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Wednesday, 9 November 2011

9 November 2011. Carpatho-Russia… The IGNORED Minority of Mitteleuropa… WHY?


The arms of Carpatho-Russia, the forgotten minority of Mitteleuropa… the American rightwing ignores them… the Galician Uniates repress them… Russia supports them… what does that tell you?



The time has come to cross our Rubicon and say openly so that everyone can hear it… we can’t be separated by a Chinese wall from our brothers, and we can’t stand apart from our linguistic, ecclesiastical, and national connection with the entire Russian world!

Fr Ivan Naumovich (1825-91)

Carpatho-Russian Russophile


We aren’t Transnistria, we aren’t Georgia, we’re a distinct people, and we’d hope that the Ukrainians would give us a divorce in a peaceful way, like the Czechs and the Slovaks did.

Fr Dmitri Sidor (1955- )

Head of the Carpatho-Russian Parliament

Orthodox Confessor of Transcarpathia


The American government and media agonised over supposed human rights violations in Russia, China, and Iran. Yet, they’re silent about Ukrainian repression of Carpatho-Russian national aspirations. The American media didn’t tell you how the CIA-trained stooges of Yushchenko savagely beat Fr Dmitri Sidor… or how Langley’s Galician Uniate hirelings attack Carpatho-Russian nationhood… just as the Galician Uniate leadership (I don’t mean rank n’ filers here… they’re innocent) and their Vatican puppeteers suppress the history of the Habsburg concentration camp at Talerhof (denying the murder of Carpatho-Russian Russophiles there). The people who identify as “Carpatho-Russian” are usually our Orthodox co-religionists; those who call themselves “Rusyns” usually turn out as Uniates. That tells us, as Orthodox Christians, which side to favour… after all, those who call themselves “Rusyns” also call themselves “Byzantine Catholics“… and “Byzantine” is a noxious 16th century papal neologism for “New Roman”. Let’s extend our hands in aid to our Orthodox kin “from beyond the hills”… let’s give the toe of our boot to the pretensions of the Uniates. ‘Nuff said!



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Thursday, 21 July 2011

21 July 2011. Relics and Video of St Maksim Sandovich… Confessor of the Faith Under the Habsburg Uniate Yoke


Above, we see relics of St Maksim Sandovich of Lemkovshchyna, murdered by the Habsburg authorities on trumped-up charges of spying at the beginning of World War I. Actually, they arrested and killed him for being an effective preacher against the Unia, whose hierarchy were bum-kissing lickspittles of the Habsburgs. Yes, sir… the Uniates were obsequious running-dog lackeys of the Poles, the Habsburgs, and the Second Polish Republic, just as they’re the willing Step n’ Fetchits of the American Neoliberals… all of whom attacked the Church in Galicia, Transcarpathia, Byelorussia, and the Lemkovshchyna for their low political ends.

The Uniates are NOT our friends. Pray for the poor rank n’ filers… they’re not responsible for what their leadership does. Be kind to them, let your good-will be sincere and unfeigned, but don’t validate the Unia itself. The people aren’t guilty… the organisation that they belong to is. That’s an important and critical distinction. Don’t give any quarter to “Josephus Flavius”… and don’t trust his website Byzantine Texas, either. Ponder this, the konvertsy are gaga over him… they won’t listen if you tell them that Uniatism opposes Christ’s Church. That’s one of the ways that makes it clear that they’re not one with us, never have been, and will leave us in future (excoriating us for our “hatefulness”, no doubt).

Here’s a video of Lemkovshchyna, in 1987… at 6:52 minutes into this video you will see the late Fr Maksim, the son of the saint:


St Maksim Sandovich is amongst the saints… Fr Gavriil Kostelnik shall be amongst the saints (the case for his canonisation is going forward in the UOC/MP), and the late Fr Mikhail Shuvar will be amongst the saints in future (Patriarch Kirill noted his passing)… all three names are absent from “Josephus Flavius'” writing… I wonder why. Is it because all three made an effective witness against the Unia’s falsity, and gave their lives for the principle of Church Unity? I think that that’s the case here.

Accept no substitutes… the Church is the Church, and that’s that… too many good people such as St Maksim, Fr Gavriil, and Fr Mikhail gave their lives for us to engage in syncretistic and false “dialogue”. If we were to do, their blood would speak against us on the Last Day…

My thanks to my correspondent who passed on the link and the photo…

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Thursday 21 July 2011

Albany NY

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