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Thursday, 29 October 2015

LNR First Responders Received Equipment from the RF to Test Special Rescue Gear

00 LNR fireman 291015


LNR Deputy Minister of Emergency Situations and Disaster Relief Vitaly Dubrovsky announced that a Podolsk factory shipped special fire-technical equipment to the LNR MChS needed to test special rescue equipment:

We had a sticky situation… about 25 percent of our oxygen tanks were unusable. We contacted the Synkovsky PTS enterprise, which makes special fire-technical equipment, and received a favourable response. They shipped us Tsiklon -450 equipment to test pressure vessels, at no cost to us and to or specifications. We lost our own equipment for testing oxygen-breathing apparatus during the war. With the Tsiklon -450, we have the capability to test the integrity of pressure cylinders (from 1 to 150 litres) used in mountain rescue, fire rescue, diving rescue, and emergency services. The cylinder has to be in good order, that is, the person who puts it on has to be sure that it wouldn’t blow up. Therefore, we test it at-half reserve pressure; we hold it for a while in this state. In addition, this gear inspects for hairline cracks and does cylinder cleaning. At the same time that the plant produced this special equipment, four of our people received training in servicing this gear and received certification. Along with this new equipment, we received 100 emergency breathing apparatus masks, bunker suits, helmets, axes, and rescue belts as humanitarian aid.

PTS is the leading Russian manufacturer and supplier of compressed-air breathing apparatus, self-contained compressed oxygen breathing apparatus, special protective clothing, high-pressure compressors, metal composite and steel compressed-air cylinders, as well as other rescue and fire-technical equipment.

28 October 2015

LITs Lugansk Information Centre



Sunday, 21 July 2013

**RATED NC-17** Oh, Those Russians! Woman Stuck Her Head in a Railing Doing the Nasty on the Stairs in Lipetsk **NOT FOR KIDS**

00 Censored. 21.07.13


According to Russian legislation, this article contains information not suitable for readers younger than 18 years of age.

On Wednesday, media reports said that a woman having sex on the stairs of her apartment building got her head stuck between the supporting bars of the railing and had to be freed by rescue personnel and police who arrived while she was still naked. The news site Gorod48.ru, which covers the city of Lipetsk, which is 438 kilometres (272 miles) southeast of Moscow, reported that the 46-year-old woman and her live-in boyfriend decided to go out to the stairs to “spice things up”, and, apparently, the boyfriend pushed her head between the bars while they were doing it doggy-style. The boyfriend was nowhere around when rescuers arrived. It was unclear who placed the call. Local news site Pronews48.ru quoted emergency worker Aleksei Dotsenko as saying, “In all my time working as a rescuer, I don’t recall any incident like this one”.

18 July 2013



Editor’s Note:

You CAN’T make up shit like this… oh, those Russians! I wonder where they stashed the vodka bottles? Perspirin’ minds wanna know. Betcha the coppers and EMERCOM guys weren’t believed when they told their mates about this one…


Tuesday, 24 August 2010

24 August 2010. Sergei Yolkin’s World… Tinned Cat…

Latvian firemen recently rescued a cat whose head was stuck in a tin, the press service of the Latvian State Fire and Rescue Service reported. The incident took place in the Latvian city of Rēzekne. Whilst the cat was eating straight from the tin, it stuck in its head. The cat owner was unable to release the animal, so, they called the firemen, who cut the tin off the cat’s head.

24 August 2010

Sergei Yolkin



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