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Sunday, 1 March 2015

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Saturday, 28 February 2015

“Kudryakov wasn’t a Notorious Hawk, Unlike Denisenko”

00 church in slavyansk. 18.07.14


On 24 February, “Metropolitan” M A Kudryakov of Kiev and all the Ukraine, the head of the schismatical “Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church” (UAPTs), died in Kiev at the age of 66 after a long illness. According to the UAPTs, F A Denisenko, the head of the schismatical “Ukrainian Orthodox Church Kiev Patriarchate” (UPTs/KP), expressed condolences to the bishops, clergy, and believers of the UAPTs, and to the family and friends of the deceased. Kudryakov was born 11 March 1949. He graduated from the Moscow Theological Academy and .became a priest in 1981. The then-head of the schismatical UPTs/KP, V Ye Romanyuk, made him a “bishop” in 1995.

The UAPTs began on 19 August 1989 as part of the schismatical “Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church in the Diaspora”. The Local Sobor of 5-6 June 1990 elected “Metropolitan” M I Skripnik as the head of this “church”, after whose death some bishops of the UAPTs came under the MP’s jurisdiction, others went under the so-called UPTs/KP. On 7 September 1993, the second UAPTs Local Sobor elected D V Yarema as “Patriarch of Kiev and all the Ukraine”, who died in 2000. After him, the Local Sobor elected Kudryakov as head of the UAPTs. In the Ukraine, the UAPTs has 11 dioceses, led by a Diocesan Council. There were 556 parishes in 2001, served by 409 priests. The UAPTs is in canonical limbo.

The UAPTs in the Ukraine arose as a rebellion of disaffected priests banned by Denisenko from the ministry; they went into schism by setting up a structure headed by Yarema, who became the “patriarch” of the UAPTs. The breakaway priests realised that Denisenko had overstretched his powers. The only way they found to resolve the conflict was to kick Filaret out of the church. In recent years, the UAPTs, unlike Denisenko, didn’t take extreme Russophobic positions, so, it’s very difficult to predict what will happen now in this structure, because we didn’t particularly monitor them. I note that Kudryakov wasn’t a notorious hawk; he thought that Denisenko was responsible for the death of his predecessor Romanyuk. The UPTs/KP has three times as many locations as the UAPTs does in Ternopol, Lvov, and Ivano-Frankovsk Oblasts. However, the UAPTs is set in its ways, they aren’t working for union; they prefer to remain in schism. Yet, they’re not akin to Filaret’s mafia-like structure; unlike the UPTs/KP, they refused to seize UPTs/MP parishes violently. The UAPTs has explored routes for it to seek a canonical resolution with the recognised Orthodox Church.

25 February 2015

Vasili Anisimov

Head, Synodal Information Department, UPTs/MP

Russkaya Narodnaya Liniya


Friday, 27 February 2015

Metropolitan Onufry Berezovksy, First Hierarch of the UPTs/MP, Issued a Fervent Call for Believers to Fast for Peace in the Ukraine

00 Metropolitan Onufry. 26.02.14


Despite the difficult political situation in the Ukraine, to restore peace in our country and preserve its the integrity, we bless the clergy, monastics, and laity of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church to strengthen the fast on Fridays of Lent (if possible, to abstain from all food except bread and water before sunset). Also, say 12 “Our Fathers” with prostrations, and 12 “Virgin Birthgiver, Rejoice” with prostrations. May the merciful Lord take our effort, heal our hearts from sin, anger, and hatred, and grant that we might meet His Glorious Resurrection in peace and harmony.

Onufry Berezovsky

Metropolitan of Kiev and all the Ukraine

First Hierarch of the UPTs/MP

24 February 2015

Russkaya Narodnaya Liniya



Do NOT attempt this without a blessing. It’s one thing for people in an Orthodox society to do this. It’s another for prideful outsiders to ape them. Vladyki Onufry didn’t bless outsiders to do this. Don’t go off half-cocked, following your own notions. Keep it focused.


EP Expansionism… Just Another Facet of American “Sanctions”

01 Fat Uncle Sam


Most of this article is old news that I covered in previous posts (click on the link to confirm that, if you must), however, the “editor’s note” to this post is new and well-worth your time:

In general, there’s nothing new and unexpected in these reports. The EP has long sought to weaken Moscow’s influence in outlying regions. The MP granted the Czechoslovak Church autocephaly in 1951. The EP didn’t recognise the Russian Tome, arguing that Czechoslovakia was its canonical territory. Since then, the Greeks have tried to subjugate the Church of Czechia and Slovakia to themselves. However, then, it seemed that Istanbul and Moscow had reached compromise on the Czechoslovak and Ukrainian questions. For several months, we didn’t hear any controversial statements from the EP or see any non-constructive actions on the part of the Greeks. What happened? How should we take this new round of expansionism by the EP against Moscow? It’s possible that we have to look for “American fingerprints”. As you know, the EP is dependent on the American state. Not only are most of its parishes there, therefore, the EP is dependent on the USA’s goodwill, but also because Washington picked recent Patriarchs of Constantinople, essentially. Our Church officials report that the EP calls [the Americans] “our overseas partners”. Apparently, the current expansionism of the EP is part of the current American sanctions against Russia.



What I find most interesting is that the Americans are expending ALL of their assets in a mad effort to save their project to bring down Russia. No one else has succeeded… neither shall the Anglo American toddlers. However, what I find most interesting is how desperate their actions are, yet, their rhetoric appears the opposite. If you believe ANYTHING that you read in the corporate media or released by the likes of John Kerry or Ted Cruz, you’re a candidate for a brain transplant. The American project was dependent on two things:

  • Russian weakness
  • maintenance of the American-Chinese “understanding” reached by Kissinger

The first was temporary… the second has proved just as ephemeral. To counter Russia, the USA MUST have an “understanding” with China. It tossed that away, in the arrogant belief that it was the “sole superpower”. The Chinese have received one-too-many insults from Amerikantsy toddlers… there’s no chance of any “understanding”. In any case, the Russians and Chinese now know that the only way that they can oppose the Americans is together. That’s what GWB, the Teabaggers, and all the American aggression since 2001 resulted in… gluing together a Sino-Russian alliance that won’t quit until America is put down. Payback IS a motherfucker… and don’t forget the Law of Unintended Consequence…


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