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Friday, 6 March 2015

6 March 2015. The Righteous Shall Never be Removed…

00 Proverbs 10. 05.03.15


This is a young clergy couple at the Marfo-Mariinskaya Convent of Mercy in Moscow. The sisterhood cares for chronically-ill children, women down on their luck, and homeless girls. The statue in the background is of Grand Princess St Yelizaveta Fyodorovna, sister of Tsaritsa St Aleksandra Fyodorovna, martyred at Alpaevsk in 1918 (her relics are at the Russian convent on the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem). The Lord will hold His hand over the righteous… may He protect and succor the people of suffering Novorossiya and preserve them from Uniate terror and persecution.


Another Shocker from Finland… Metropolitan Ambrosius of Helsinki Sparks Controversy by Inviting Female Lutheran bishop Irja Askola to Altar during Clergy Ordination

00 same ol' shit. 29.05.12



What else isn’t new? Shit of this sort has been going on in Finland for decades. It’s goofy… it’s sad… but it’s what they’ve DONE for a LOOONG time. It’s wrong, but it isn’t serious. If it happened in Bucharest, Athens, Belgrade, or Warsaw… or even SVS… it’d be news and BIG NEWS. Coming from Finland, it’s HO-HUM. “What have they done this time?” The only question is whether schmidiots like Dreher will snap at this bait and claim that the sky’s falling. It’s “business as usual” in Helsinki. One of these days, they’ll step over the line, the Local Churches will have enough, and give ‘em the heave-ho. Leave it to the bishops… one last thing… this bunch is LOVED by the SVS gang. Caveat emptor…



Orthodox Metropolitan Ambrosius of Helsinki of the Finnish Orthodox Church invited female Evangelical Lutheran bishop Irja Askola to Altar with him during Clergy ordination at the Sunday Divine Liturgy. This sparked much controversy. He also ordered the Deacons to pray for the Lutheran woman bishop during litany. This angered several Orthodox faithful. Archbishop Leo… the First Hierarch of the Finnish Orthodox Church… condemned the incident and asked Metropolitan Ambrosius to clarify the issue before considering any measures against him. Major Finnish newspapers reported the incident. Archbishop Leo released an official statement on the controversial incident, available at the Finnish Church official website.

5 March 2015

The Orthodox Church


Statement from Archbishop Leo here in Finnish

Helsinki News Report here

Thursday, 5 March 2015

5 March 2015. The Lenten Prayer of St Efrem the Syrian

00 prayer of st efrem. 05.03.15

5 March 2015. The Revival Will NOT be Televised…

00 NO one comes to the Father. 05.03.15

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