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Monday, 8 September 2014

Schismatical “Orthodox” Steal Three Churches from the UPTs/MP

00 Jesus. 08.09.14


Adherents of the schismatical UPTs/KP stole three churches of the UPTs/MP.  At the same time, they also threatened to steal other UPTs/MP churches. Metropolitan Varfolomei Vashchuk of Rovno and Ostrog make a request for assistance from the authorities to aid the monks involved, but they refused to respond. The UPTs/MP hierarchy stated that the monks say that they’ve put it all in God’s hands.  Metropolitan Varfolomei said, “Under the guise of patriotic appeals, the forces of evil sow discord and strife among our people”. He urged his flock to preserve the faith of the Church, protect its churches, to keep unity with the larger Church, and not to succumb to provocations,

8 September 2014




This looks like the Wild West days of the Nasty Nineties, only the commies aren’t there to protect the real Christians. The UGKTs and schismatical Orthodox hated V F Yanukovich, not because he was corrupt, but because he gave equal rights to the UPTs/MP and protected it against American-paid Uniate and schismatical mobs. Someone from Podkarpatskaya told me that, usually, the Uniates have minority support, but they had guns from nationalist politicians and money from Langley. In many villages, there’s only one church; in many cases, the Uniates took them over by force and killed or brutalised the Orthodox clergy. Fr Mikhail Shuvar’s case isn’t unique. That’s why Frederica M-G is a soulless and ignorant pig… she schmoozes with the Uniate enemies of Christ’s Church and encourages others to do likewise. None of the Anglican “converts” have given up the heretical Branch Theory (the MP defined it as such, HH himself wrote up the declaration when he still a Metropolitan). They’ve never internalised tserkovnost (Churchmindedness) and they never shall.

You may follow the godpleasing example of Fr Mikhail Shuvar or you may follow the demonic example of Freddie M-G. That’s the situation, plainly put and without froufrou. The Uniate and schismatical robbers steal our churches, kill our priests, and brutalise our believers. They call those of us who publicise this, “haters”. Go ahead, you can call me a “hater”… you can gauge a person better by their enemies than by their friends… never forget that.


Friday, 11 April 2014

Right Sector Terrorists Seized KPU Obkom HQ in Rovno

01 Nazi-Book-Burning

THESE are the spiritual fathers of the Right Sector! ANY QUESTIONS?


ZIK.ua said that Right Sector terrorists seized the KPU Obkom headquarters in Rovno. They demanded the banning of the KPU and handing its offices to local authorities because the KPU leadership “connived in separatist activity in the eastern and southern Ukraine”. They removed books, newspapers, portraits of Karl Marx and Vladimir Lenin, and busts of Lenin and Iosif Stalin from the office. ZIK.ua said, “The terrorist leaders promised that they’d give the portraits and busts to a museum. Immediately after seizing them, they burned the books and other printed material outside the building. They sealed off the office, hanging placards that it was ‘under Right Sector protection’. The people inside the office when the Right Sector terrorists raided it offered no resistance and left. There wasn’t any violence, but verbal spats broke out between two groups of women… one supporting the KPU, the other supporting the Right Sector. KPU Obkom leader Aleksandr Voznyuk said, ‘The office is private property; there’ll be an appropriate reaction’”.


This shows that even the Western Ukraine is in contention. Many ordinary people oppose the Banderovtsy scummers… not everyone endorses the neo-Nazi platform of the fascists and their Uniate running dogs. Note well that the USA supports terrorists and book burners in the Ukraine… just as it did in Nicaragua (Somoza), Cuba (Batista), Chile (Pinochet), Vietnam (Thiệu), Iran (Pahlavi), and Guatemala (Ríos Montt), to name only a few places where the USA intervened to bloody effect since 1945.

If you support the junta, you support neo-Nazism. What about THAT, Bill Kristol?


11 April 2014

Voice of Russia World Service


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