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Wednesday, 20 November 2013

20 November 2013. You Can’t Make Up Shit Like This… Fatso and Jerome Shaw on a “Pontifical Visit” (I Kid You NOT)

00 Paffso and Jerome Shaw. 20.11.13


One of the Cabinet sent me this:

Have you seen this? Unfortunately there are no words (in both senses!) but the pictures are entertaining.

The image above in all of its glory is from the above set. Another Cabineteer said this about Soraich‘s “parish in a box” in Lost Wages (it applies to the present lot in spades, too):

His new parish looks like a convert freak show.

How low the “mighty” have fallen. Paffso appears to be a modern-day Lord Haw-Haw, whilst Jerome Shaw looks like a bargain-basement Rowan Williams wannabe in a Walmart costume. Truly, you can’t make shit like this up… remember, shitbirds of a feather do flock together. Nu… be kind, they’ve both fallen and can’t get up…


A Note from your Intrepid Editor:

My main machine’s in the lair of the local geeks for routine maintenance (will have it back on Saturday), and my backup laptop doesn’t have my Corel X6 and Photoshop Elements loaded on it, so, I couldn’t do as good a job on the image as I could have (I do have GIMP loaded, which did do a lot to spiff up this shitty and dull image). On Saturday, I’m going to run it through the abovementioned programs, and that’ll polish it up like no tomorrow! Cheers!




Saturday, 7 July 2012

7 July 2012. It’s the Lazy Hazy Days of Summer… Not Much Church News at either the Centre or Here…

There’s not much for the minstrel to tell you… everybody’s out at the dacha, dontcha know…


Well, kids, this is the slowest time of year for any kind of Church news. However, some items are going to follow this paragraph. EVERYBODY’S out at the dacha (or its Western equivalent). HH is at Peredelkino, soaking up the rays. There’s not going to be much major news until autumn, not only on the Church front, but on the political one as well. The period between Victoria Day/Memorial Day and Labour Day (or Victory Day and the Day of Knowledge, to use a Russian reference) is always the slowest period for this website, as not much happens in the dog days of summer… of course, there are exceptions like the South Ossetia War in ’08, but the general rule holds.

It’s especially difficult to post domestic Church news, as so many of my contacts are away from home on holiday or at camp, making stories difficult to vet. However, one of the interesting things “out there” is that his own bishop turned in Ruark, the priest nicked out in CA for alleged nasty doings with kids. It’s NOT confirmed… but if true, it’s an interesting nugget. As Philip Saliba has the best intel net in all of American Orthodoxy, it might mean that he’s gotten wind of what’s coming down with Storheim, and he wanted to act before anything stuck to him (after all, Saliba’s political instincts are nonpareil). Yes, I’m well aware that Cappy and Mel at Pokrov had the goods on Ruark previously. Unfortunately, the bishops ignore them, and try to hide the doings of clerical pervs, just as their RC counterparts do. However, Joseph did move, move quickly, and (reputedly) maybe blew the whistle on his own priest. That’s news, in anyone’s book. Now, the question is, “What about Storheim?” That’s still up in the air… but the fact that the Crown offered a plea doesn’t speak well for the OCA.

Fathausen’s infatuation with the so-called ACNA (Anglican Church of North America) isn’t only in violation of the Mother Church’s break with Anglican groups, it’s also unwise because the ACNA is virulently opposed to Rowan Williams, and SVS just creams its jeans over Williams. In short, JP just opened up another wound that he needn’t have done. When one adds this in with Dickie Wood’s defiance of JP’s orders to go to Manton, it’s a pretty little kettle boiling away. That’s the last thing that JP needs… to have SVS join his opponents. In any case, the fight between Anglicans isn’t ours and it’d be best if we kept out of it entirely. In fact, it opens up the avenue that JP’s really an Episcopalian who never fully converted; a waffler who’s still contaminated with the Branch Theory (declared a heresy by the Church, the opinion on it was written by HH when he was still a Metropolitan). By the way, one of the odd practises at Manton is having a communal silent “Jesus Prayer” for 20 minutes at the beginning of Vigil. That skates rather close to the heresy of Imyaslavie, and they should stop it.

As for the OCA Diocese of the South, I received the following:

The Assembly scheduled for July in the Diocese of the South was cancelled… Bishop Nikon said Fr Gerasim wasn’t properly vetted and will be questioned by the Holy Synod of Bishops this fall.

There’s no other info out there on this except for the official handouts. Wonder what this means vis-à-vis Maymon and his status? Perspirin’ minds wanna know…

One of the things that won’t die is JP claiming that he worked for the MP Publications Department and that he was a novice at Valaam. Both are bald-faced lies. Firstly, I remember getting mailings from Platina in the early ‘90s begging for money for Russky Palomnik. There was no mention of it being tied in with the MP; it was a completely autogenetic project of Podmoshensky (GP). In any case, JP spent about a year in Russia. Where did he get the money to do so? He didn’t get any from GP… he was always broke. The MP didn’t have any money back then… they were pulling all sorts of scams to keep the Church alive (hey, that happens sometimes). JP was in his early thirties, and he just gallivanted off to Russia… most normal people are too busy with work to spare more than a few weeks, to be frank. As for Valaam, all my Russian contacts are unanimous… he wasn’t a novice there, he was a guest.

