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Sunday, 20 September 2015

20 September 2015. A Modest Proposal from Peter Lavelle of RT

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Here’s the suggestion:

I’m working on the following idea while the weather in this part of the world is nice… why not record a CrossTalk episode in Crimea? This would really piss off the US State Department, the American embassy in Moscow, and Washington’s bitch in the Ukraine Poroshenko. What do you think?

Peter Lavelle

I say…

Go for it and make damn sure that Yelena Khanga is part of the festivities. Oh, yes, Peter… have you learnt to grill shashliki the Russian way? You could do the show on the beach whilst grilling up a feast… Graham Phillips could keep the fire going as the show went on. Do have plenty of cold pivo and hot crawdads on hand…


Monday, 22 June 2015

Interesting Lacunae in RT Reporting…

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Firstly, read this. Interesting, no? Well, it doesn’t mention earlier rallies of Ukrainian higher officers and units. Now, read this. Note well that the RT article doesn’t mention Admiral Berezovsky at all! I’d say that the commander of the “Ukrainian” Navy rallying to Russia wasn’t small beer! Now, read this… ask yourself, “What happened to all the troops that rallied to Russia and refused repatriation to the Ukraine and what happened to all the matériel stockpiled there?” Here’s something from Krasnaya Zvezda, the Russian military journal. This is for internal consumption… it isn’t propaganda. Note well that the RT report said nothing of this battalion coming over almost completely en bloc to Russia!

This present RT report smells like bullshit to me. No… not false… simply not giving the whole story. WHY? I’d say that one reason is that RT is trying to reinforce the “stupid factor” amongst the Anglos. That is… they’re trying to pretend that their attention spans are as short as those of the Anglo political class (which is about the same as a sex-crazed gnat in heat during the height of the mating season). People like McCain, Biden, Nuland, Clinton, Rubio, and Cruz are grasping idiots… their actions show that. RT is playing up to their stupidity and ignorance. It doesn’t matter if any of us tell the truth… these arrogant bastards are so hubristical that they only attend to voices that tell them what they want to hear. Besides that, Biden and Clinton have pre-existing (and rancidly deep) Russophobia… they showed that in 1999 when they contemptuously spat on the late Patriarch Aleksei Ridiger when he asked the Americans not to bomb Belgrade on Orthodox Easter.

McCain’s recent statement that the USA could supply all of Europe and the Ukraine with natural gas in two years was vacuity on parade. Firstly, American natural gas production has topped off… secondly, many jurisdictions are banning fracking… thirdly, the drop in oil prices means that the energy multinationals have much less to invest in exploration, exploitation, and infrastructure. The only way to ship natural gas from the USA to Europe is via LNG tanker… there are only so many such vessels and none of the present tonnage is available for such traffic as they already have full employment shipping LNG. Remember, the drop in oil prices means that energy conglomerates will have difficulty properly maintaining their present fleets, let alone adding to them. That’s to say, the infrastructure doesn’t exist… there’s no funds to develop it until oil prices recover. In short, McCain’s boast is GIGO.

Lastly, read this… it’s a howler! WOW! 40,000 troops… that’s 3 division-equivalents, which works out to 9 brigade-equivalents, which comes out to 27 line battalions. The peacetime Russian Army has 41 brigades and 2 divisions… not counting the stockpiled equipment for reserve formations (which mostly don’t exist in Western armies). NATO is going to deter 47 Russian brigades with 9 NATO brigades!  In fact, it’s less than that, for it includes an inordinate amount of special ops bubbas. These troops can raid and reconnoitre, but they can’t hold ground. They simply lack the heavy equipment and manpower. What’s more, this notional force comes from all the NATO members… with varying TO&Es… varying equipment… varying operational doctrine… varying logistics and provisions pipelines. In short, it’s a clusterfuck waiting to happen. The largest single national contingent would be the two manoeuvre brigades of US Army Europe (6 of the 27 battalions of this notional force). The USA has no more troops in Europe at present and has plans to have stockpiles for only two more brigades as reinforcements (I discussed the difficulties of such a movement here).

