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Thursday, 27 February 2014

First Secretary of Lugansk KPU Obkom Spiridon Kilinkarov: Even in the Western Ukraine Not a Single KPUnik Defected

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Spiridon Kilinkarov, the First Secretary of the Lugansk Oblast KPU Obkom and Rada People’s Deputy, stated that not a single KPUnik defected to the rebels during the present political crisis in the Ukraine, even in the western part of the country. He told us that the KPU is the only political faction without “two-faced” members, and that the threat to ban the KPU backfired, saying, “From the start, people who joined the Party were aware of the act’s significance. Today, in contrast, KPU membership gains in status. In the Lugansk Obkom, we see more people coming to join the Party”. Kilinkarov stated that, over the past few days, there’s a general mood of rising condemnation of the Timoshenko junta amongst KPUniki in the oblast.

27 February 2014


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Editor’s Note:

Sources in Russia tell me that KPU and Regions people’s deputies left with Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovich to deprive the Rada of a quorum, to take away its power of action. However, the pro-Western pigs set up a “Rump Parliament“, which means that of its actions are null and void. The USA claims that its supporting democracy, when, in very truth, its supporting the opposite. Like Cromwell‘s body of 1648, Timoshenko’s Phony Rada is bloodthirsty and evil. Support the right… support the legitimate government. Viktor Fyodorovich wasn’t so stupid in the end, was he? He intended to smoke out the oppo rebels, and he did. He’s got more brains than he’s given credit for… after all, VFY DID defeat Timoshenko in a democratic election, didn’t he?


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