivers and lakes. Dumitskaya said that the aim of the performance was “to confront two myths”, the Communist idea that Lenin “lives” and the Christian idea of resurrection.

Red Square, closely monitored by police, saw Pussy Riot perform a protest song against President V V Putin in 2012, whilst in 2013 performance artist Pyotr Pavlensky nailed his scrotum to the ground to protest tight police control. The continued display of the Bolshevik leader’s body in the mausoleum divides Russians. Most back the removal of his body, but many Communists ardently oppose this. A 2012 poll by the Levada Centre found that 25 percent thought that Lenin’s body should remain in the mausoleum, while 53 percent thought we should bury him in a normal grave. Last year, another poll by Levada found that 51 percent of Russians thought of Lenin’s role in history as positive.

20 January 2015




Let’s keep this focused. What this bunch did, in Christian terms, was blasphemous. They view the resurrection as a myth, so, they were publicly mocking Christians. Therefore, they pissed on both Christians and Commies (there’s overlap… some people are both)… lovely bunch, aren’t they? Note that the Westerners are just creaming their jeans over them!

What do I think about Lenin? I think that the tomb should stay on Red Square, but that we should put Lenin into a conventional crypt on the site, and stop preserving the body. Respect him or hate him… he was one of the three most pivotal figures in Russian history (Grand Prince St Vladimir, Tsar Pyotr Veliki, and V I Lenin). That’s the way it is…


Saturday, 3 January 2015

ITAR-TASS Presents… Russian Cities Welcome 2015 with Fireworks and Sparklers

00 new year 01. Moscow. 03.01.15

People wave sparklers as they celebrate the New Year on Red Square in Moscow (Federal City of Moscow. Central Federal District) RF, 1 January 2015


00 new year 02. Moscow. 03.01.15    

Fireworks explode over St Basil Cathedral on Red Square, Moscow


00 new year 03. St Petersburg. 03.01.15

New Year light show at Palace Square in St Petersburg (Federal City of St Petersburg. Northwestern Federal District) RF


00 new year 04. St Petersburg. 03.01.15

Festive illuminations on Palace Square in St Petersburg


00 new year 05. Vladivostok. 03.01.15

New Year fireworks at the Central Square in Vladivostok (Primorsky Krai. Far Eastern Federal District)


00 new year 06. Vladivostok. 03.01.15

Festive illuminations in Vladivostok


00 new year 07. Vladivostok. 03.01.15

New Year celebrations at the Central Square in Vladivostok


00 new year 08. Vladivostok. 03.01.15

Fireworks in Vladivostok


00 new year 09. Rostov-na-Donu. 03.01.15

New Year’s Eve in an apartment in Rostov-na-Donu (Rostov Oblast. Southern Federal District) RF


00 new year 10. Rostov-na-Donu. 03.01.15

Local resident on New Year’s Eve in Rostov-na-Donu


00 new year 11. Kemerovo. 03.01.15

Ice town in Kemerovo (Kemerovo Oblast. Siberian Federal District) RF


1 January 2015



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