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Saturday, 30 August 2014

Slovakia Opposes Sanctions Against Russia, Whilst Pro-Sodomy Dutch are For Them

00 Jozef Jankovič. The Victim's Warning. 1969

The Victim’s Warning

Jozef Jankovič


Museum of the Slovak National Uprising 

Banská Bystrica ((Banská Bystrica Okres. Banská Bystrica Kraj) SLOVAKIA


The Slovak government refused to support new sanctions against Russia, but the Netherlands, a country that’s legalised sodomy and drug addiction, favours tougher sanctions. Chairman of the Slovak Government Robert Fico said at the opening ceremony of the exhibition “Victory” at the Museum of the Slovak National Uprising in Banská Bystrica, “At tomorrow’s EU meeting, Slovakia will oppose adoption of new sanctions against Russia. Economic sanctions, especially those based on unverified data, aren’t effective and aren’t equable in their impact”. Defence Minister S K Shoigu attended the ceremony. Fico’s words met with applause from locals. On the other hand, today, Minister-President of the Netherlands Mark Rutte said that EU countries must consider new sanctions against Russia. He believes that the EU needs to impose them as he believes that Russia is escalating the conflict in the Ukraine. According to Rutte, “previously adopted measures just didn’t work”.

29 August 2014



Tuesday, 15 May 2012

15 May 2012. Trouble in Paradise… Is There Going to Be a Tits-Up on the Mountain or in Czechia?


Some Greek sources are reporting that the Mountain and the Greek state are at loggerheads. They’re NOT the best sources (they’re a bit sensational), I wouldn’t call it solid intel, but there’s a chance that it’s at least partially-true. There have been hot n’ heavy rumours claiming that the Greek state wants to tax all Athonite property outside the Mountain, and some sources even claim that the EU’s trying to force the Mountain into admitting female tourists and developing the area for resorts. Supposedly, today’s a deadline of sorts according to some (not the best) sources. Is the threat real? I don’t know… my Greek kitchen cabinet members don’t know. However, this much IS true… rumour’s flying at a level rarely seen, and one of the juiciest stories out there is that the Mountain wants to secede from Greece and put itself under VVP‘s protection. Can we trust the stories? You pays your money and you takes your choice. Click here for one of the better stories.

If that wasn’t enough, there’s trouble brewing between the MP and the EP over Czechia and Slovakia. A Greek friend was kind enough to send me this link. What I notice is that the Phanar made this rumpus after Biden visited the Phanar. Ever since the CIA deposed Patriarch Maximos Vaportzis in 1948, the EP’s been Langley‘s running dog in political matters. This is one such… the USA‘s pissed off that Robert Fico jazzed their rightwing Neoliberal pals in Slovakia. The USA has had a bad year in Europe; its pro-One Percent slimer Quislings are all falling to the wayside. In short, this is American payback to the European Left, and the Phanar has to go along, as most of its funding comes from the USA, either from Langley directly or from politically-connected Greek-Americans. The Phanar’s going to lose big-time in this, as Russia‘s more committed to the fight than the EP’s American allies are.

So, there’s “trouble in Paradise”… is there going to be a dust-up between the Mountain and the Greek state? Ask Cookie the Bookie… I don ‘t lay odds… I’m not a bookmaker…

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Tuesday 15 May 2012

Albany NY

Thursday, 5 April 2012

5 April 2012. The Left’s Surging Forward in France… Sarkozy in Deep Doo-Doo


No wonder the rightwingers in the USA are scared. The general trend this year around the globe has been leftwards. Robert Fico won in Slovakia… millions came out in Spain to demonstrate against the rightwing slimers… Putin won the Russian election by turning “left”… and, in France, it’s a question of whether the Socialists or the Left Front is going to come in second in the first round (and Sarkozy‘s expected to lose the second round to whatever leftist opposes him). The Extreme Rightwing view was found on Fox News:

Obama’s gonna win because of the low-lifes coming out to vote… minorities, immigrants, feminists, and gays”.

That’s an EXACT quote. Don’t slacken your efforts until we drive a stake through the rightwing bloodsuckers’ hearts… and don’t slacken your vigilance even then. These people are godless, soulless, greedy SOBs who want to profit at your expense… and they lose NO sleep over it.


Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Thursday 5 April 2012

Albany NY

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Leftist Fico Wins Massive Mandate as Slovak Prime Minister… First Non-Coalition Government in Slovakia’s History

Slovak PM Robert Fico (1964- )… a man of the Left… massive victor over the rightwing “privatisation” scummers. The image shows him at a ceremony honouring Victory Day.


On Wednesday, Slovak President Ivan Gašparovič appointed centre-left leader Robert Fico as Prime Minister after his SMER Party won a landslide victory in an early election last month. The 47-year-old lawyer, who concluded Slovakia’s accession to the Eurozone during his previous term as prime minister in 2006-2010, replaces Iveta Radičová, whose centre-right government collapsed in October last year. Fico has said he would honour pledges to cut the fiscal gap below the EU’s official limit of 3 percent next year, flagging higher taxes for wealthy Slovaks and companies.

4 April 2012



Editor’s Note:

Let’s keep this simple. The rightwing government (that lasted less than two years) was the darling of Western rightwingers in the media and blogosphere. Well… the Slovak people resisted the rightwingers’ attempts to destroy the Slovak safety net à la the US Republican Party… which led to the coalition partners of the rightwingers taking to their heels, bringing down the pro-American lickspittle government. The position of the USA’s been on the fritz since the Iraqi aggression in ’03, and it’s been critical since the defeat of the Bushies’ pals in Georgia in ’08 (the disastrous South Ossetia adventure, which started with a sneak rocket barrage on sleeping civilians… which was approved by GWB, McCain, and Palin).

Robert Fico’s a genuine man of the people… his father was a forklift operator and his mother worked as a shop assistant. The people love him, and he learned valuable lessons from his defeat in 2010. He’s a communist and man of the Left… nothing to be ashamed of! If the rightwing loonies want to call you a “Socialist” for being rational and decent, there’s only one rejoinder to that… “Thank you!” That’s the way it is…

This is turning out to be a “RED” year… don’t let the unhinged bellowings of the Right unnerve you… they’re not what they appear to be… they’re just a loud set, not a dominant one. The only poll that counts is the one in November… and you KNOW what to do. Either it’s the President or it’s The Handmaid’s Tale… not a hard one to decide, is it?


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