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Sunday, 1 October 2017

1 October 2017. This is Syria’s Response to Warmongering America




Syria is winning the war against American-backed terrorists, with the aid of its allies (Russia, Iran, and Hizbullah). This angers the Anglo toddlers to no end. They’re exceptional! They’re unique! They’re all-powerful! Well… Syria proved all of that to be unhinged bullshit. Far from succumbing to American pressures, the Syrian people came together to resist terror… which almost always comes with the label “Made in the USA”. The USA is destroying its bases in Syria in an attempt to erase their blame for this war. It won’t work. Everyone sees “Made in the USA” and “Made in Israel” on this conflict.

Syria responded to the USA. It withstood the test and trial. God bless Syria… God bless the Syrian people, of all faiths and nationalities… God bless Dr Bashar al-Assad, who stood tall when he had to. May we all do as well when a crisis comes…



1 October 2017. This is What America Does in Syria… Any Questions?





This is what America does in Syria. It destroys churches… it kills and maims innocents. The USA supports the anti-Assad Islamist terrorists. The USA arms the anti-Assad terrorists. The USA attacks Christians by supporting Radical Islamist thugs. If you voted for Hillary Clinton, you support the killing and maiming of innocents. If you voted for Donald Trump, you support the killing and maiming of innocents. There’s no way around it. What I find especially galling is how so-called “Pro-Lifers” support the American politicians who support the killing and maiming of innocent Syrian children. I find that disgusting and perverse.

I voted for Dr Jill and Ajamu Baraka… I voted for PEACE. Why did so many of you vote for WAR?


Sunday, 16 July 2017

16 July 2017. Wisdom from Christian Syria


We wish a Blessed Sunday to all our Christian friends following us! Please, attend the Divine Liturgy because today is Sunday, the day Our Lord Jesus Christ resurrected. Please, no excuses for skipping it, in Syria, we go to Liturgy even if we have no roof above the church….

16 July 2017

This is Christian Syria



If the people in Syria can go to Liturgy, even without an intact church building, what does that say of us who support the neoliberal (Republican and Democratic) pols who support the anti-Christian terrorists who’ve afflicted the country over the past six years? You may support the Christian Syrians and President Assad or you may support the moneygrubbing neoliberals and their “Pro-Life” running dogs, who support terrorism throughout the world. The choice is yours… choose wisely…


Sunday, 23 April 2017

By Going After Assange, Trump Will Alienate The Alt-Right Forever

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The cool thing about having a predominantly lefty readership is that when I want to criticise the Democratic establishment or the liberal mass media, the people who read my stuff tend to understand the history and nuances behind what I’m talking about. I don’t get a lot of rightwing idiots coming in calling Democrats “leftists” or saying, “Rachel Maddow looks like a dude, harr, harr, harr”; I get mostly intelligent responses and understanding, along with some fair and informed criticism of my own progressivism. The shitty thing about having a predominantly lefty readership is that when I try to talk about the Anti-Establishment Left’s counterparts on the political right, people have no idea what I’m talking about because we’ve got our own echo chambers just like other groups have. When I say the Alt-Right is overwhelmingly opposed to military interventionism and régime change wars, or that it was understandable for them to hope that Trump was going to drain the swamp, bitch-slap the globalists, and stand up to the Deep State, I get a lot of pushback from people who insist that they’re nothing but a bunch of stupid racist warmongering fascists who value nothing but power and money. Moreover, when I say that they’re mostly decent people with a solid moral code who wouldn’t hesitate to turn against Trump if he steps out of line, I’ll likely get people arguing that the Trumpsters will stay loyal to their God-Emperor no matter what. Those people will be wrong, and they should spend less time in the lefty echo chamber.

Say what you will about the Alt-Right, but there’s at least as much critical thinking and a healthy distrust of authority happening there as there is in the true progressive movement. Trump is already on thin ice with them due to his antics in Syria, which drew condemnation from many key leaders of the movement. If his administration tries to arrest Julian Assange, as anonymous sources allegedly within the US government have told CNN it is planning to do, there’s no coming back from that. You can’t build someone up as a hero and then execute him months later when he’s no longer useful to you. You can’t turn on the god of all computer nerds when a major part of your online support base had its roots in 4chan. The ultimate underdog who’s dedicated his life to standing up to the monolithic might of the Deep State is one of the few people Trump’s support base loves even more than Donald Trump, and they’re already letting him know they won’t stand for it.

I had a very interesting interview with Robert David Steele yesterday, who’s politically very different from myself and whose fan base is largely on the opposite end of the political spectrum, and while we didn’t agree on everything, we strongly agreed that the time has come for the Anti-Establishment Right and the Anti-Establishment Left and all the truth-tellers in between to unify against the Deep State, which I happened to have just written about in my last article. I may cringe at Steele’s language sometimes, and he and I may never agree about Bernie Sanders being a sheepdog who sold out for a beach house, but I’ll proudly set aside our differences and fight the manipulations of the Deep State by his side, because until we overthrow the unelected Power Establishment, our ideological differences are functionally irrelevant. Until election integrity is restored and the American people have a voice in what happens to their country that isn’t nullified and neutered by unelected oligarchs, the only fight that makes any sense is against those oligarchs, and if all Anti-Establishment factions come together and put everything they’ve got into that fight, we can win. In our conversation, Steele, an early outspoken Trump supporter, told me that he and others in his movement were giving Trump until 1 May to turn away from the Deep State agenda trajectory he appears to be on, and then will commence fighting him as one of them. This was before news broke about the administration’s alleged intention to prosecute one of the greatest heroes the world has ever seen in Julian Assange.

There are many arguments to be made for why arresting Assange would be catastrophic and criminal, from the fact that Ecuador is specifically sheltering him from US prosecution for his organisation’s leaks to very legitimate fears that it will lead to the prosecutions of other journalists who leak classified information, but from a simple strategic point of view it’d also be the stupidest thing that Trump could possibly do. His popularity is already hurting, and alienating the one group that truly adored him and stuck with him through thick and thin will leave him with no allies but the fickle Neocons he’s currently catering to, and they’d turn on him on a dime the second they can spill a little more blood on a little more sand by doing so.

However, the campaign promises keep falling away and long-held positions keep reversing to fall in line with America’s unelected Power Establishment, so it looks like that may be where we’re headed. This would be very bad for Trump and horrific for Assange. Nevertheless, it’d also spell death for the Deep State and victory for the 99 Percent as we the people rise up, and shrug them off like a heavy coat on a warm day. I promise anyone who’s involved in these plots against Assange… if you harm one silver hair on that man’s head, that’ll be the end of you. You’ll have overextended yourself, and we’ll all unite against you. This’ll happen. Don’t be stupid.

21 April 2017

Caitlin Johnstone



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