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Friday, 24 August 2012

Israel: Expert in Having Its Own Way

Shhh!!! Denouncing Israel’s War Crimes is Anti-Semitism

Carlos Latuff



Let’s not be coy. Bibi Netanyahu is a political gangster. However, there’s a good thing… Israel’s torturous domestic politics will tie him up so thoroughly that he can’t strike Iran. To attack one man, Netanyahu, as a creep isn’t anti-Semitism… it’s just good-sense. To attack all Jews for the faults of one man, Netanyahu… now, THAT’S anti-Semitism!


Israel will abstain from attacking Iran before the American election if the USA promises to start a military campaign against Iran next spring. Allegedly, that’s the main clause of a secret preliminary agreement, which the two countries’ leaders will discuss in the lobby of the UN General Assembly. This leak appeared in the Israeli media ahead of a new round of talks on Iran’s nuclear problem. Experts believe that this could be a covert request to the USA to boost assistance.

Tom Donilon and Ron Dermer, advisers to the two countries’ leaders, developed the agreement mentioned by the media. The agreement contains some other provisions as well. If there’s no progress in the settlement of the Iranian problem, Barack Obama would write to the US Congress about his decision to use the army to prevent the appearance of an Iranian nuclear bomb. Closer to the American election in November, Obama would speak in the Israeli parliament and publicly promise to use force. The media leaks say that if these procedures are observed, Israel will agree to postpone the attack against Iran. Over the last few months, the USA’s been at great pains to hold back Israel’s militant rhetoric towards Iran. On 14 August, Pentagon chief Leon Panetta pointed up that Israel was incapable of causing serious damage to Iran’s nuclear facilities.

Ludmila Kuleshova, an expert from the Institute of Oriental Studies, said, “The USA is procrastinating, in an attempt to give diplomacy another chance, so this kind of agreement is likely to have been achieved. The USA’s sparing no effort in trying to come to an agreement with Iran, especially now, when Iran’s in a rather difficult economic and financial situation. For this reason, it’s more likely to compromise on its nuclear programme. Probably, the situation in Syria will also be clarified by next spring, which is very important as well. Obama recently announced that he was actually on the verge of interfering in the Syrian crisis, and, now, this problem with Iran on top of all that. This is too much even for the USA”.

In a recent report, Shai Feldman, a well-known Israeli expert in TehranWashingtonTel Aviv relations, concluded that a military attack against Iran is very unlikely. Andrei Volodin, the head of the Centre for Oriental Research of the Diplomatic Academy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MID) shared this opinion, saying, “A military operation against Iran would be sheer lunacy. The USA would have to use at least a million soldiers and over 2,000 aircraft, which is beyond its means. Any other assault rather than a ground operation wouldn’t have any effect. A limited campaign would only speed up the appearance of nuclear weapons in Iran. So far, at least, there’s been no political decision about their production”.

Volodin went on to say, “The publication about some secret arrangement isn’t an attempt to put pressure on Iran ahead of a new round of talks. Its authors must have been thinking logically. Israel set up the leak to put pressure on the USA. Israel means to take advantage of the controversy between the two main presidential candidates, Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. Israel believes that now is the best time, when it’s easy to obtain even more compromise both from the president and from the Republican presidential candidate. If the leak works, Israel will get a greater amount of military and financial aid from the USA. There’s no doubt about it, because, so far, all Israel’s requests have been fully satisfied”.

23 August 2012

Boris Pavlichyov

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