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Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Russophobia is Like AIDS: Once Infected… You’re Always a Mark

00 Vitaly Podvitsky. Russophobia. 2015


Vitaly Podvitsky



When it comes to Russia, people tend to talk about Russians as “this unfortunate people that have no clue what freedom is”. To that, I answer, “How do you know? Have you lived in Russia? For example, unlike our Belgium, they have an opposition there. We don’t have one at all”. It’s true, in Belgium there’s no opposition. There are parties that weren’t part of the Government at the last election, and they sometimes criticise those who are in power. However, it isn’t an opposition in the proper sense. Nevertheless, as a rule, Belgians are simply unable to understand what I’m talking about. Western propaganda is so pervasive that most Belgians now view Russia as a belligerent country with a fascist dictatorship. Discussion with people is useless; you’re talking to a wall.

Every war has two phases… firstly, there’s a preparatory phase, with programmes, news, various kinds of propaganda, and lies on TV; then, comes the second stage… the war itself. Everything that I watch now shows that the preparatory phase has already begun. All of this follows a set scenario. Firstly, the rhetoric in the articles on the country of the supposed “enemy” changes… suddenly, this country doesn’t have a real government; its leader is no longer a President, but a “dictator”. Therefore, gradually, an image of an “enemy” emerges. However, when Belgians started to agree with the Russians, the media removed any mention of Russia.

Propaganda always portrays the leader of the putative “enemy” as an evil dictator; they tell us, “The people of this country suffer, and we now can help by toppling this dictator from power”. That’s how it was in the First World War and Second World War; all countries do that before they attack. They did that way back when, too. Let’s remember how we talked about dictatorial régimes and violence of Saddam Hussein and Muammar Gaddafi before the attacks on Iraq and Libya. By the way, these leaders also received the same treatment, first, they had their assets abroad frozen, and there was a publication of what they held. These are all signs of the first phase. Russia, of course, is a bit different. Let’s not forget, Russia has a strong army, which can smash Europe to bits without the use of nuclear weapons, everybody knows this, so we’re all perfectly aware of the consequences of a possible armed conflict with Russia. Therefore, everybody’s very careful and prudent with Russia.

Recently, the USA incessantly criticised Europe for miserly contributions to the NATO budget; they accused Europeans of cutting corners on the military budget because of financial problems caused by the economic crisis. However, the USA can’t fight alone; they need puppet-allies. During all the 25 years after the collapse of the USSR, NATO never gave up its ideas of attacking Russia. However, they had no pretext. Now, due to the chaos in the Ukraine, a pretext appeared, so, they’re actively developing plans. People of the older generation, bred on propaganda against the USSR have already accepted the idea of the inevitability of conflict with Russia. I know what they say; I grew up at a time when they told us constantly in school, “If the Russians come here, they’ll stick you in the Gulag”. The cry, “The Russians are coming!” is again relevant. When our Minister for Defence announced that 1,000 Belgian soldiers would go to the Baltic States in case of a Russian attack and that we need to increase NATO military budget expenditures, no one in the country raised any eyebrows. Russophobia is like AIDS…once infected, you’re always a mark. The only thing that prevents America from dominating the world is Russia. Therefore, don’t build illusions about a possible friendship in the future. I wish you fortitude and courage.

1 July 2015

Chris Roman

Masterskaya Karikatury



I’d like to remind my Orthodox readers that Victor Potapov grew grey in the service of the CIA as an unapologetic and mendacious purveyor of black propaganda via Radio Liberty, the CIA’s dezinformatsiya outlet to the Motherland. He’s never repented of his treason to Holy Rus and to the Holy Church. Think on this… that makes him one of the WORST Sergianists ever. Remember what a Sergianist is… a cleric who kisses the ass of the powers-that-be for personal enrichment, and who distorts the teaching of the Church to do so. Potapov is (or was) a responsible official in the CIA-front Radio Liberty (all know this, it’s no secret), he held a US official passport, he has an income well in excess of the median, and he tries unremittingly to link the Church with dubious Far Right groups, figures, and publications. That’s Sergianism, kids… funny, those who blubber the most about “Chekists in riassas” are Chekists in riassas themselves! Ponder that, if you will…



Tuesday, 13 January 2015

13 January 2015. Soros Makes Hurried Trip to Kiev… Calls for 50 Billion USD Loan to Kiev

00 The Night of the Lving Dead. Kiev. 10.05.14


Read this and this. The Uniate/Schismatic kleptocrat junta is in the deep kimchi. Soros is crying that the junta needs 50 billion just to survive… and if the West doesn’t pony up, well, those nasty ol’ Russians are going to go on the imperial rampage! Trust me, the situation is exactly the opposite, but it means that Soros has worries about his bottom-line… and that’s BAD NEWS for the junta. Soros is so worried that the junta’s in the shitter irretrievably that he’s in Kiev now. Of course, he’s in a five-star hotel… did you think that he’d see the decay in the junta hinterland for himself? This is a sign that the Uniate project is teetering on the edge of the abyss… it couldn’t have happened to nicer folks…