Peter Gillquist is dead. He never did amount to much, did he? Here’s an exchange between a friend and me (I’m in italics):

Peter Gillquist died. He of “bringing all the Protestant sectarians into the Antiochian Archdiocese” fame. I’m expecting much weeping, wailing, and gnashing of teeth from certain konvertsy circles. The tributes should be on the morbid side. Certain folks just can’t light a candle for someone, say a prayer, or ask for a Pannikhida to be served. They have to wallow in their grief. You know exactly what I’m talking about.

I met him… greasy self-important SOB. Nevertheless, you say a prayer and hope that they do well at the judgement.

I met him, too, and I agree with your assessment. He was like a used car salesman.

I got this on Storheim:

The Winnipeg Court dismissed the Bishop’s pretrial motion yesterday. Not sure what the motion was but probably to dismiss the charges for whatever reason. I’m trying to find out more.

That’s it on Seraphim… it means that it’s still chugging through the system.

Got this (and it’s all that I have) from an MP source on the Blunder. It would explain why he’s in HH’s doghouse:

In Dublin, he “concelebrated” with the Catholics at the Eucharistic Congress; it caused quite a scandal.

Interfax has mostly been dry… just the Pussy Riot trial dragging on interminably and the usual appointments and housekeeping. I won’t waste your time with that. Trust me, nothing major is up until September or October. Until then, keep an eye on your parish’s resources and don’t let anyone sweet-talk you into signing them over to JP or the bishop. JP’s out of ready cash, and I hear that he’s using Perich to raise it. Do have a care… otherwise, enjoy the summer… that’s why God gives it to us.

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Saturday 7 July 2012

Albany NY

Thursday, 20 October 2011

20 October 2011. SVSniki Start New Renovationist Gasbag Website

Bozhe Moi! I’ve seen it all! Now, there’s a new Renovationist website run by four of the most gaseous and ungrounded pseudo-intellectuals around. One is Alexis Vinogradov, who creamed his jeans over Rowan Williams coming to SVS. He actually said that it’d “excite” all the former Anglicans in the OCA (I shit you not). Another is Eric Wheeler, who’s part of the Ol’ Boys Network at the Chancery… along with Hunchak, Hopko fils, and Stokoe (one wonders why Stokoe didn’t pump this up on his website… Lyonyo probably didn’t let him). All four of ’em are condescending snots and insufferable know-alls. There’s Robert Arida, who never uses one word where ten will do… and an unknown putz, a M Stankovich. They’re all Struve clones… all poured out of the same ratty ol’ ADS crucible. Click here to see it. Do look at it! GOWAN! DO IT! They expect to be taken seriously. THEY DO. They truly think that they’re the latest thing, and that all of the rest of us are clueless boobs and REQUIRE to be taken by the hand and spoon-fed their superior guidance. BY THEIR FRUITS YE SHALL KNOW THEM.

By their “fruits”… what a choice of words! One of their profs was Pierre l’Huillier… who had “interesting” tastes. There was Dmitri Royster, who was part of an investigation into abusive “sexual tourism” in Mexico. Let’s not forget Bobby K… none of these paladins opened their mouths at the time. Wheeler got the boot from Bobby, probably to make way for a Friend of Bobby… that’s the only reason for his umbrage. I’ll bet that they’ll have “guest spots” from Anglicans pretending to be Orthodox like Reardon (who teaches at an Episkie seminary) and Haffield (who accepted a degree from his old Anglican alma mater). Now is a good time to bring something up. I’ve noticed that EVERY former Anglican amongst the Orthodox clergy still retains the heresy of the Branch Theory. What does that tell you about Fathausen? Not only are the former Anglicans “not of us”, these academic blowhards aren’t either. Note the title they give their website… WE ARE THEIR LEGACY. THIS is why these people and the former Episkies (who are their sworn and dyed-in-the-wool allies) are the enemies of all grounded and REAL Orthodox. We don’t need them… we don’t need ADS’ “legacy”… and we don’t need tired ol’ Silly Sixties solutions to contemporary problems. Pass me the jug… take a hit yourself… it’s NEVER boring, no siree.

Get your tickets for the A D Schmemann, now! It’s to the same design as the Hindenburg, dontcha know…

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Thursday 20 October 2011

Albany NY

Editor’s Postscript:

A friend just sent me this:

I just looked at that site and I’ll throw up in short order. Thanks a lot. Oh look! They know Greek, don’t you know? They use the Greek-English dictionary on Strong’s Concordance! What scholarship! Using Strong’s to “define” Greek words is the equivalent of doing paint-by-number iconography. Come to think of it, they probably do that too. Shameless posers…

I quite agree… don’t be fooled by imitations. Insist on WATL… after all, it’s Old Doctor Schmemann’s Snake Medicine… good for every ailment of man or beast (secret ingredient… grandpa’s old moonshine).


