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Friday, 20 February 2015

St Sergius in Paris in LIMBO… Money Missing and Students Apparently Gone



It’s a oddbod situation at St Sergius in Paris, A D Schmemann’s alma mater. Part of the facility appears open, for public lectures still occur there periodically, but it appears closed as a school. Several sources told me that the French state pulled its accreditation and no longer recognises its diplomas, so, the students left to study at the new MP seminary in Paris. Besides that, there appears to be missing money… some talk of 400,000 Euro (28.08 million Roubles. 2.83 million Renminbi. 28.15 million INR. 452,000 USD. 564,000 CAD. 576,000 AUD. 294,000 UK Pounds) missing from the kitty. When you add in the fact that the Paris Gang is no longer getting any money from Nice (it charged a pretty penny for tourist coaches to visit the cathedral there), it looks very bleak for them, indeed. Bishop Job… a Ukrainian from Canada… has a job of work ahead of him. Some say that he’s pro-Centre… others, pro-Phanar… time WILL tell us. That’s the long and short of it all… the story is so confusing that I refuse to make any solid statements, yet. However, I think that it’s a sign that the EP Russians aren’t long for this world.

Schadenfreude is never in good taste or decent… let alone Christian. It does make one wonder about the future of the Obnovlentsy/Renovationists left… that would be SVS and Syosset. Their roots were set solidly in St Sergius’ ideology ever since Schmemann’s putsch against Florovsky. Again… patience… we’ll have to see…


Thursday, 20 October 2011

20 October 2011. SVSniki Start New Renovationist Gasbag Website

Bozhe Moi! I’ve seen it all! Now, there’s a new Renovationist website run by four of the most gaseous and ungrounded pseudo-intellectuals around. One is Alexis Vinogradov, who creamed his jeans over Rowan Williams coming to SVS. He actually said that it’d “excite” all the former Anglicans in the OCA (I shit you not). Another is Eric Wheeler, who’s part of the Ol’ Boys Network at the Chancery… along with Hunchak, Hopko fils, and Stokoe (one wonders why Stokoe didn’t pump this up on his website… Lyonyo probably didn’t let him). All four of ’em are condescending snots and insufferable know-alls. There’s Robert Arida, who never uses one word where ten will do… and an unknown putz, a M Stankovich. They’re all Struve clones… all poured out of the same ratty ol’ ADS crucible. Click here to see it. Do look at it! GOWAN! DO IT! They expect to be taken seriously. THEY DO. They truly think that they’re the latest thing, and that all of the rest of us are clueless boobs and REQUIRE to be taken by the hand and spoon-fed their superior guidance. BY THEIR FRUITS YE SHALL KNOW THEM.

By their “fruits”… what a choice of words! One of their profs was Pierre l’Huillier… who had “interesting” tastes. There was Dmitri Royster, who was part of an investigation into abusive “sexual tourism” in Mexico. Let’s not forget Bobby K… none of these paladins opened their mouths at the time. Wheeler got the boot from Bobby, probably to make way for a Friend of Bobby… that’s the only reason for his umbrage. I’ll bet that they’ll have “guest spots” from Anglicans pretending to be Orthodox like Reardon (who teaches at an Episkie seminary) and Haffield (who accepted a degree from his old Anglican alma mater). Now is a good time to bring something up. I’ve noticed that EVERY former Anglican amongst the Orthodox clergy still retains the heresy of the Branch Theory. What does that tell you about Fathausen? Not only are the former Anglicans “not of us”, these academic blowhards aren’t either. Note the title they give their website… WE ARE THEIR LEGACY. THIS is why these people and the former Episkies (who are their sworn and dyed-in-the-wool allies) are the enemies of all grounded and REAL Orthodox. We don’t need them… we don’t need ADS’ “legacy”… and we don’t need tired ol’ Silly Sixties solutions to contemporary problems. Pass me the jug… take a hit yourself… it’s NEVER boring, no siree.

Get your tickets for the A D Schmemann, now! It’s to the same design as the Hindenburg, dontcha know…

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Thursday 20 October 2011

Albany NY

Editor’s Postscript:

A friend just sent me this:

I just looked at that site and I’ll throw up in short order. Thanks a lot. Oh look! They know Greek, don’t you know? They use the Greek-English dictionary on Strong’s Concordance! What scholarship! Using Strong’s to “define” Greek words is the equivalent of doing paint-by-number iconography. Come to think of it, they probably do that too. Shameless posers…

I quite agree… don’t be fooled by imitations. Insist on WATL… after all, it’s Old Doctor Schmemann’s Snake Medicine… good for every ailment of man or beast (secret ingredient… grandpa’s old moonshine).


