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Wednesday, 22 June 2016

22 June 2016. What are the Differences Between Rusins and Ukrainians?

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I saw this on FB:

When I was growing up in the 1960s I asked my Aunts what was the difference between Russians and Ukrainians. Of course, my Aunts had only our local (but ubiquitous) Ukrainian Nationalists in mind when they emphatically stated, “We don’t hate other people. We’re Christians and we love them. Ukrainians (they meant the Nationalists) only like themselves and hate others, especially, Blacks, Jews, and Russians”. I’ve grown up… I understand that, now…

I need add nothing…



Monday, 2 November 2015

2 November 2015. A Picture IS Worth a Thousand Words… Rusins are NOT Ukrainians… Not Then, Not Now, Not Ever

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Carpatho-Russians (or Rusins) are NOT “Ukrainians”. In any case, “Ukrainian” is a made-up artifical construct dreamt up by the likes of Grushevsky, Bandera, and Melnik. Rusins, on the other hand are a real people (as are Galicians, Little Russians, Tatars, and Great Russians). Keep it straight…


Monday, 27 July 2015

Magyars Ready to Protect Their Own in Podkarpatskaya Krai

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The American project in the former USSR and in Mitteleuropa is falling apart before our eyes. If the Magyars intervene to protect their own, that would entail a break with the USA. Now, it’s becoming clear why VVP told the Greeks to give in to the EU for now. All the loud extremist leftists on the web are chock fulla shit! VVP told the Greeks to give in to give the EU and the USA a false sense of security. To put it bluntly, both Romania and Hungary have minorities in the Far Western reaches of Banderstan. Both would intervene, for even American-bought pols don’t want to end up like Ceaușescu. If Romania and Hungary intervened, that’d break up NATO, and, quite possibly, the EU. I believe that VVP is angling to detach the Balkans from the American orbit, including Greece. He’s also trying to entice Hungary into a Russian alliance. The Americans are being their brutal, ignorant, and blustering selves… which is only driving the Magyars into Moscow’s orbit.

I’ll not be coy… Moscow is offering Hungary Podkarpatskaya… it’s offering Romania Bukovina. Rumour has it that Moscow has offered Warsaw all the territory in the Western Ukraine that was Habsburg in 1914. This scares the USA shitless, for the nationalist government in Budapest is receptive to such a move. Romania has a more pro-American junta in place, but even they can’t go against the people’s will, nor would they stand idly by as Galician Uniate nationalists brutalise the Romanian minority in Bukovina.

Yes, the Galician Uniate fascist nationalists are on the rampage… however, show prudence. Just because someone goes to a “Ukrainian Orthodox” or “Ukrainian Catholic” church doesn’t mean that they support this evil. Yes, the hierarchies of these churches bless such evil… yes, the leading elements of these churches support this evil… however, that doesn’t mean that a particular individual supports that evil. I’d say to keep your contacts with self-identified “Ukrainians” to a minimum… that way you’d not hurt the innocent nor provoke the guilty. That’s what my 61 years tell me, any road.


Saturday, 11 July 2015

11 July 205. A Blast from the Past… “Podkarpatská Rus” from the 1930s

00 I am Rusin! 24.05.14

For all my Rusin friends out there…



This reminds all of us Old School “Hunkies”, “Russkies”, “Polacks”, and “Ukies” of the ethnic radio shows that were on every Sunday. This is what you heard after you got home from Church… hey, there’s more than one closet Happy Louie fan out there (c’mon, admit it… gowan… you’re amongst friends)…


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