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Saturday, 30 June 2018

America’s Problem Isn’t Immigration… America’s Problem Is White Supremacy


The USA appears to be destined by Providence to plague [the continent of] America with misery in the name of liberty.

Simón Bolívar

These words of the great 19th-century Latin American emancipator accurately describe the relationship between the USA and Latin America to this day. It’s why the punitive treatment by the Trump Administration of migrants attempting to cross the border from Mexico into the USA constitutes a double injustice.

The first injustice is the role that Washington plays and played in destabilising and impoverishing the economies of Latin American states over generations, while subverting and helping to bring down those governments south of the border that dares attempt to unshackle their countries from the chains of US imperialism, in process of which rampant crime, corruption, and violence prosper. The second injustice is the dehumanisation and demonisation meted out to the victims of the ensuing instability and social and economic dislocation wrought when in a state of extremis they flee their homes for sanctuary across the border with their families. Under no moral code can you justify or defend the forced separation of children, including infants, from their parents… none whatsoever. We saw this in the justifiable outcry unleashed in response, which eventually forced Trump to rescind the policy. However, this being said, the nauseating hypocrisy of liberals excoriating the president over the policy of separating children at the border with Mexico has been near impossible to bear. The likes of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, people who when they weren’t responsible for the mass slaughter of children in the Middle East with their régime-change wars, have, in the case of Clinton, supported mass incarceration in the USA itself, involving the forced separation of families, such people have absolutely no right to take any moral high ground on this issue.

Focusing on the whys and wherefores of mass migration, it’s incumbent on those who are serious about grasping the issue at its roots to identify its causes, rather than continue to deal with its symptoms, and thereby only succeed in creating more causes. In so doing we come to the role of US imperialism in sowing uneven and combined development throughout the Americas. Putting it another way, the development and wealth of the USA were contingent on the underdevelopment and poverty of Latin America… the former impossible without the latter. As Uruguayan writer Eduardo Galeano pointed up in his classic work Open Veins of Latin America:

Underdevelopment isn’t a stage of development, but its consequence. Latin America’s underdevelopment arises from external [European and US] development and continues to feed it. The strength of the imperialist system as a whole rests on the inequality of its parts.

No leader of a Latin or Central American country defied and resisted the juggernaut of US imperialism more than Fidel Castro did. Of the countless speeches he gave during his time at the helm of Cuban politics and society, The Second Declaration of Havana (1962), is among the most powerful:

Since the end of World War II, the countries of Latin America have become more and more impoverished. Their exports have less and less value, their imports cost more. The per capita income falls, the frightful rate of infant mortality doesn’t decrease. The number of illiterates is higher; the people lack jobs, land, adequate housing, schools, hospitals, means of communication, and means of life. Latin America is the provider of cheap raw materials and the buyer of expensive finished articles.

Lest anyone believe that Castro’s views of the relationship between North and South America in the early 1960s bear no relation to the same relationship today, consider, if you will, the plight of Honduras. According to Human Rights Watch, the Central American country in 2018 has violent crime, corruption, and political repression. Meanwhile, according to the World Bank, over 6o percent of its people live in poverty. What we shouldn’t forget is that in 2009 the army toppled the country’s democratically elected leftist President, Manuel Zelaya, in a coup sanctioned by the Honduran Supreme Court and supported by the Obama Administration. As Stephen Zunes reminded us in a 2016 article:

During his [Zelaya’s] tenure, he raised the minimum wage and provided free school lunches, milk for young children, pensions for the elderly, and additional scholarships for students. He built new schools, subsidised public transportation, and even distributed energy-saving light bulbs. None of these was particularly radical, but it was nevertheless disturbing to the country’s wealthy economic and military élites. More frightening was that Zelaya sought to organise an assembly to replace the 1982 constitution written during the waning days of the US-backed military dictator Policarpo Paz García.

