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Saturday, 25 April 2015

25 April 2015. Follow the Asses!

00 follow the asses. 25.04.15


The Republican Party is full of anti-patriotic asshats who want to rob the country blind. They refuse to serve their country in the forces, yet they scream for war incessantly. The next time that you hear Rush Limbaugh rant, the next time that you read Rod Dreher’s “conservative” drivel, or watch Bill O’Reilly broadcast more bullshit, reflect on the fact that all three were yellow cowards who refused to serve in the forces… they’re not alone by the way. Ya wonder where the yellow went? They all became Republicans and send other people to suffer and die for their profit.

None dare call it evil…



Sunday, 15 February 2015

15 February 2015. Why I Oppose Potapov, Dreher, Freddie M-G, and Mattingly So Bitterly

01 woman reading newspaper



Americans are no longer informed. One reason is that the FCC, under Republican pressure, scrapped the Fairness Doctrine. That is, if you stated something on the telly or over the radio, your adversary had the right to refute you IN THE SAME VENUE. There was no place for Rush Limboob… for Ann Coulter… for Bill O’Reilly… for Sarah Palin. The Republican Party didn’t nominate draft dodgers (Willy Romney) for President and the Democratic Party didn’t adulate crass semi-Republican greedsters like the Clintons. Shooting wars were rare, and never lasted a decade (WWII was a little under four years (for the USA), Korea lasted three years, and Vietnam (American troops) went on for seven). From 1941 to 1991, the USA was at war for 14 years, and at peace for 36. American cosmonauts went into space on American rockets… need I continue?

We’ve fallen and we REFUSE to get up! Greed is more important than anything else. The Republican Party is a whore for the oligarchs… the Democratic Party is a pimp for them… what’s worse? That’s why so many New Yorkers voted for Howie Hawkins for Governor the last time around. The press is no longer like Ernie Pyle, David Brinkley, or even William F Buckley (who held scumbag views, but had STYLE). They regurgitate whatever’s put in front of them, for they’re all afraid of losing their jobs. Look at the present coverage of the ISIS affair… the hate for Muslims just oozes out of it all. Look at the coverage of the Greek election… the Greeks are serious about renegotiating the debt, but the Western media treats them like spoilt children (although most of the debt came from arms purchases in France and Germany demanded by NATO, by the way). Look at the coverage of the hate crime in North Carolina… Richard Dawkins had nothing to do with it (he’s an asshat, but he had nothing to do with this crime)… the linking of secularism (AKA “atheism”) with the crime is nothing short of slander (ALL of the secular people that I know condemn this crime and those like it).

America’s a ravening beast that believes that it’s the Benefactor of the World. Recently, there was a declaration against Nazism at the UN… only three nations opposed it… the USA, Canada, and the Ukraine. The USA has been continually at war since 2001… fourteen years. In fact, the USA has run amuck since the suicide of the USSR in 1991 (the USA had nothing to do with it… Gorby did it; that’s no joke). This unfunded warfare (for the Bushies refused to raise the taxes to fund it) knackered the American economy and directly led to the 2008 meltdown (which was BEFORE Obama’s watch). It’s why the USA cut space exploration… it’s why the USA cut spending on the arts… it’s why the USA cut spending on education… it’s why the Republicans want to cut social spending entirely… the money’s gone for wars in far foreign parts, but it’s unsustainable… its “imperial overreach”. The USA HAS to pull back… or it faces disaster. It won’t… rancid Know Nothings like Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, Ted Cruz, and Marco Rubio won’t allow it. America can’t win… all that it can do is waste money and human lives… but Clinton, Biden, Cruz, and Rubio (and their ilk) don’t give a ruby-red goddamn. The wasted money is corruption that goes into their gaping maws, and the lives… “only the little people die in war… it’ll make such a wonderful Senate hearing to advance my career”.

That’s why I oppose Victor Potapov, Rod Dreher, Alexander Webster, Terrence Mattingly, Frederica Mathewes-Green, S L Kishkovskaya, and S A Schmemann, and I hate all that they stand for. They’ve CHOSEN to be part of the disinformation machine; they’ve chosen to lie in the service of the Neoliberal Moloch. All decent Orthodox people should oppose them and all that they write and create. After all, they purport to represent us… for the record, I only represent myself, an individual Orthodox Christian… I speak for no one else. However (as Chukcha the Wise would have it)… I’m not alone… the people named should reflect on that…


Wednesday, 29 October 2014

29 October 2014. Christian Iraq is No More… Do You Want to Vote for the Republicans Who Brought That On?

00 christ or rush. 29.10.14


The ancient Christian communities of Iraq are no more… that’s the direct result of Bush’s and Cheney’s warmongering in 2003. Today, the GOP rattles its rusty sabre yet again… if its earlier aggression led directly to the present predicament of Iraqi Christians, one shudders to think what the results of their latest warmongering would be. If you’re an Orthodox Christian and you vote for Republicans, you thrust a knife full-force into the backs of your co-religionists in the Middle East and in the Ukraine. There’s no other way of putting it. You spit on the Lord Christ through the blasphemous Republican assault on the Orthodox peoples of the Middle East and the Ukraine. Why? Why are you helping those who hate our Faith, who hate our People, and who hate our Civilisation? They want to rape our ancestral homelands in the Middle East and Eastern Europe for the sake of Filthy Lucre. They want to replace our ancient Belief and Worldview with their Me First-Winner Take All cacodoxy.

You DO have a choice… Christ or Rush Limbaugh… the GOP or the Holy Church… Almighty God or the Almighty Dollar. Do choose carefully… the fate of your immortal soul IS at stake.


Tuesday, 28 October 2014

28 October 2014. THIS is the “Weak Russia” that the Anglo Americans and their Uniate “Amen Corner” Rant About… I Think NOT!

00 Park Pobedy. Poklonnaya Gora. Moscow. 28.10.14


This is Park Pobedy (Victory Park) on Poklonnaya Gora (Reverence Hill) commemorating the Great Victory over Fascist Germany in the VOV. It sure doesn’t look cheap or second-rate to me! I guess that the Anglo Americans (and their Uniate and lickspittle Russian Orthodox amen corners) aren’t looking at the same country that I am! By the way, they set up the Ramadan Tent at the Park every year… HH and V A Chaplin (amongst a host of others) were honoured guests there of the Russian Muslim people. Our leaders do NOT espouse hate of Islam and Muslims the way the neocons do. NO SIR! We even stand behind the Iranians (Mom! Get the smelling salts… Whiteford and Dreher just fainted).

As you can see from this image, Russia isn’t a minor country. Why would you trust the likes of Rush Limbaugh, Jen Psaki, Bill O’Reilly, and Marie Harf anyway? What DO they know about the Rodina? Less than you do, dear reader! Keep it focused and keep it strong. We spring from a mighty and ancient civilisation… one that had been Christian for 788 years BEFORE the American Declaration of Independence. Fancy that…

America is “a City on a Hill?”. I think NOT…


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