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Friday, 27 March 2015

Elder Gregory of Docheiariou: “Every Ukrainian Must Understand that if He Wants Blessings on His Country, Then, You Must Kick Out the Americans”

17-Alfons Maria Mucha. Mount Athos, The Holy Mountain. The Orthodox Vatican (from the Slavonic Epic, nr 17). 1926

Mount Athos, The Holy Mountain: The Orthodox Vatican

from the Slavonic Epic, nr 17

Alfons Maria Mucha



Every Ukrainian must understand that if he wants blessings on his country, then, you must kick out the Americans. Let Ukrainians rely on their brothers in the faith and in blood, the Russians. If you allow American interference in Ukrainian affairs, then, your country will never recover. There’s no need to kill your neighbour… how is this possible, brother killing brother? Today, we watch these developments with great pain. Docheiariou Monastery sends up many prayers to succour the Ukrainian people, to whom we, as a monastery, owe much gratitude.

21 March 2015

Igumen Gregory Zumis

Docheiariou Monastery

Agion Oros


Tuesday, 24 March 2015

NATO Marches Towards Russia, but They Have No Idea What Awaits Them

00 thank god wer're russians. 24.03.15


America is fully aware that the way to draw Russia into a conflict is to push forward towards Russia’s borders. In time, that’d force Russia to defend its right to exist, and if that happened, the Western powers wouldn’t know what hit them. American politicians in particular and European politicians in general are some of the most ignorant fools when the issue comes to anything outside their own borders. When it comes to Russia, it’s an enigma wrapped in a mystery… but only because, dear readers, no one ever bothered to try to understand Russians and the Russian worldview.

One important historical fact about Russia is that Russia is a unique civilisational bloc built upon defence, not offence. Historically, what this means is that Russia doesn’t start wars, or a series of wars (although it may strike first in a confrontation punctuated by a series of wars). In Russian history, Russian leaders since Russia’s baptism to Orthodoxy tried hard to avoid war with our neighbours, although just about every time this failed. In parallel, as much as we don’t like war, and Orthodoxy considers killing in combat a sin (we don’t have the Just War heresy), we’re very, very ,good at killing and destroying. A paradox, but its reality. This was so profound that in the summer of 1914, Tsar Nikolai II Aleksandrovich, when war was imminent, even halted mobilisation to try to defuse the situation one more time and talk the Austrians and Germans out of what would become the great tragedy of the early 20th century. The problems with modern, and in truth historical, Western politicos is that these guys are absolute fools with no understanding of the Russian psyche and are sure to cause World War 3, be it intentional or accidental. They’re projecting their psyche onto Russians. What this means is that they project their typical negative reinforcement mentality. Europe and the USA are societies built on constant aggression towards neighbours. They stave off aggression by building up a credible large counterforce of allies and blocs, which causes fear of defeat and de-escalation… your typical European balance of power approach.

Russia is a defensive empire, that is, Russians didn’t start most wars or series of wars, but enemies attacking or massing on Russia’s borders did so. After 800 years of almost nonstop aggression by Europeans, Russia doesn’t tolerate any enemy massing on her borders in what appears as a preparation for invasion or for foreigners creating large-scale basing areas, like an American US neocon-dominated Ukraine. Besides this, one notes the Russian policy of not abandoning Russians (ethnic or cultural) and allies, as opposed to Anglo society, where backstabbing allies when an opportunity to profit exists is a prized skill. As such, this is a spiral approach. Any escalation by foreigners would lead to a direct escalation by Russia and not de-escalation. Balance of power doesn’t work when Russia feels her survival threatened. Enough of an enemy escalation in the hope of forcing Russia to back off would generate the exact opposite effect in generating a first strike and total war, if Russia felt her life and existence threatened by an enemy.

Nothing can put Russian society into a siege mentality, to force the individual chaotic Russian nature to crystallise into one direction, like an effort to destroy a threat, to destroy any state that generates it. Russia’s army may be only 1 million, but the ready reserve is over 20 million with a follow capability of total mobilisation of over 40 more million, and maybe more if one starts counting female combatants and one should. Last time, children, old people, and women ran the factories. Now, with massive automation, even more of society is free to fight. Since Russian civilisation isn’t just land, but also a cultural ideology/philosophy, it generates absolute fanatical loyalty. This is a loyalty to a culture that allows the temporary surrender of land for time in the understanding that this would then be used, combined with nonstop partisan warfare, to grind down the invader and decimate him deep in the Russian interior, before marching on his cities and burning them to the ground in revenge.

