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Saturday, 29 March 2014

Honoured Artist of the Ukraine Anzhelika Andrievskaya Fled Troubled Kiev to Ryazan

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Those who, at first glance, seem very far from politics feel the effects of the events taking place in the Ukraine, so, well-known cultural figures flee the country. For instance, Honoured Artist of the Ukraine Anzhelika Andrievskaya, once a shining light on the stage of the Kiev Conservatory, escaped to Ryazan Oblast. Her repertoire remains the same… soulful songs in her native language. However, Andrievskaya stood before an unfamiliar audience in Ryazan Oblast. After a short concert, the audience came forward to shower her with gifts. It wasn’t the usual flowers; it was fresh pirogi, cereals, and sugar. Novomichurinsk is the kind of place where everyone knows everybody else… it seemed that everyone wanted to do whatever they could to help the singer, who had to flee from troubled Kiev. They brought her meat and milk. One older gent, who Anzhelika had never even met before, invited her to live in his country house. She thought that it’d be an old busted-down dacha, but it was a beautiful house. It turned out that Leonid Komarov was a successful businessman. The Ukrainian star arrived with her daughter and nephew In Novomichurinsk with only one suitcase; they only took a small amount with them, gathered in haste.

Andrievskaya said,”When a kid goes to school taking a balloon in one hand and a stun gun in the other, and along the way they meet a crowd of classmates not on the way to school… that’s not normal. The Ukraine’s become a scary place; for myself, it scared me”. In Kiev, they left an apartment in the city centre, not far from the Maidan. Life there became unbearable… the pungent smell of burning tires, explosions under the windows, and the screams of the wounded… such things never fade from memory. The bloody coup took place in front of her family. Her sister, who’s lived near Ryazan for a long time, shook up Anzhelika enough to make her leave the country. As her daughter Nina gets used to Russian school, Anzhelika gives singing lessons to children and works in the local House of Culture. However, now, the Honoured Artist of the Ukraine hopes for something more… her dream is to conquer the Russian scene.

28 March 2014




“They all had faces… they all had names”…

It’s all too easy to get swept away by the larger swirl of events. It makes us forget that history is the result of thousands of actions taken by ordinary people… it makes us blind to the fact that these affairs enmesh real living breathing people, causing them real palpable suffering. You wonder why I hate the Western media apparat (and its soulless votaries) so? That’s why. They giggle as real people bleed… they’re macabre voyeurs of heartbreaking pain. They don’t give a shit… they don’t give a good god-damn for anything beyond their above-average pay packets. They’ll whore for their Western corporate paymasters without shame… “If that’s the price of success, I’ll pay it gladly. I have country club dues coming up, and I’ve got to pay off my student loan”. Never forget that the slo-mo dissolution of the Ukrainian pseudo-state causes untold suffering for millions. The oligarchs don’t care… their American backers don’t care… the IMF certainly doesn’t care (it insists that ordinary folk bear the brunt of “austerity”)… the Western media doesn’t care (they’ll say anything so long as you sign and deliver their pay-cheques). People don’t up and flee with only a suitcase on a whim… yet, that’s what the Western media would have us believe. This epochal crisis (for it does close an era, opening up what, no one knows yet) has MILLIONS of personal stories, all too many of them tragedies. If you forget that, if you support the Western rape of the Ukraine, you have no right to associate with decent people. You can’t support evil… you might have to live under it, you might have to agree to some of its manifestations, but you mustn’t ever support it. If the needless nastiness of it all doesn’t move you… you’re my enemy. Keep focused.

“No one is forgotten… Nothing is forgotten”.

Let my right hand wither if I forget that…


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Monday, 17 September 2012

Russia Celebrated 155th Anniversary of the Birth of Cosmonautics Pioneer Konstantin Tsiolkovsky


On Monday, there were celebrations dedicated to the 155th anniversary of the birth of the founder of cosmonautics Konstantin Tsiolkovsky in his native village of Izhevskoe in Ryazan Oblast. Among the participants were Yelena Timoshenkova, the scientist’s granddaughter, the Director of the Tsiolkovsky Memorial House-Museum in Kaluga, and representatives from the Russian Academy of Sciences, Russian Space Agency, Energia Corporation, and Russian Space Systems Corporation. The visitors went to the house where Tsiolkovsky was born and laid flowers. A meeting dedicated to the anniversary and the opening of the second international school of satellite navigation was held in the local House of Culture.

17 September 2012

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Thursday, 8 March 2012

VDV Chaplains to Test World’s Only Paradrop Church



Next week, military sources reported that chaplains assigned to the VDV (Airborne Forces) would take a crash course to operate the world’s only paradrop Orthodox Christian church. On Tuesday, a Defence Ministry spokesman said that the one-week course for the priests, many of whom are experienced parachutists with more than 500 jumps, would take place at a VDV polygon in Ryazan Oblast in central Russia. Archpriest Mikhail Vasilyev, the ranking VDV chaplain, told RIA-Novosti that Orthodox Christianity has many rituals utilising many religious items, which makes serving believers without a church impossible. The paradrop church has religious items strengthened for rough field use in a special carrying crate, as well as a diesel generator, air conditioning, a refrigerator, and a multimedia unit complete with a mini-theatre booth and projector. Official sources told us that, since last fall, the number of Orthodox Christians in the VDV grew 10 percent to reach 90 percent of all paratroopers.

8 March 2012



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