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Monday, 28 March 2016

28 March 2016. My Heartfelt Reply to Scurrilous Mudslinging

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To my readers… don’t interact with “conservatives” unless you must. If vexed, they stamp their feet, throw a tantrum, and resort to poo-flinging. I’ve found that this is invariable amongst those who label themselves “conservatives”. In short, they’re a cruel and peevish lot, best avoided. Leave handling them to thick-skinned sorts like me, who don’t expect anything but lies and hissing from their outraged ranks. As a leftist, I find “liberals” almost as bad, but their overtolerance and “labelling” (they put everyone into neat boxes… depriving them of their personality and personhood) isn’t as bad as narcissistic “conservative” mewling. Don’t ever reply to such… for my friends are still my friends… and my enemies are still my enemies. Some day, Whiteford and Dreher may understand that… but don’t hold your breath waiting…

Never let their rants abridge your behaviour… it won’t affect mine. Keep it focused and love to all of you…



Saturday, 13 February 2016

13 February 2016. My Reply to a Clueless Young ‘Un Who Professes to Hate “Socialism”

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Recently, a young (and clueless) poster attacked my praise of socialism. I’d say, look at who preaches hatred of socialism… Donald Trump, a coward who refused to serve, who dumps wives left n’ right… Ted Cruz, another coward who refused to serve, who spat on Arab Orthodox bishops, who preaches war in the Middle East and against Russia… Sarah Palin, who abruptly quit her job as Governor of the State of Alaska to become an overpaid rightwing pundit (thereby, showing the world her selfishness, lack of a sense of duty, and moral vacuity). There’s also Chilly Hilly and Butcher Biden… both of whom defend Wall Street deregulation (that is, legalising previously properly criminal actions) and both of whom hate the Orthosphere and wish to wage war against it.

If you defend the attackers of socialism, you defend those who wish to strip away ordinary people’s rights and you defend those who wish to wage war on the Orthosphere to extend their greedy and theomachistic worldview. In short, you spit on Christ and His Holy Church. Patriarch Kirill defends socialism… so should we. Do you wish to stand with real Orthodox or with Antichristian heretics (that is, not only against Christianity, but the purveyors of the agenda of the Antichrist)?

The choice is yours…


Tuesday, 7 July 2015

7 July 2015. A Not-So-Conservative Demot… Take a GOOD Look

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Take a GOOD look at this. It’s a rather vicious takedown of “conservatives” and their conceits, isn’t it? Start with the pacifier in the mouth of a kid too old for one… I needn’t say more. This is ELEGANT… it’s a subtle putdown, so, it goes over the head of the average “conservative” (who have a collective IQ lower than that of Abner Yokum). Kudos to the person who thought this up. It’s amazingly good…


Friday, 5 June 2015

Here’s Why Libertarians Are Mostly Men… No Comment Necessary Department

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Jeet Heer investigates a provocative question today… why are most libertarians men? He offers several plausible explanations, but I think that he misses the real one, perhaps, because it’s unflattering to libertarians. Here’s the quick answer… hard-core libertarianism is a fantasy. It’s a fantasy where the strongest and most self-reliant folks end up at the top of the heap, and a fair number of men share the fantasy that they are these folks. They believe rules and regulations designed to help the weak have held them back, but in a libertarian culture, their talents would be obvious, so, they’d naturally rise to positions of power and influence. Of course, most of them are wrong, as a truly libertarian culture would squash nearly all of them like ants… mostly by the same people who squash them now. However, the fantasy lives on, regardless. Few women share this fantasy. I don’t know why; I don’t want to play amateur sociologist and guess. Perhaps, it’s something as simple as the plain observation that women were in almost-complete subjugation to men in a more-libertarian past. Why would that be an appealing fantasy to a woman? Anyway, this is obviously simplistic and unflattering, and it’s going to offend libertarians. Sorry. However, feel free to take some guesses about why women don’t take to libertarianism as strongly as men do.

5 June 2015

Kevin Drum

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