Friday, 9 September 2011

9 September 2011. Interfax Issued Crook Report About His Nibs and Aleksandr Men…

Mikhail Aleksandrovich Men (1960- )… liar, liar, pants on fire!


Editor’s Note:

Supposedly, His Holiness gave his blessing to the spreading of the crackbrained heresies of Aleksandr Men per Interfax. I have some interesting commentary to give you. First, read the following… bear in mind that it’s utter bullshit from start to finish.



Patriarch Kirill Blessed (sic) the Spreading of the Teaching of the Late Fr Aleksandr Men in the Parishes of the MP

Patriarch Kirill Gundyaev of Moscow and all the Russias gave his blessing to spread the teachings of Archpriest Aleksandr Men in all Orthodox parishes, Governor Mikhail Aleksandrovich Men {do you note the patronymic, kids?: editor} of Ivanovo Oblast told Interfax on Friday. Over the past few days, Governor Men has been part of the “Readings on Aleksandr Men” (Меневские чтения) seminar, being held in memory of Fr Aleksandr at the Dubrava Cultural and Educational Centre in the village of Semkhoz. Over 200 people attended the festivities, both clergy and laity from Moscow and from other regions. Today is the 21st anniversary of the murder of Fr Aleksandr. According to Governor Men, on Saturday, a photo exhibition Spiritual Office (Духовное звание) by Oleg Danilov will open as part of the memorial events; it’ll showcase images of clergy from Moscow and other areas. Fr Aleksandr Men was a preacher, educator, religious philosopher, and author of books on theology and church history. In Soviet times, he was the first priest allowed to preach on television. About 7 million copies of his books are in print, they’ve been translated into 16 languages, and his articles and smaller works exist in 40 languages.

9 September 2011




Editor’s Afterword:

Kids, this is utter and complete horseshit from stem to stern! Mikhail Aleksandrovich Men, the son of Aleksandr Men, sold a bill of shoddy goods to Interfax, and they fell for it! Interfax is a large organisation with about 1,500 reporters, but Interfax-Religion is much more modest, with only three people on permanent assignment to this beat, I’m told. One of them is a former reporter for the Catholic newspaper in Russia, Svet Evangeliya (The Light of the Gospel). I decided to vet this report… I went to patriarchia.ru, of course. I looked ALL over the site, not merely in “Recent Publications” or “Latest News”. ALL official statements of His Holiness and of the MP in general are posted there. There was NOTHING! NOTHING… NOTHING AT ALL. There WAS a report about Yuvenaly Poyarkov serving a Pannikhida on the 33rd anniversary of the death of Metropolitan Nikodim Rotov, but nothing about Men at all (that shows you the REAL priorities of the MP). April Fool’s, Interfax! You’ve been “had” by an expert… this is an occasion to award the Order of the Big Green Weenie in the highest degree.

Firstly, Mikhail Aleksandrovich Men is the son of Aleksandr Vladimirovich Men… that raises alarm bells right there. He was a Deputy Mayor of Moscow under the kleptocratic Yuri Luzhkov… but he had the brains to smell the wind changing, so, he (along with fellow partners-in-crime Georgi Boos and Valery Shantsyov) scampered off to the provinces whilst the getting was good. We’re not exactly talking about a White Knight of Rectitude here. In short… disbelieve the lot of it. Interfax got skunked and sucker-punched; there are no doubts about it. They’re usually good… they’re human, cut ‘em some slack, Mikhail Aleksandrovich is one smooth article. That beaming and utterly amoral shyster would have a beatific expression on his face whilst telling you the greatest whopper in creation (he’d pick your pocket neatly, too, whilst he was at it).

There are things that are more real than apparent… others are more apparent than real. This is one of the latter. Pass the jug, the world’s being crook again. You needed proof that we live in a fallen world? Silly wabbit…


Sunday, 6 March 2011

James Silver Had NO Right to Pry into Mark Stokoe’s Private Life… I’m MS’ Opponent… So You KNOW That I’m on the Up and Square

Editor’s Foreword:

This was sent to me by two reliable sources. I’m sorry that I have no URL for verification purposes (it appeared in the Orthodox Forum, for what it’s worth). I’ll say this… I didn’t think much of James Silver before this, but I think even less of him, now. He’s a moral monster, only fit for the gibbet.



Christ is risen! Truly risen!