Europe needs to find some German or Romanian veterans and ask them how much fun they had. Mamayev Kurgan, the highest hill in Volgograd (Stalingrad), a 1.5 square-kilometre area, had 35,000 identifiable bodies on it, half of them German, after 4 months of fighting. That’s more than both sides lost on the beaches of Normandy. In World War 2, on average, the Germans lost one soldier killed every 30 seconds, and 3-4 times as many wounded. The present NATO armies would be gone in 3-4 months. That’d amount to almost a million and a half dead and wounded. NATO would collapse. Greeks would refuse to fight. Serbs would be a war in the middle of all this. Cypriots would refuse to fight. Turkey would likely also refuse to die in a war they could only lose from. Bulgaria would probably revolt. Romania and Italy and Spain and Portugal wouldn’t long suffer heavy casualties before they overthrew their unpopular governments, and France would be more than likely to do so also. The USA couldn’t fully concentrate their army, as they’d have to release their grip on other sectors, which, in turn, would be blowing up. As for a second front, that is, if America was to invade the Russian Far East, well, outside of grabbing Sakhalin and Vladivostok and Khabarovsk, all of which would cost hundreds of thousands of corpses, an American invasion force would face a march of 3,000 kilometres (about 1,800 miles) to the nearest major oil fields and have to cover a land area larger than the continental USA, in wilderness terrain, with Russian partisans and the very cold Siberian winter (8 months long) filling the corpse lists daily. In other words, outside of a temporary land grab, nothing to fear. In addition, if things got bad, China would step in, knowing that they’re next on the hit list, and thus Siberia would be safe from American forces.

The reality, Americans, Germans, and foolish Poles, is that Russia will fight and its 152 million people will fight to the end, not because Putin is in power, or because we fear the enemy, but because our love of Russia, the very idea of Russia, will drive fanatical and well-trained resistance, armed with advanced weaponry. Russians will fight regardless of who’s in power, because we aren’t fighting for a leader, but for Christ and for Russia, the land He gave us as the Third Rome. What exactly would you fight for?

23 March 2015

Stanislav Mishin

Mat Rodina


Saturday, 14 March 2015

14 March 2015. Some Cabinet Vox Pop… “Lent Brings out the Crazies”

00f Easter 2012. Okolitsa BYELORUSSIA


I’ll most definitely take one of the local Russians, without much church “experience”, over the idiot “evangelicals” who walk in the door. The Russians seem to be genuinely seeking, often brought by a friend or someone recommended they visit my parish. They have the Orthodox “basics”… how one crosses oneself, lighting a candle, etc. Their questions involve such things as where one buys the candles, when the priest hears confessions, etc. The “evangelicals” love nothing more than to get into a debate (AKA argue) with the priest or other parishioners after the service. Come Easter, the Russians will be in church. They might not know how to bake kulich, but they most certainly know where to buy one! The “evangelicals” seem to sneer at the Orthodox practise of Easter baskets. Then again, fasting is a foreign discipline to them. Speaking of fasting, whatever happened to keeping your eyes on your own plate? New converts seem to consider it a major sin if you break the fast somehow. You eat what’s on your plate if you’re a guest at someone’s home. They don’t get that fasting is a personal discipline, between you and God. The Orthodox don’t have “laws” that tell you it’s a sin if you break the fast (unlike the Catholics, who consider meat on Friday a sin, or they used to, anyway).  As far as I’m concerned, if you can’t fast strictly because of health or other issues, that’s between you and God. It’s really no business of the priest, as most people try to do something. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve found that while I can go without meat, that isn’t an issue, my body doesn’t like beans. Therefore, I eat some cheese, eggs. Fish is a no-brainer. Of course, I eat it. A cheese pizza on Friday isn’t the end of the world, nor is some cheese on your pasta or on your tuna sandwich. Of course, people with children usually aren’t fasting strictly anyway. It’s not good for the children.



The Lent is for man, not man for the Lent… remember what Lent is for, anyway. It’s so that we can meet the Resurrection of Our Lord Christ at Holy Easter in a proper frame of mind. Once one understands that, everything falls into place.


Friday, 13 March 2015

13 March 2015. A Point to Ponder… It’s ALL Ours or NONE of It’s Ours!

00 Debaltsevo. DNR. Novorossiya. VSN with Lenin. 13.03.15


This is why I oppose rightwing kooks like Potapov and Paffhausen so bitterly. They want to stuff large portions of our history (both secular and ecclesiastical) “down the memory hole” to suit their “conservative” fancies and delusions. Nations, like people, are what they are… if you try to ignore or bury facts, the only thing that you will end doing is to pervert the truth. To attack Stalin on the ROCOR official website, as Potapov did, is to endorse Nazism… but he comes from a milieu that DID endorse Nazism (the KONR filth kissed the asses of the Nazis AND the CIA AND the Republican Party… a trifecta of evil, if ever there was such). He thinks that the Moonie loonies at the Washington Times are fit company… HH, I do daresay, would think otherwise (especially in the case of one of its editors, Wesley Pruden, the son of a violent racist White Citizens Council member). Paffhausen, as everyone knows, snubbed a bishop of the persecuted UPTs/MP so that he could suck up to the First Profit of the Mormons at a Far Right Washington soirée (betcha that Potapov got Paffso the invite… he’s tied in all with the filthiest extremist Right nutters in the District).

You have a choice. You can slink around with Potapov and Paffhausen, and spit on our full Russian heritage and legacy, or, you can stand up with the brave people of Novorossiya, who HONOUR the full and complete legacy of our people. Ponder this… those who’d tear down Lenin’s statues are all pro-Western running dogs and lickspittles… if you want our heritage, you must accept V I Lenin as one of the towering figures of our history, or you’re a liar. That’s what I believe… I’m not alone…

Thank you, Grandpa, for the victory… thank you for defeating traitors like Vlasov and Krasnov… let’s not spit on our forebears’ sacrifice…


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