With this sorry fate of the country in mind, is it any accident that the number of illegal Honduran migrants into the USA across the Mexican border spiked in recent years? At this juncture, I feel obliged to make a confession. Back in the early to mid-1990s, I was an illegal immigrant living in the USA. However, unlike those crossing the border from Mexico, I wasn’t fleeing natural disaster, grinding poverty, political repression, or a society plagued by crime and violence. I instead had travelled to the USA compelled to do so by nothing more than personal ambition, succumbing to the myth of the American Dream, which as the saying goes is a dream because you have to be asleep to believe it. Anyway, I spent five years in LA as part of the British expat community in Santa Monica, replete with its British pubs, shops, and all the rest, rubbing shoulders and working alongside many other Brits who lived there illegally, many of them having done so for a long time. I worked, paid tax, and was able to exist as if completely legal.

Of course, the difference boils down to the fact that I, and we, happened to be white Europeans, and thus accorded the unwritten but nonetheless obvious privileges white skin affords you in the land of the free. This, ultimately, brings us to the heart of the matter. America’s problem isn’t immigration, its white supremacy. Whether conscious or unconscious, it matters not. The result is brutal treatment meted out to people of colour, migrant and non-migrant alike.

25 June 2018

John Wight

Sputnik International



Tuesday, 28 March 2017

28 March 2017. We Could Afford the Bombs… We Can’t Afford to Help… What’s WRONG With that Picture?


The “conservatives” say that we have no money to help refugees. Well… they had the money for the wars of aggression that caused the refugees. If the USA caused the refugee crisis in the first place by its intemperate and irresponsible warmongering, then, it has a moral, if not legal, obligation to help those it displaced. Note well that the godless “conservative” filth have nothing to say about that! The National Review and Sean Hannity rant about nonexistent threats… but they refuse to help those hurt by the wars brought about by their rants. Money for bombs… good! Money for refugees… bad! That speaks volumes about the character of all “conservatives” and the “conservative” movement in general… none of it good.

I’d say that “conservatism” is evil and of Satan. It has money for bombs and not for people. It waves placards for “pro-life” and advocates war in foreign parts and capital punishment for the poor (has a rich person EVER been executed since the death penalty’s return in the 1970s?). That’s Anti-Christian… I’m not alone in thinking that way. Oppose evil in all its forms… especially, American “conservatism”. Otherwise, you’re on the hellbound road.


Sunday, 5 February 2017

Family Enroute to Infant’s Life-Saving Surgery in USA Denied Entry




As you read the following, reflect on the loud “conservatives” in Orthodoxy who applaud Herr Trump’s every action. Especially, reflect on Rod Dreher, who supports the racist demagogue Patrick Buchanan, the author of the infamous Nixon “Southern Strategy”… which the Republicans used to exploit the most base and sick human motives. Evil is amongst us, kids… it DOESN’T have horns and hooves; it looks and sounds distressingly normal…



Her Doctors Say the Surgery Can’t Wait Much Longer

In the days since Donald Trump’s executive order banning refugees from several heavily-Muslim countries, we’ve heard countless stories of people’s lives being thrown into total upheaval as a result. One such story involves a sick baby in need of surgery with the Order preventing her family from getting her the care she needs. The order, enacted last Friday, calls for banning the entry of Syrian refugees indefinitely, all refugees for 120 days, and all citizens from seven predominately-Muslim countries (Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen) for 90 days. It’s caused a lot of disruption, but no stories are quite as egregious as those involving children are. In this case, it’s a four-month-old baby girl named Fatemah from Iran.

The infant has a heart condition requiring surgery and though her parents filed for the appropriate tourist visa, because of the ban, they’re now unable to travel to OSHU Hospital in Oregon for the procedure. According to KPTV, the child even has grandparents and an uncle who are US citizens, but it no longer matters because of the ban. The baby’s uncle, Sam Taghizadeh, says Fatemah needs the surgery “as soon as possible” and explains that the parents chose OSHU because the quality of medical services in their native Iran isn’t as good. He said:

Over there, it’s a very high risk because that is open heart surgery.

