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Tuesday, 19 May 2015

19 May 2015. It’s 19 May… Pioneer Day! They Ain’t Dead… The Rumours of Their Death Were Greatly Exaggerated

00 Pioneers. 19.05.15


00 red square pioneers 2012. 25.05.14


In Russia today, you’ll find the most patriotic people in the KPRF! The Church and the Party stand together, as they’ve done ever since the CIA’s assault on our ancestral motherland in the Nasty 90s (sadly, the ROCOR helped Langley back then… thrusting a knife into the backs of our compatriots). If you support the Anglo American assault on Holy Rus in any way at all, you stand with Satan… there’s no other way of putting it. That’s why I oppose certain people so bitterly… they’re Judases who’ve sold out their heritage for acceptance in American rightwing circles. I wrote earlier:

I stand with the Lord Christ the Worker, the Risen God Crucified by the Powers-that-be… not Jayzuss the Idol of the “Elect” Oligarchs. Where do you stand?

The Pioneers live! You can have the healthy communal unselfish ethos of the Pioneers, or, you can have the Me First selfish narcissistic ethos of the American “Conservative”. It’s up to you… as for me…



Wednesday, 13 May 2015

13 May 2015. A Thought from St Ioann Kronshtadtsky

00 holy communion. russia. 21.04.15



Saturday, 9 May 2015

9 May 2015. Don Cossack Host on Parade in Novorossiya

00 Cossack aleksandr Skryabin. 04.09.14



00 Cossacks protesting Pussy Riot exhibition. 20.10.13



The Don Cossack Host on parade… no, they’re not big on spit n’ polish and military ceremonial, ergo, pusillanimous asshats like Rod Dreher laugh at them and call them names. Well… the Cossacks are the shock troops of the patriot forces, always in the van of the advance and the rear of the retreat (unlike Sir Roddie, who’s a yellow craven coward who refused to serve in the forces). Oh, yes… they carry the Red Banner (as do all the patriot troops)… that does hint at their politics, doesn’t it (it sure ain’t the American Conservative, thank God!)…

The Cossacks fight for Honour, Motherland, and Faith… 

as it was… as it is… as it ever shall be…


Wednesday, 6 May 2015

6 May 2015. THIS is Why the Patriots Fight in Novorossiya… For their Kids’ Future in a Nazi-Free World!

00 donetsk. dnr. motorola. proud daddy. 01.05.15


This is “Motorola”, one of the bravest field commanders in the patriot forces facing the fascist sludge in Novorossiya. In a lull in the fighting, he’s taking his infant daughter Miroslava out for a spin in the sun. That’s WHY the patriots fight… they don’t want Galician Uniate hillbilly lies and mush put into their kids’ heads. I predict that within 20 years, “Ukrainian” will be forgotten save in the Western backwoods where it came from. The evil fascist junta is setting up a distaste in people’s minds for ANYTHING labelled “Ukrainian”. They’re not only fighting for political liberty, they’re fighting for the survival of the culture of Holy Rus. They’re fighting for LOVE of Motherland… LOVE of Culture… LOVE of Ancestral Faith. The Uniate nationalists fight for HATE… HATE of Russia… HATE of Orthodoxy… HATE of the Friendship of the Peoples. I know what I support! I support the lovers, not the haters.

I truly grieve for the innocents in the Western Ukraine. Actually, one of the regions with the HIGHEST draft-evasion rates is the Lvovshchina! Not even ordinary slogger Uniates want to die to for the Galician Uniate nationalist opium dream. They send their men to Poland, to Romania, to RUSSIA… to evade the fascist draft. When the Ukraine falls (not “if”), it’s open to question whether the West can hold on to the Lvovshchina. That’s why the American and Canadian troops are where they’re at. They’re not there to “train” anybody. They’re there to hold on to a transit route from Poland into the Lvovshchina. However… shall the Galician people just lie down and let the Americans fuck them over? The nationalists would, to be sure… they want to be the Americans’ bully-boys… just as they were thugs for the Habsburgs, Poles, and Nazis. Yet… Galicia isn’t just S A Bandera… it’s R S Vasilko, too.

Quo vadis, Galicia?


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