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Tuesday, 30 May 2017

30 May 2017. Why Konvertsy Toddlers Get Their Way… And Why Bishops Should Stand Up to Them

St Felix martyred by his students, torturing him with stylus and inkpot

Golden Legend, Bruges, c1450; @MorganLibrary MS M.672-5 I


I wrote a friend:

Looks like a bunch of konvertsy pestering a bishop…

Their reply was:

I thought the same thing!

I believe that the bishops give in to konvertsy toddlers because they keep pestering the poor guys, and the bishops give in to get some peace. I’d remind the bishops that one of their duties is to protect people against lynch mobs of fanatics and that our tradition is one of sensible oikonomia, not legalistic akrivia. That is, Orthodoxy favours accommodation rather than confrontation. Note well that the konvertsy don’t like the basic orientation of the Church. That tells you much about them and their noxious agenda and fancies.

The bishops should tell the loudmouth konvertsy to buzz off, grow up, and attend to their own souls and gardens. I’d applaud any bishop who’d do that…



Monday, 29 May 2017

29 May 2017. What Does the REAL Church Teach?

“Everyone needs to carry their cross”… do remember what our Lord Christ said of such sorts. Pharisaism didn’t die in the First Century, sadly enough…


I’ve seen rightwing priests (usually konvertsy, but not always) put up new barricades around the Eucharist to “protect” it. From whom? Ordinary sinful-ginful Christians? I know of a young priest who always pridefully announces at every liturgy that communion is only for those who’ve prepared… then, he communes people who haven’t made a confession in months! Some priests deny the Mysteries to those who didn’t go to the evening services the night before. The REAL Church is more forgiving… see the following:

Священник не имеет права отлучать или лишать причастия ИСКРЕННЕ КАЮЩЕГОСЯ ЧЕЛОВЕКА без разрешения своего епископа. Он может только посоветовать не приступать к причастию в определённых ситуациях или однократно не допустить (например, если человек не подготовился должным образом).

Указы Святейшего Синода РПЦ

1722, 1734 года

A priest doesn’t have the right to excommunicate and deny communion to a SINCERELY PENITENT PERSON without the permission of his bishop. He can only advise not to proceed with communion in certain situations or tell them once to avoid it (for example, if a person didn’t prepare properly).

Decree of the Holy Synod of the Russian Orthodox Church

1722 & 1734 

Священник не имеет права отлучать от Причастия или называть блудниками супругов, живущих в законном, но не венчанном браке.

Определение Священного Синода РПЦ

1998 года

A priest doesn’t have the right to exclude someone from communion or call people immoral, if they have a legal, but not sacramental, marriage.

Definition of the Holy Synod of the Russian Orthodox Church


I gave the Russian originals as they’re normative, not the English translation. Note well that these are synodical declarations of the Church… that is, they’re binding on us as disciplinary nomocanons. Most of the arrogant rightwing clergy out there have no clue as to what the Church has actually said “as Church”. All too many are recent converts ordained before they were ready, and some only have a heterodox formation, with no real Orthodox clerical formation. The REAL Church is fond of oikonomia… the “protectors” of the Eucharist are fond of strictness. You can see the difference, can’t you?

The Church is a Welcoming Haven for Sinful-Ginful Humanity… the konvertsy want a Pure Conventicle of the Righteous Pious. You can have one or the other. Choose wisely…


Wednesday, 5 April 2017

5 April 2017. A Few Words on Convert Puffery


Too many neophytes read the Philokalia… it puffs them up and makes them susceptible to all sorts of nonsense. They strut about on the internet, lecturing grownups, and disseminating the goofiest fancies as Church teaching. I’d say that no convert should touch this collection until they’ve been ten years in the Church. Moreover, The Way of a Pilgrim has led many astray. I’d say:

Go to liturgy, do good to those about you, and keep focused on the simple and good… that’s the formula for salvation.

The Liturgy grounds us and keeps the Incarnation Real. Otherwise, “Orthodoxy” becomes a mere literary conceit and our prayer life acting out of what one happens to read.


Saturday, 16 February 2013

Afghan Girl Who Converted to Christianity Obtains Russian Residence Permit

ITAR-TASS Afghan Crowd. circa 1980

This was Afghanistan BEFORE the American intervention and its aid to the Islamist rebels. Any questions?


On Friday, the Federal Migration Service told VOR that a young Afghan woman who converted from Islam to Christianity received a residence permit in Russia. Now, she can stay and work here. Earlier, Russia granted the girl temporary asylum, as she faced capital punishment in Afghanistan. Ruya Ivaz Ali,19, came to Russia from Afghanistan through Tajikistan with her family in 2011, but later her parents fled and abandoned her.

A spokesman for the Federal Migration Service told VOR that Ruya Ivaz Ali, a young Afghan woman detained in Russia, obtained release from a detention centre, adding that the young Muslim who converted to Christianity would receive temporary resident status soon. Russia offered the 19-year-old refuge since she might face capital punishment if repatriated to Afghanistan, after having converted to Christianity. Ruya moved to Russia together with her family in mid-2011 through Tajikistan, where they’d lived for several years. Her father lodged a plea for refugee status with Russia, but was denied it. When Ruya’s family suddenly vanished, the girl found herself alone in a foreign country, so, she turned to the government for help. She applied for refugee status on religious grounds. Now, the young Afghan Christian plans to look for a job in Russia.

16 February 2013

Voice of Russia World Service


Editor’s Note:

This is what the USA supports in Afghanistan. All those who support the war there prop up a vicious theocracy almost as bad as the one it replaced. Note well that the Republican Party supports this war wholeheartedly… you see, profits trump freedom… they always have, for them. After all, the Democratic Republic of Afghanistan was FAR closer to American ideals than Karzai’s Islamist thugocracy is. Had America not intervened, the rebellion would’ve been contained (at least), if not crushed. Afghanistan would be a happier place… especially, for women.

This present situation is the poisonous legacy of Slobberin’ Ronnie and George W Bush. Welcome to the most vicious form of Islamism… brought to you by the USA and cheered on by the likes of Chuck Norris. Makes you wonder about the Republicans, doesn’t it? Yes, Virginia, money IS that important to them. They’ll stamp on anyone’s freedom to get it. Look at Afghanistan…


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