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Friday, 8 August 2014

50 MVDUniki Injured in Clashes on the Maidan

00 kiev. supposed cops. 08.08.14


On Thursday, Aleksandr Pereshchuk, the head of the MVDU in Kiev, said at a briefing that clashes on the Maidan in Kiev injured fifty members of the Kiev-1 and Kiev-2 Battalions. They fought residents of the tent camp on the square whilst attempting to dismantle the barricades and tents erected by the protestors. The security forces came to the Maidan to dismantle the barricades, but ran into resistance from activists. This led to scuffles, firecrackers went off, and the activists burned tyres in several places on Kreshchatik Street. Pereshchuk noted, “Today, not one policeman nor any member of the MVDU battalions discharged a firearm nor applied undue force. However, we did have 50 members injured; three or four of them are in hospital in critical condition after activists assaulted them with thrown stones. The injured are from the MVDU Kiev-1 and Kiev-2 Battalions. Besides this, the opposition activists assaulted public works employees, taking over about seven utility vehicles”.

 7 August 2014

Rossiya Segodnya



Look at the image… these jabronies are unprofessional untrained Euromaidantsy terrorists in uniform masquerading as security troops. No self-respecting Berkutovets would’ve acted as these slugs did. Note that some don’t wear proper protective headgear and that they’re not in a proper phalanx-style formation to face a hostile mob (and protect themselves with interlocked shields). In short, look at the utter incompetence of the Uniate junta! The Galician hillbillies do it again… they’re a bunch of nasty-minded unlettered Homer n’ Jethros attempting to ram their backwoods ways on everyone else. The Berkutovtsy never had such casualties… they were real stand-up guys; they were real pros with real training, they weren’t dreamy nationalists with oddbod ideas from isolated “hollers” in the Galician back of the beyond. Jethro Bodine and Pee Wee Herman would’ve run this operation better. The junta can’t even police its own streets properly… they aren’t long for this world…



Monday, 9 July 2012

9 July 2012. Sergei Yolkin’s World. New British Police Guidelines

New British Police Guidelines

Sergei Yolkin



According to Theresa May, British Secretary of State for the Home Department, British police should be able to use stricter methods in suppressing rioters, and the authorities fully support any new standards, if the use of force is reasonable and within existing legal limits. Speaking in London before the press and police officers, May appealed to the governing bodies of the various police services with a request to develop new guidelines for operations, after the recent riots and looting in the streets of London and other British cities. Critics faulted the government for not allowing the police to contain the rioters in these altercations, as the police are “reluctant” to apply more stringent tactics without orders. May said, “According to past experience, we know that the police face charges of abuse if they use overly-harsh tactics, but they also face criticism if they’re perceived as too lenient”.

16 August 2011

Sergei Yolkin



Monday, 16 January 2012

16 January 2012. VOR Presents… Romanian Protests Against Austerity Policy

The Romanian Government is due to hold an emergency meeting over the growing wave of protest against the Cabinet’s austerity policy.


On 15 January, clashes erupted during a protest as demonstrators pelted riot police with stones, a day after a dozen people suffered injuries when a similar rally turned violent.


Around 1,000 Romanians gathered in central Bucharest to voice anger at falling living standards and to call on Romanian President Traian Băsescu to quit.


However, hours after the beginning of a peaceful demonstration, about 100 hooded youths started throwing stones, firecrackers, and smoke bombs.


Reports indicate that several dozen people were injured.


Romanian Prime Minister Emil Boc urged the protesters to end their violence and to start a dialogue.


16 January 2012

Voice of Russia World Service


Editor’s Note:

For those not in the know, Romania has a “minority government”… that is, no one party has a majority in parliament. The largest bloc is the Liberal Democratic Party (PDL)… a pro-Western Neoliberal bunch, run by pro-American lickspittles. Like in Australia, the most rightwing major party are the “Liberals”… of the sort condemned by the Church for their moneygrubbing and attempts to enrich the plutocrats at the expense of the ordinary people. If an election were to occur today, there’s no doubt that the centre-left Social Democratic Party (PSD) would whip the PDL handily. In short, the American-imposed post-communist order in the Balkans is unravelling, and rather quickly at that.

THIS is what the GOP wants in the USA… they, too, expect the common people to bear all the pain so that the McMansion dwellers get all the gain. Think on that…


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