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Sunday, 5 July 2015

5 July 2015. Christ’s Church Does NOT Shun Homosexuals… Or Anyone Else for that Matter

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I wrote a friend:

An asshat send out e-mails claiming that they’d out “Orthodox-in-name-only” homosexuals. Now, an e-mail’s surfaced claiming that they were only spoofing… all anonymous, of course. Sorry shit all round. I researched it… it’s a nasty little action that appears to come from Seraphim Rose rightwing crowd. I’d like to see the bishops shut down any discussion of other people’s sexuality the way that they shut down the tollhouse kerfuffle in the 80s. My own take? I stand with St Serafim… “Save your own soul and thousands will be saved about you”. I find this all sickening and disedifying. The Church isn’t going to perform “gay marriages”… the state won’t force them to, either. The Church isn’t under persecution… it survived the catacombs, the Ottomans, and the early commissars. This is nowhere near that. Crazy shit.

Right now, we’re seeing batshit crazy konvertsy running around ranting that the Church is under persecution and that the state will force us to officiate at “gay weddings”. Firstly, there’s no “persecution” in the cards, in either the long or the short-term. NO WAY… NO HOW. Secondly, the state isn’t going to force religious bodies to officiate at “gay weddings”. NO WAY… NO HOW. No persecution of any sort is in the offing… the worst that MIGHT happen is that churches might lose their tax exemption… that isn’t nothing, but it isn’t persecution. That’s harassment… not the same thing at all. Persecution means that they come out at zero-dark-thirty, drag you out of bed, and either shoot you or throw your ass in the slam for serious time. Losing your tax exemption is a pain-in-the-ass, a major problem, but it isn’t persecution. In any case, there’s no sign of that happening any time soon (or later).

You can’t listen to asshats such as Hannes Jacobses, Patrick Reardon, John Whiteford, Josiah Trenham, Odd Rod Dreher, and Paffso. It’s time for the Church to recollect itself, let the bishops sort out the response (for it’s their responsibility, not that of hubristical priests and laypeople), and go from there. Patrick Reardon, of course, merits deposition for his action, as he presumed to take action without explicit permission from his bishop. Loudmouths should shut the fuck up. Full stop. We don’t have responsibility for Christ’s Church… the bishops do. They’ll decide based on Church Tradition mixed with prudence… do note that the loudmouths don’t act prudently. They want to rush into the Coliseum to face the lions. The Church condemns such action… always has… always will.

The Church doesn’t shun anyone… it shows mercy to many people. The zealots don’t like that. Well, it’s time that the decent people shut up these loud morons. The Church gives communion to all sorts of “sinners”… do note that it teaches us that GREED, the LOVE OF MONEY, is the root of all evil. Why don’t the asshats focus on that? Well, it’s because they’re teabagger Republicans with an inordinate love of money, that’s why! That’s how Satan works… he gets people to focus on other people’s sins and not their own. He’s been SUCCESSFUL amongst the konvertsy, as the “gay marriage” affair showed us. The Church doesn’t shun homosexuals (or drunkards or greedsters or murderers). Everyone in the Church deals with one or another sin. I’d hope that the bishops would shut down discussion on “gay marriage” and homosexuals in the Church… it’s not edifying and much rubbish is circulating amongst the believers.

That’s what I’d like to see. That all of us would concentrate on saving ourselves… if we don’t do that, all the rest is in vain. Think on that.


5 July 2015. Do You Have What It Takes to Pray WITH the Animals?

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I’m not talking of any treacly sentimentality here. I believe that there’s a Universal Hymn to the Creator by ALL His Creatures. Everything made by the Lord has to have some sort of relation to Him. I have no bloody idea what it is, but its existence is no secret to me (or to any other real Christian). We not only pray FOR the beasts, we pray WITH the beasts… for we’re all equally God’s Creation and Creatures. Think on this…


5 July 2015. How Low the Mighty Have Fallen… Nikolai Soraich’s “Cathedral” in Lost Wages

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This is Nikolai Soraich’s “cathedral” in Las Vegas NV… that’s why nobody should bother about him. Metropolitan Ilarion Kapral has him neutralised where he can do no more harm. That’s good enough for me. Rather cheesy end, no? We all know what happened to his pal Brittain, don’t we? I don’t think that Nikolai has anything to do with that… but it does tell you much about a particular “set”, doesn’t it (all their shouts of “purity” notwithstanding… they all were part of Podmo’s lot, after all… that accused perv priest in Ohio was part of that clique, dontcha know)? The sooner that Metropolitan Ilarion exiles Fatso to a similar fate, the better… he could send him to Louisiana to rusticate with Dreher. It’d be appropriate… shitbirds of a feather do flock together. However, a friend of mine observed:

Fatso isn’t interested in being tied down to any parish. My bet is on him conning people out of money to start a monastery, name himself abbot, appoint a deputy abbot, and travel the world making speeches.

That’s why Metropolitan Ilarion has to watch this greasy junk-bond salesman. He’d embarrass the Church to no end and make an unholy spectacle of himself… but his goofy fans would eat it up. I’d put my money on Vladyki Ilarion… he did deal with that group of rebellious dippy nuns in Maryland right smartly, didn’t he? Fatso would find himself outclassed, both in “weight class” and in “class” (Metropolitan Ilarion is “class” whilst Fatso is “crass”). I think that he’ll end like Soraich… trust me, the ROCOR SOBs won’t put up with gnarly stuff (neither will the Centre).

Sometimes, there IS justice in this world…


5 July 2015. A Thought from St Nikolaj Velimirović of Ohrid and Žiča

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