It was after a lot of research and work that the parents received the heartbreaking news that their trip wouldn’t be happening. Taghizadeh said:

For getting the visa, they ask for lot of the paperwork. You have to do many things, you know. For three weeks, we were working for every single thing they wanted.

The appointment was for 5 February, but it was only after arriving in Dubai last Saturday to complete the paperwork for their tourist visa at the US consulate that they got news of the ban. Taghizadeh, who’s lived in the USA for the last 13 years, reiterated his worries over the fact that Fatemah needs the surgery sooner rather than later:

They can’t wait, you know. Even I asked, “Can you wait a couple other years?” They said no. This thing has to be as soon as possible.

So now, the family is back in Iran, hopes dashed, with no idea when (or if) they can get their child the medical care she so badly needs. Is this what Donald Trump had in mind when he put in place a hasty ban that gave people no time to plan their lives? There are students being prevented from coming back to complete their studies, babies being detained at airports and denied access to breast milk, and five-year-olds being held without a parent for hours. America sure isn’t looking too great these days, and there’s reason to fear it’ll get worse. For now, a sick infant’s family is left to panic. As Taghizadeh said:

It’s like a nightmare. You know, in one night everything changes. Now, you don’t know what you’re going to do. Why, we came to the USA, we came here for freedom, for a better life. I’m feeling nowhere is safe.

He’s certainly not alone in that feeling.

February 2017

Valerie Williams

Scary Mommy



If you voted for Trump… you voted for sheer evil. If you voted for Clinton… you voted for sheer evil. I voted Green… I refused to vote for evil. You can’t rationalise your way out of it… both “conservatism” and “liberalism” are but the two sides of the Neoliberal coin… both support the piranha Free Market and both purvey hatred and lies.

The system is broken. However, we won’t fix it until we realise that the centrepiece of its evil is the Free Market. Remember what Scripture teaches us… GREED, not homosexuality, not abortion, not immorality, is the root of all sorts of evil. Greed is a disease of the soul… the others are but moral peccadilloes in comparison. You do see what Satan is up to, don’t you? He offers preoccupation with “morality” so that his victims don’t realise that he gave them a corrosive cancer of the soul.

However… don’t argue with such sorts. They’re blind. If they won’t listen to Christ and His Church, they won’t listen to you and me, either. Simply keep the gate unlatched, the key under the mat, and don’t say, “I told you so”… some will come back to their senses, but they won’t listen to us. Keep that in mind…


Editor’s PS:

I let this story sit for a little bit… good news came in. Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York intervened and the family is now on its way to New York for surgery… with all expenses paid. Note who the good guys and the bad guys were in this. Mark it down well and vote accordingly…

Conservatism delenda est…


Saturday, 26 December 2015

26 December 2015. Give Our Kids Some Gifts (and Hope) This Orthodox Christmas!

00 help the kids of the donbass new year 261215


None of our domestic Orthodox bodies are helping our in-need compatriots in the Peoples Republics and in the Russian Federation refugee centres. Instead, they’re sending aid to Banderstan, where Uniates and schismos steal much of it. Make sure that your aid goes to help OUR people (not those terrorising them). The above group is on the up n’ square; they’re not asking for money, they’re asking for in-kind aid. They’re helping 300 refugee kids in Volokolamsk, amongst others.

Give our kids a holiday… it’s the least that we can do. It’s 12 days to Orthodox Christmas… there’s time to get stuff out. Even if it’s late, it’ll find a home… and sincere gratitude. We have to aid our own first. That’s what the Bible teaches. These people aren’t only our co-religionists (mostly) and our compatriots, some are even blood-kin. We’re obliged to help in whatever way we can.

Shall you offer a kopeck’s worth? Multiply that a thousand times, and it’s really something.

The Lord loves a cheerful giver… we’re Christians, that’s what we do!


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