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Sunday, 10 September 2017

10 September 2017. A Thought from Priest-Martyr Roman Medved


If you wish more info on R I Medved, click here.



Saturday, 8 July 2017

8 July 2017. A Word on the Myrrh-Streaming Icon of St Ioann Maksimovich in the American-Occupied DNR


Victor Potapov is circulating a news item about an icon of St Ioann Maksimovich streaming myrrh in the DNR. Note well that the CIA pig Potapov didn’t mention that the event took place in the American-occupied fascist part of the DNR. Myrrh-streaming is usually a sign of comfort in times of trouble. Note well that the CIA quisling Potapov (a real “Chekist in a riassa” if there ever was such) doesn’t mention that the fascist Uniate “Ukraine” is falling apart as we speak, with great suffering for ordinary people. This myrrh-streaming is divine proof that the “Ukraine” isn’t long for this world and that God is comforting His people to steady them for the coming trials as the American-imposed Uniate pseudo-state collapses. Potapov was a high-ranking CIA operative with a “red” official US passport (that gave him immunity from ordinary passport control). One must never forget this. Potapov took Langley’s money to undermine his ancestral homeland. Radio Liberty had the purpose (and still does) of undermining the USSR/Russia. What can you say of a priest who willingly aided such an enterprise?

This event doesn’t bode well for the “Ukraine” in the near term. The only reason that the fascist Uniate junta staggers on is that the USA props it up. The suffering in that region is intense at present… it’ll get worse as order and state control collapse. The icon streams myrrh to remind people that God is still with them in their distress and grief. Note well that none of the konvertsy jerks noticed any of this. If you needed proof that they’re idiots, with no redeeming qualities whatsoever, this is that. They support American politicians that back the murder of our Orthodox kids in the Donbass… they’re “pro-life”, after all…


Saturday, 29 April 2017

29 April 2017. We Must Unburden Each Other


Sunday, 19 March 2017

19 March 2017. Patriarch Kirill: “Anyone Can Become a Saint!”


I chose the illustration of the blacksmith for a reason. I find that many middle-class people (properly speaking, not working-class people with pretensions) believe that only they can achieve holiness. Interestingly enough, most saints were either aristocrats or peasants, with very few from the middle-class… the merchants and “professionals” were all-too-often fixated on money and position. Have a care with middle-class people… too many obsess on money and position. However, pray for them, as they have the most obstacles in the spiritual life. The rich and titled know that money and position aren’t what they’re cracked up to be and the working-class knows that they’re not going to get money and position. However, the middle-class is tempted the most by such… they’re almost hag-ridden by it in most cases. They’re the most hobbled in the spiritual life… so, don’t forget to pray for them, they need it most of all.


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