Dear Friends…

There was nothing in this material suggesting that anyone was “going after Fr Ted Bobosh”. Whoever wrote the letter to Fr TB, which was then published on OCA Truth, merely asked him questions. Why that letter was made public is another story, I suppose. Still, the fact that Fr TB allows Mark Stokoe and Steve Brown to be active communicants in St Paul parish in Dayton OH might cause us to wonder about his orthodoxy. It remains true, though, that neither Faith Skordinski nor Mark Stokoe… and him not only because of his conflict of interest, but because of his personal life… are qualified to serve on the OCA’s Metropolitan Council, and they are two of the noisiest and most active opponents of Metropolitan Jonah. Lord, let there be peace in Your Church!

Peace and blessings to all as we approach this holy fast.

Monk James


Firstly, James Silver is NOT a monk who lives in a recognised religious house. He calls himself an “urban monk”, “blessed” to this vocation by a hierarch (I’ve heard several versions, best to keep it as I stated it). Of course, Orthodox Christians know that’s barmier than a fully-stuffed giggle house. Indeed, if one looks in the canons, they had trouble with that in New Rome, too. The Church decided that such phonies were to be taken by force to a real monastery/convent, where they had to live a monastic life. After all, that’s what they were claiming they were in “The City”… making their livings by gulling the credulous pious.

Mark Stokoe’s private life is none of our business. What he did as an officer of the Church, and what he did as a publicist is our business, but his “private space” is sacrosanct and Mr Silver is a soulless pig for having violated it. Christians don’t do that! What the Church says is that practising homosexuals are barred from the clergy… it doesn’t bar lay homosexuals from communion. Indeed, Fr Vsevolod Chaplin (no Renovationist he) has spoken of the fact that he’s heard the confessions of homosexuals. After saying that, he said nothing further. No doubt, Vsevolod Anatolyevich absolved them normally and gave them communion (he didn’t say that he barred them from communion). The Church is adamant that homosexuals shall NOT serve in the clergy, but it does not throw lay homosexuals to the dogs, as do Mr Silver and the ravening konvertsy.

Mr Silver’s accusation against Fr Ted Bobosh is specious and without foundation (I think that TB is a smarmy autocephalist nutter… I’m not in his camp at all). Priests have been taking care of this pastoral matter since Adam. Of course, Mr Silver is showing himself to be of JP’s camp… a barmy believer in the Brum Doctrine (the Lord High Pooh-Bah Metropolitan decides everything and is the Absolute Unbridled Autocrat of the Church). I’m sorry for what James Silver did to Mark Stokoe. You’re an immoral servant of Satan, sir, and I say so to your face. It’s one thing to oppose Mark Stokoe on the high ground of church politics… one NEVER drags such personal things into the fray. Only the most depraved residents of the gutter do that. I can’t write any more on this… if I were to meet James Silver now, I’d be tempted to do something rash and violent.

One last thing… Silver is one of Bobby’s party. Where did Bobby put the missing financial records, Jimmy? There’s a matter of a missing 125 Gs… look at how he cowers when Bobby and Iggy get fingered! Bobby K floated this as a stab in the back to his long-time rival Stokoe. I’ll say this… Silver, Bobby, and Iggy all deserve to go. Silver may have posted this, but its got the fingerprints of the other two all over it. This has been a turbulent week… but this is disgusting and reprehensible beyond measure. Yes… that English expression “Bollocks on stilts” fits it to a tee. It’s one thing to fight one’s opponent honourably and decently… it’s another to descend to the gutter and stab from behind. I do daresay that most real Christians would agree with me.

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Sunday 6 March 2011

Albany NY

Editor’s Postscript:

I received this from a correspondent:

Silver will do anything and stoop to any level to uphold JP and get Joe Fester in as Chancellor. This is to reach his ultimate goal… to lift Bobby’s deposition. Full stop. It’s the old Jesuitical “the ends justify the means”. Fr Vsevolod’s approach is the REAL practise of the Russian Church; I’ve heard it from at least one Russian bishop and several Russian priests. The converts don’t know how to handle lay homosexuals in an Orthodox pastoral manner.

I agree emphatically. It’s time to canonically depose JP and BP for serving with a suspended clergyman (Brittain), and to degrade Silver officially to the lay status for publicising someone’s private business. Speaking for myself, I bow before Mr Stokoe and Fr Ted, and ask apologies for Mr Silver’s egregious action… not all their opponents are so nasty. Do NOT misunderstand me, I believe that Mr Stokoe and Fr Ted advocate a course that’s dangerous for the Church… but we don’t have the right to reach into the gutter to oppose them.

This isn’t the Church’s teaching, it’s my private opinion… but I’ve no doubt that many agree with me on it, though. Christians don’t do such evil!


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