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Saturday, 27 May 2017

Kiev Might Halt Passenger Train Service to Russia from 1 July


Citing sources in Kiev, Kommersant reported that the Ukraine might halt passenger train service to Russia from 1 July. According to a Ukrainian government source, the excuse for this would be RZD‘s reluctance “to stop passenger transportation to Russia from the ATO zone and, in particular, from Donetsk, which violates the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Ukraine”. At present, elektrichka* service exists between Donetsk and Taganrog. Kommersant learned from Ukrzaliznitsya (State Administration of Railway Transport):

There’s no decision on this matter now.

In turn, RZD told Kommersant:

We didn’t receive any documents from Kiev on terminating passenger traffic.

Kommersant noted:

Neither Kiev or Moscow would officially confirm plans to suspend passenger rail service, however, Ukrainian interlocutors insisted that Ukrainian National Security and Defence Council (SNBOU) Secretary A V Turchinov and Verkhovnaya Rada Ukrainy Chairman A V Paruby “actively lobby” such a decision. Ukrainian President P A Poroshenko increasingly supports their hardline viewpoints.

  • elektrichka: Russian slang for commuter-type passenger trains powered by electric overhead catenary wires

25 May 2017

DONi Donbass News Agency



Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Russia Makes Large Order at Luganskteplovoz… ALL ABOARD For Socialism! ALL Craptialists… OUT!

00 lugansk locomotive works. 07.10.14


Today, for the first time after the siege of the LNR’s capital by the junta forces, all the departments of the Luganskteplovoz (Lugansk Locomotive Works) are up and running, even though more than 160 artillery and mortar shells hit the building. Because of restrictions on electricity, the plant only operates during the first and third shifts. This is due to damage to the main municipal power grid, but with the aid of the LNR Ministry of Industry, the works installed electric generators to supplement the main power supply. Andrei Cherevaty, the head of Luganskteplovoz, told the media, “During the shelling, our repair crews performed emergency repair work every day. Prior to the outbreak of hostilities, we employed 6,500 people, after some 300 retired. From 1 September, 796 jobseekers handed in applications”. Cherevaty pointed up that the works has orders, mostly from Russia, which allow it to continue operations. Next year, 2015, the plant expects to build 300 diesel locomotives for Russia.

7 October 2014




Russia makes real and substantial orders for its friends in Novorossiya. The USA/EU does NOTHING for its friends in Kiev, save for hot air (and issuing demands that Kiev shut down what remains of Ukrainian industry in the name of austerity and rationalisation). The peoples living in the notional “Ukraine” can see who their friends are and who their enemies are. The USA is a ravening enemy, one that only wants to rape the country… Russia is putting its back into helping the parts of the former “Ukrainian” state that are now free. It’s clear who’s naughty and who’s nice… interesting… the so-called “Ukrainian Catholics” and “Ukrainian Orthodox” are pitiless enemies of the Ukraine, in the end. They support the rape of the notional “Ukraine” by the West… and its internal subjugation by literal descendants of Nazis.

None dare call it evil…


Friday, 18 October 2013

18 October 2013. Sergei Yolkin’s World. Events of the Week in Cartoons by Sergei Yolkin: 16-20 September 2013

00 Sergei Yolkin. Events of the Week in Cartoons by Sergei Yolkin. 16-20 September 2013. 2013

Events of the Week in Cartoons by Sergei Yolkin: 16-20 September 2013

Sergei Yolkin



The “Lake” Co-op is a real estate scandal involving Vladimir Yakunin, the head of Russian Railways, a close friend of Vladimir Putin. It involves a chi-chi upscale dacha settlement for siloviki in Priozersky Raion of Leningrad Oblast. All of the owners are big wigs in the government and business. Of course, Yakunin’s spinning the situation like mad, but some of the mud’s sticking, especially, after Navalny picked up the story.

Yolkin uses one of his patented plays on words in the McCain entry. И это чистая правда.ru can mean, “That’s really in Pravda.ru”, or, “That’s absolutely true”… you pays your money and you takes your pick.



Sergei Yolkin ogles the revelations of the week: an article by John McCain in the online edition of Pravda.Ru , Putin’s possible candidacy in the 2018 Russian presidential election, and the story behind the creation of the Cooperative Озеро (Ozero: Lake) by Vladimir Yakunin.

20 September 2013

Sergei Yolkin



Saturday, 6 July 2013

6 July 2013. Sergei Yolkin’s World. Events of the Week in Cartoons: 17-21 June 2013

00 Sergei Yolkin. Events of the Week in Cartoons. 17-21 June 2013. 2013 – Resized

Events of the Week in Cartoons: 17-21 June 2013

Sergei Yolkin



Vladimir Yakunin is the head of Russian Railways and a close crony of VVP. A false (but very plausible-appearing) report surfaced in the media about his resignation, which caused a mini-brouhaha. The “Secret Secret Service”, of course, refers to Yakunin’s bodyguards, who, no doubt, wanted to get their hands on the “server” of the crook news.



Sergei Yolkin felt that the main events of the week were the reduction of nuclear weapons, a news report about a letter of resignation from Vladimir Yakunin, and, of course, the Moscow International Film Festival (MMKF).

21 June 2013

Sergei Yolkin



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