Monday, 19 July 2010

This is Meant Seriously… Truly!

Mr Sammons… this is the real world… not a kid’s TV show… I’d suggest that you shut up until you TALK to REAL Orthodox Christians like Fr Vsevolod Chaplin, Deacon Andrei Kuraev, and Professor Aleksei Osipov. Listen to Bishop Pitirim Volochkov of Syktyvkar and Vorkuta… “Thus, ecumenists preach in all human sincerity, but not the truth. The only ecumenism that we can practise is one that stresses the oneness of Orthodoxy, for good reason, without any sort of common prayer. Heathens and heretics must repent of their separateness (this includes all the denominations), as the Holy Fathers of the Church taught us”.


Firstly, read this:


Let’s start out by saying that this person isn’t Orthodox… they’re not only of the papist confession, their writings show them up to be a typical American suburbanite… that is, an airhead and superficial believer in “niceness”. Note how he gushes over JP. “He never avoids a question and can be quite blunt in his answers”. What obvious stuff n’ nonsense. JP avoids questions all the time… and he lies like a rug. What about your relationship with the sodomite Podmoshensky after his well-known defrocking, JP? What about your defence of Raymond Valencia, Bobby K, the Iggster, and Eric Tosi, JP? “The records simply don’t exist”… a lawyer friend said, “That statement is a lie. Nonprofits are required to keep accurate records and any court can subpoena them at any time. At the least, they’d lose their nonprofit status if they failed or refused to produce them”. Mr Sammons is a dweeb… he doesn’t know about the “West Village Cowboy” or the “French Connection” (and JP didn’t tell him!)… we can’t point fingers at the RCs about perversity in clerical circles… I fear that we are guilty too (that is what makes Rod Dreher’s sanctimonious drivel so offensive… Mr Dreher KNOWS about the cases I mentioned… and he slammed the RCs anyway… that’s LOW and beneath contempt).

Mr Sammons also quoted John Behr… “Perhaps, we Orthodox haven’t called an ecumenical council in over 1200 years not because we don’t have an emperor to call it, but because we don’t have a pope who won’t be there”. This proves, even to the slow learners, that John Behr’s a heretic, and that SVS is a heretical institution. They invited Rowan Williams to speak… and Behr allows Williams to write prefaces to books meant for the common faithful. Bob Taft bleated away… but that’s of no interest… everyone knows that he’s an empty Uniate poseur. Do note who defends him in Orthodox circles… shame on both of you, Vassa Larina and Andrei Psaryov! I hope that the Vladyki Hilarion takes you out to the woodshed… and soon! Don’t forget that SVS ADORES him.

“I was actually one of the few Roman Catholics there, so it was great to speak to many Eastern Catholics (sic) and Orthodox about their perspectives on East-West relations”. Mr Sammons has his head stuck in a particular orifice… and there’s no use arguing with him. No doubt, he would be shocked to find out that most Orthodox HATE the Unia… and that the reason we do so is that we see that the Uniates are the WILLING running dog lackeys of the Vatican, and that the Uniates are violent and underhanded in their attacks on the Church, as the events that unfolded in Galicia after ‘91 proved. Fr Mikhail Shuvar’s beating by Uniate thugs proves that Mr Sammons is chock fulla beans, and Fr Dmitri Sidor’s persecution by the Galician Uniates (through the CIA-trained SBU) proves that Mr Sammons is utterly ignorant and without any cred whatsoever.

I give a sincere and big THANK YOU to my correspondent who sent this link. I don’t have the time to chase down such things… I’m usually busy enough translating articles and chasing images for them. This is nauseating and disgusting… it turns one’s stomach, doesn’t it? Reflect on the fact that none of this pabulum was ironic… it was serious. If this is what passes for thought in certain circles… do pass me the jug, I’m need of a good one… Richard! Get out the church key and open up another bottle! I think that we both need a stiff slug after such rot, no? By the way… I confide that I know that most RCs are not as fatuous and vacuous as Mr Sammon is… it takes all kinds, I know that, Lord… but this stupid? PUH-LEEZE!!!

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Monday 19 July 2010

Albany NY

Editor’s Postscript:

One of my friends sent me the following:

They seem to be on an offensive recently and shouldn’t be dismissed lightly. There’s a fair amount of the ostentatiously Orthodox who speak in non-Orthodox venues, this fools people. Invariably, the conclusion is, “look, X and Y, who are Orthodox, support our views”. However, the views of the ecumenist fanatics don’t represent the real voice of Orthodoxy.

I quite agree. Unfortunately, the only voices that many heterodox hear are squiffy sorts such as Larina and Psaryov, or out-and-out raving heretics such as Behr, Hatfield, and JP. REAL Russian Orthodox are getting PO’d with such sorts… do bear in mind that Russian Orthodox people are an uncomplaining lot, but, then, we explode when “enough is too much already”. Don’t be fooled by the quiet… we are living in “October 1916″… and “23 February” is not far off…


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