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Monday, 3 August 2015

An Illustration of the Anglo Character… Hitchbot Irreparably Damaged in the USA After Safely Hitching Across Canada, Germany, and the Netherlands

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00 hitchBOT 030815



Only in the USA. I’ve always believed that the Anglo culture praised cruelty, baseness, and greed… this nails it. No… most Anglos aren’t nasty… but all-too-many are… their so-called “culture” abets it.

Orthodox people… that’s why the konvertsy are so feral. They embody all the worst traits of Anglo America… look at Dreher, Reardon, and Whiteford. I need say no more.



Oh dear, my body was damaged, but I live on back home and with all my friends. I guess sometimes bad things happen to good robots! My trip must come to an end for now, but my love for humans will never fade. Thank you to all my friends.

A message from the family:

hitchBOT’s trip came to an end last night in Philadelphia after having spent a little over two weeks hitchhiking and visiting sites in Boston, Salem, Gloucester, Marblehead, and New York City. Unfortunately, hitchBOT was vandalised overnight in Philadelphia; sometimes bad things happen to good robots.  We know that many of hitchBOT’s fans will be disappointed, but we want them to be assured that this great experiment isn’t over. For now, we’ll focus on the question “What can be learned from this?” and explore future adventures for robots and humans. We have no interest in pressing charges or finding the people who vandalised hitchBOT; we wish to remember the good times, and we encourage hitchBOT’s friends and fans to do the same. HitchBOT’s family has limited media availability on 3 August and are not available on 4 August. More info will be available here on 5 August.




Wednesday, 8 May 2013

8 May 2013. Sergei Yolkin’s World. The Evolution of the Robot

00 Sergei Yolkin. The Evolution of the Robot. 2013

The Evolution of the Robot

Sergei Yolkin



The exhibition Robots: First Steps and New Achievements. A History of Domestic Robotics from the Files of RIA-Novosti will be at the Polytechnical Museum from 7 to 18 May. Sergei Yolkin takes a light look at the topic of the evolution of robots.

8 May 2013

Sergei Yolkin



Thursday, 26 January 2012

26 January 2012. “Those Were the Days, My Friend…” The Voice of the Robot Falls Silent Forever… “Danger, Will Robinson, Danger!”



Read this. So, the voice of the robot is no more. No more “Danger, Will Robinson, danger!” or “It does not compute!” YOUCH… does that mean that I’m on the cusp of babahood? Must I wear black and chase the goats, as a good iaia should (“You are going to HELL…”)? Well… no matter what, I’ll be Mother Jones, not Mother Teresa. There’s nothing wrong with Mother Teresa, but I’m not that sort. “I’m not a humanitarian; I’m a hell-raiser”. Although I can bake a mean loaf of bread…


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