Monday, 22 December 2014

22 December 2014. A Picture IS Worth a Thousand Words… A Soldier Kisses His Girlfriend in Stavropol

00 Kiss in Stavropol Russia. 22.12.14


Normal life does go on… a soldier kisses his girlfriend in Stavropol. Thank God… things are as they’ve always been. Aren’t you ashamed of having listened to the Western media’s lies about Russia? There aren’t any ogres about… nor is there any war being prepared… on the Russian side, that is. As for the Uniate fascists and their American puppeteers… it’s anyone’s guess (in fact, a false flag op ginned up by Langley carried out by Uniate fanatics isn’t out of the question). “Winning is the only thing”… you forget that about Anglo Americans at your peril… “A knife for the Moskals!”… such is the Christianity of the Uniates. Let those with ears, hear…


Friday, 3 October 2014

I Probably Live in Another Country…

00 Vitaly Podvitsky. Well, now tell us how bad it is to live here. 2014


I probably live in another country.

This country lives in the merciless grip of corruption and sadistic cops. Well, I can’t remember the last time that a traffic cop put the bite on me, and, to be honest, I can’t even remember when someone asked for “oil to grease the wheels”… a good friend of mine works for the police.

This country has a wrecked educational system; teachers give grades for bribes and torment the children. My daughter goes to the same school where I studied, where almost a third of the teachers are those who taught me, and the curriculum she has to master is deeper than the one in place when I was her age.

This country has no freedom. I looked at my passport and I thought that it might need another page or two, for there’s nowhere to put new stamps.

This country has killer doctors and the medical system is in shambles. In my Russia, at New Year’s 2012, at five minutes to midnight, my mother had a heart attack… an ambulance arrived 12 minutes later. It rushed off… then, it was two weeks in hospital, and blah-blah-blah. She’s back to normal… none of it cost us a dime. I baked a cake for the doctors. This is corruption? It was just my gratitude… from the heart.

This country has a bloody system that destroys all the orphans. Finally, my country officially banned the trade in the export of Russian citizens.

This country has censorship and lacks freedom of speech. I constantly read criticism of the state in opposition papers.

This country has pervasive drunkenness and drug addiction. I go to a gym, one of the many in the district, and sober people of all generations, from morning to evening every day, are all around me there.

This country has impoverished old-age-pensioners who grub about in the dumps. In my country, my 72-year-old father didn’t go into debt for his dacha or for his Ford Focus 2.

This country has rich grasping oilmen and rich thieving politicians… no one else lives well. I’m an engineer in a design office… I don’t do purchases or sales, I don’t play with the laws, nor do I have any power relationships. My father taught in a lyceum, my mother was a doctor… they weren’t oligarchs.

My country has enough problems. There are people missing… there are villains… there are chisellers… and much, much more. However, most are just good normal people.

This country teems with idiots, niggers, scoundrels, and thieves. You know, I would’ve been shit on (pardon my frankness) if I lived in “this country”… their gang tries to remake me and my family, and all of Russia, into the image of “this country”. They scream that they’ll leave, but most of them don’t hand over their passports… they shit on us… they shit in their own nest. Leave, you nasty scumbags! Really, you’re not great shakes! This isn’t your country.

This is Russia.

29 September 2014




Of the Westerns, three groups are particularly vile in their lies about Russia…

  • The Republican Party, as shown by its support of anti-Russian legislation
  • The Roman Catholic Church hierarchy, as shown by its support of Uniate murderers in Novorossiya
  • American Radical Sectarians (“Evangelicals”), as shown by their lies of non-existent anti-Protestant pogroms in Novorossiya

Orthodox people should break ties with these groups immediately (in the UK and Canada, it means breaking with the Conservative Party… in Australia, in means breaking with the Liberal Party). We shouldn’t enquire about “Pro-Life” at this time… we should enquire about who’s holding a knife to our throat. The Republicans do so… the RC hierarchy does so… the “Evangelicals” do so. To have anything to do with them in any venue is madness. Remember… ordinary RCs didn’t make the policy, but their bishops do support the policy… if they didn’t, they’d be out. In any case, all RC bishops are defenders of the Unia. Shun the bishops, their “dialogues”, and their “interfaith services”… be open to the RC believers… they had no voice in this.

We live in a fallen, fallen world…


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