This is a non-starter from the git-go… and VVP knows it. That’s why he’s emulating Br’er Fox and lying low. I wonder why RT (and most other Russian English-language media) isn’t giving the full story that one gets in the Russian-language media. It’s almost like the English-language and Russian-language productions come from two different teams with two different POVs and goals. Be careful… the Western reportage is outright lies… the Russian reporting is good in Russian… inconsistent in English. The media organisations do know what’s going on, as the Russian coverage invariably has excellent reportage and op-eds. The English sometimes echoes Western bullshit, sometimes it tells the truth… I truly feel bad for those with no facility in Russian. The news in English is nasty from the West, wobbly from Russia (I don’t think that expats are the reason… all-too-many Russian English-speakers are pro-Western neoliberals). Stay tuned… it bids fair to be interesting…


Monday, 11 May 2015

“Our Little General”: Touching Video of Troops Saluting Little Kid at V-Day Rehearsal (VIDEO)

00 moscow kid. victory day. 11.05.15



This little Russian lad had a moment of real pride as troops he saluted on V-Day actually saluted him back, greeting him like a true general. The video of the scene, recorded by boy’s aunt, went viral, melting the hearts of thousands on the internet. On 7 May, troop elements were marching in the heart of Moscow, making their last rehearsal before the massive Victory Day parade on Red Square. Amongst the crowds on the pavement, Ilya Kazansky, a 4½-year-old boy, came to see the soldiers. Right then, he might have imagined himself a general… the boy started smartly saluting the troops… they saluted back! Proud Ilya stood still until the last soldier passed by. The boy’s aunt, Yelena Tsukanova, recorded the touching scene and shared it on Facebook, where it soon went viral. She posted, “They saluted our favourite little general. People even filmed this scene”. Facebook user Derek Roman wrote, “I like that every one that saw him, just had a huge smile on their faces!” another user, VljevMarko ReezboSlav, commented, “Mega like! I’m still smiling!”

11 May 2015



Friday, 23 May 2014

Junta “National Guard” Fires on Junta Forces For Refusing To Fire On Civilians… Kills 16 Army Troops, Wounds 30

00 donetsk 01. 17.04.14

“Down with the Junta!”


On Thursday night, an attack on a military position in Blagodatnoe, near Volnovakha killed 16 Ukrainian soldiers and injured 30 more. This was the deadliest assault on junta forces since the putschists launched a repression in the former southeastern Ukraine. This incident came just a few days short of the upcoming presidential “election”. Eyewitnesses told Pervy Kanal TV that the attackers arrived in transit vans, with armoured vehicles and combat helicopters providing cover for them. The gunmen set fire to the military’s armoured vehicles and began shooting at the rookie soldiers, whose encampment was near the position.  The pro-junta Donetsk Oblast Administration {which controls precious little of the Donetsk People’s Republic (DNR): editor} said that 16 soldiers died and 32 received injuries in the attack.

The DNR Opolchenie told LifeNews that the attack on the junta position was a reprisal raid by radicals, i.e. the Right Sector, “Blagodatnoe locals came out to defend their homes. The soldiers received orders to crush the resistance, but they refused to shoot at people, and were, eventually, punished for that”. Witnesses told Pervy Kanal that the transit vans used by the attackers for transportation belonged to Privat-Bank, owned by oligarch Igor Kolomoisky. Kolomoisky bankrolled the Ukrainian coup in February, and largely contributed to creating the so-called “National Guard” (sic), which helped legitimise the far-right terrorists among the Euromaidan protestors. In addition, people blame Kolomoisky for masterminding the Odessa tragedy on 2 May when 48 patriots died after radicals set fire to the local Dom Profsoyuzov. The Minoborony Ukrainy confirmed that there was a battle at Blagodatnoe, but spoke only of eight casualties among its troops.


Note well that the junta is sending raw conscripts to the front. Where are the regular contract personnel? Have they all taken “French leave”… no one can tell… the junta’s clamped an “iron curtain” around itself, no doubt, on American orders. If this shit continues, it won’t take long for the army to melt away, as the Georgian forces did in ’08 (so many deserted that it was impossible to try them).


22 May 2014



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