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Tuesday, 13 May 2014

BREAKING NEWS. 13 May 2014. Is Rue Daru Going to Canonise Sophrony Sakharov?

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I’ve received word that Rue Daru may be “canonising” Sophrony Sakharov very soon. It looks like a political act of self-justification, a defiant reiteration of the EP’s crank claims to jurisdiction in Europe, a slap in the face to the Russians. If so, the MP won’t take long in replying… by the way, it means that the OCA gets a reprieve. However, it’ll come with a price. The SVS nutters will have to take a care. The Centre will be watching them all the more and will expect them to toe the Moscow line in return for “recognition” of their “autocephaly”.

Stay tuned… this pot is still boiling away merrily. Watch SVS… they’re the ones most under the gun here.


Update 19.25 EDT 13 May 2014:

Got this from one of the Cabinet:

SVS will slobber over this. Fr Zacharias is always over there from Tolleshunt Knights {that’s in Essex: editor} lecturing the SVS crowd. They even call that idiot “Elder Zacharias!”

If so, SVS will have to watch out in a milieu of tension between Peredelkino and the Phanar. So far, it’s managed to spout Phanariot modernism whilst being within a group that’s an effectual dependency of the Centre. HH WILL demand UNITY… and SVS will have to comply or else. Interesting times are ahead…


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Monday, 5 November 2012

5 November 2012. A Whisper about Ted Heckman… and the Grapevine Speaks on the Paris Drobots


I got this in:

Word now is that Fr Ted Heckiman, who’s now rector of St Mark Church in Wrightstown PA, will be forced to retire in order not to be an obstacle to Lyonyo’s attempt to force the election of Tikhon Mollard’s as Metropolitan. Bloggers, including the Monomuckos brats, are complaining about his failure to discipline him for past alleged sexual misconduct.

In other words, Tikhon’s the Syosset candidate… a good reason to vote against him. This plot has Vinnie Peterson’s fingerprints all over it, and we all know how compromised he is. I think that the SOBs are going to vote Tikhon in regardless of how the popular vote goes. Nonetheless, it’s important to deny Syosset that figleaf. A vote for Mel is a vote for honesty. A vote for Tikhon is a vote for secrecy and skulduggery.

I heard the following from an informed voice on the grapevine who knows the Drobot clan (one of the litigants in the Rue Daru lawsuit is a Drobot):

The Paris Drobots were/are officially Rue Daru, but they plough their own furrow, never prayed for the Ecumenical Patriarch. They live like Old Ritualists (9 children, only spoke Russian). The one involved in the Paris lawsuit is a nephew.

I know from personal observation that Wsewolod Drobot said nothing at all for two weeks after the August events in the Soviet Union. Then, he switched to a vehement, “The communists are still in charge” (and an uncompromising support of Vitaly‘s illicit parishes in the former USSR), and kept that tune going until 2000. He pretended to be the pastor of the Albany parish, yet lived in Jordanville near the monastery. That’s the sort of First Family shit that’s got to end. You don’t pastor a parish from a remove of over 100 kilometres. God Himself couldn’t do it… it looks like the Paris portion of the clan is as crank as the American portion.

We’ve got a hell of a mess to clean up, but we can’t start to really do anything about it until we admit that we’re in the deep kimchi… but shall we? The first thing that we have to do is to shitcan compromised bishops such as Vinnie Peterson, Matthias Moriak, and Fathausen… they all disgraced the episcopate… the only thing to do is to demote ’em down to regular priests. If we did that, it’d signal to God, to the rest of the Church, and to the believers here in the USA and Canada, that we’re serious about putting things right. If we don’t do it… need I continue?


Update per Grapevine 6.11.12:

Ted Heckman IS retired and Tikhon told the parish personally on 24 October (per several different grapes). What does Heckman know that they don’t want out? Hey, I don’t know everything, and I appreciate shouts from the truly informed… on the other hand, First Family and hyperclericalist voices can suck wind.


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