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Sunday, 24 May 2015

24 May 2015. Translated Russian Demot…

00 Aleksei B Morzgovoi.


Either the Anglo American toddlers or their Galician Uniate nationalist running dogs (or both) murdered Aleksei Borisovich. All that the godless filth did was to kindle a fire of revenge in the heart of every patriot soldier. I fear that they’ll take it out on every person who speaks with a goofy Galician hillbilly accent, whether they’re guilty or not. Before this war is over, the patriot soldiers will pay back the Uniates for what they did in Novorossiya. I find this unsettling, but that’s what war leads normal people to.

This is why you don’t go to war unless you absolutely must. It unleashes all sorts of evil. It leads to situations where the only remedy for evil is a lesser evil. This isn’t good. No… just because you’re fighting evil doesn’t mean that you can use evil means and be unspotted. That’s dotty. You must keep your priorities straight. That’s why all the people who put homosexuality and abortion at the top of their lists are Satan’s own servants. They’re not honouring God’s priorities. God does NOT put those things first… neither should we. God will honour the secularist who gives the thirsty a drink of water before He’ll honour any of the religious hobbyist crowd who wave placards, shout slogans, and feel so “good” about themselves.

It’s high time for us to put things right…


24 May 2015. Feastday of Ss Kirill and Mefody. Day of Slavic Writing and Culture

00 ss kirill and mefody. 24.05.15


Friday, 22 May 2015

22 May 2015. A Thought from St Dorofei of Gaza

00 Convent of the Iveron Mother of God. Donetsk. ruins. 13.03.15


Bear this fact in mind… Novorossiya did NOT invade the Lvovshchina and deliberately destroy Uniate churches and Galician civilian neighbourhoods. However, Galician Uniate nationalists DID invade Novorossiya, they DID deliberately target Orthodox churches, convents, and monasteries (as the above image proves), and they DID deliberately target civilian neighbourhoods. Now, we know that their American “advisors” approve of such terrorism, as it’s related to the American indiscriminate use of aerial bombing and drone strikes against civilians. Whom would YOU call guilty? The aggressor or those simply defending their motherland?

Look at this image. They did it deliberately. Galician Uniate nationalism is EVIL. Bear that in mind as you read Western apologias for their putschist pals. I know where I stand… where do YOU stand?

If this is what Galician Uniate nationalists mete out to their fellow-man, their professions of Christianity aren’t only false and mendacious, they’re a mockery and blasphemy…


22 May 2015. Be Not Conformed to This World

00 Denis Ozhigin. Amazing Sunsets in Bali 1. 2015


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