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Saturday, 31 August 2013

Baba Mugged Outside Homestead PA Church


No… this isn’t the mugger… it’s one of the greedster businessmen who destroyed a town… think on it…


 An 82-year-old woman went home Thursday after spending two weeks first in the hospital, and then in rehab. She was discharged hours after 18-year-old Michael Duku of the North Side was taken into custody on charges including robbery, assault, and conspiracy. Police say Duku and another man shoved the elderly woman to the sidewalk two weeks ago after she attended Sunday church services in Homestead PA. Duku ran off with her purse. Fr Robert Buczak of St Nicholas Orthodox Church, where the woman was a long-time member of the congregation, said he paid several visits to the woman since she was assaulted. Fr Bob told KDKA-TV’s Ralph Iannotti that she’s in good spirits, adding, “She suffered a broken shoulder, broken orbital bones in her face, and a big cut above her eye. She’ll be in a sling for six to eight weeks now”. He said that the woman forgives the robbers who attacked her, then, he observed, “They would’ve gotten more in church, than they got out of her purse”. An eyewitness who recognised his mug shot identified Duku. A constable picked him up. Homestead Mayor Betty Esper said she was relieved to hear that at least one suspect has been arrested, saying, “You don’t want any church to feel that [parishioners] can come out of Sunday services after praying and they are afraid, you just don’t want that”. Duku is being held on a 75,000 USD (2.5 million Roubles. 78,000 CAD. 81,600 AUD. 57,000 Euros. 48,000 UK Pounds) bond.

29 August 2013

Ralph Iannotti

KDKA CBS 2 Pittsburgh


Editor’s Note:

Many of our old neighbourhoods have gone to the dogs. The major reason is that greedy businessmen have moved going enterprises to locales that give them more “profit”… destroying towns, neighbourhoods, and family ties in the process (but it puts more money in the rich man’s boodle bag… so, they call it “good”). None dare call it evil…



Friday, 21 June 2013

21 June 2013. You Can’t Make Up Shit Like This… Robbers Dressed As Rabbis Hold Up Bank

00 two rabbis cartoon. 21.06.13


Three robbers… two dressed as Orthodox Jewish rabbis and the third as a security guard… held up a Buenos Aires bank and fled with the contents of several safe-deposit boxes. Police said that the robbery occurred early in the morning in the Villa Urquiza neighbourhood when the bank was full of customers. The bandits emerged from a car parked in front of the bank, whilst a fourth person waited behind the wheel. Once inside, the fake rabbis subdued the employees and customers and took the contents of a number of safe-deposit boxes. Police say the robbers were disguised, “with two of them dressed as members of the Orthodox Jewish community, that’s to say, black outfit, wide-brimmed hat, beard, and curls, and the other pretended to be a security employee inspecting the closed circuit television”.

20 June 2013

Perth Now


Monday, 2 July 2012

Only in Russia! Drunk Thief Passes Out at Crime Scene


On Monday, the Moscow Oblast SKP said that one of the more clueless robberies in a while ended in failure because the thief drunk a bottle of vodka he came across and passed out on the spot. Detectives said that the owner of the apartment targeted by the suspect called police when she saw the lock broken. However, when the police arrived, they found the intruder sound asleep in the owner’s bed. The thief, a Tajik whose name was withheld by police, collected his loot, including food, upon breaking in, but then decided to have a go at a vodka bottle, which caused him to pass out. The ill-timed drinking bout can now land him in prison for up to 10 years in prison on robbery charges. The incident took place last week, but the SKP only released the news of it now.

2 July 2012



Friday, 30 December 2011

Three Guys in Ded Moroz Suits Clean Out Pawn Shop in 47 Seconds in Novosibirsk

Russians have as many satirical takeoffs on Ded Moroz as we do of Santa Claus… here’s a “saucy” Ded Moroz… being NAUGHTY…


On Thursday, local cops said that three armed robbers in Ded Moroz (Grandfather Frost) costumes took all the gold jewellery from a pawn shop in the Siberian city of Novosibirsk in 47 seconds. The three hoax New Year gift-givers stood outside the shop for a while, greeting passers-by, probably, carefully timing the robbery. Their behaviour didn’t seem suspicious to the pawn shop’s staff and visitors, who thought the three men were involved in an advertising campaign. At 17.15 local time (13.15 MSK 09.15 UTC 04.15 EST 01.15 PST) on Wednesday, the three Father Frosts burst into the shop, waving shotguns. District Police Chief Yuri Titovich said, “The three men acted defiantly, without a moment of hesitation. They shot four times, so, everyone took them seriously. I need hardly say that robbing such a shop in 47 seconds requires certain skills”. The owner has yet to assess the damage; however, we know that the robbers took all the gold jewellery from the shop, including at least 160 gold chains. Police are currently checking footage from surveillance cameras in the shop. All the robbers wore masks and false beards. A similar crime took place last year in the same city. A robber dressed as Father Frost took about 5.5 million roubles (171,000 USD 132,000 Euros 110,000 UK Pounds), but the cops caught him, and a judge gave him four years behind bars.


Click on the link below and the page has a link to a 37-second surveillance video of the affair

30 December 2011



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