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Saturday, 30 September 2017

30 September 2017. A Thought from Bishop Lazar Puhalo


The only way you can help to make the world a better place is by starting with the person you see in your mirror. If you can’t make yourself kinder, more compassionate, more open-hearted, accepting, and loving, you have little to offer to the rest of humanity and no hope of helping to make the world a better place.

Bishop Lazar Puhalo


Sunday, 19 May 2013

Patriarch Neofit: Our Kids Need to Know the ABCs of Orthodoxy

00 Patriarch Neofit of Bulgaria. 19.05.13


Patriarch Neofit Dimitrov stated that Bulgarian kids should have the opportunity to learn about their Orthodox Christian heritage. On Sunday, Neofit addressed clergy and believers on the 60th anniversary of the restoration of the Bulgarian Patriarchate. The message, read out by Bishop Naum Dimitrov of Stob, Chief Secretary of the Holy Synod, made a strong case for the introduction of religion as a subject in school, with a special emphasis on Orthodox Christianity. It also reflected on the last 60 years of history for Orthodoxy in Bulgaria. Neofit wrote, “The past decades weren’t easy, but with God’s help, immutably led by the spirit of truth, all of us, according to the measure of our powers, bore witness to the resurrection of Christ. Today, we call for, and will continue to call for, more mission and witness to eternal salvation in our dear homeland and beyond her confines. What’s been accomplished isn’t little, but it isn’t enough either”. Patriarch Neofit also reflected on the “spiritual crisis” that Bulgarian society is going through, which is deeper than any financial and political troubles, saying, “There is a crisis of values, a crisis in thinking through the eternal truths about God, the world, and humanity”.

19 May 2013


Sofia News Agency


Sunday, 18 March 2012

18 March 2012. Is Egalitarianism and Social Democracy Contrary to the Church? A Kind Friend Sent on the Following…


A friend sent this on to me:

Contrary to the “thinking” of “conservative” pseudo-“Christians”, egalitarianism isn’t antithetical to Christianity, but lack of egalitarianism is indicative of paganism. Paganism’s polytheistic. Each individual (or, in more primitive homogeneous societies, each group) feels himself subject to his own god or goddess. At a practical level, this means that the distinctive values, standards, goals, and laws of each deity govern the lives of that deity’s worshippers. Thus, a pagan society’s polyvalent… a single moral standard doesn’t govern the lives of men, and, except by force majeure, no god, and no corresponding set of human values, is superior to any other. Accordingly, consequently, pagan societies tend to become inegalitarian, that is, “unequal”. Different standards for different groups inevitably lead to factional competition, not cooperation; and, in time, force majeure, indeed, becomes the rule… might soon comes to make right. Zeus rules because he’s strongest, and for no other reason, he’s certainly not the wisest one.



Let’s keep this one short and on-point. If you argue for the positions enunciated by the Republican Party, Rush Limbaugh, Fox News, and all the other Far Right nutters, you argue for a profoundly anti-Christian ideology, full of violence, greed, and hubris. Ponder this… “Evangelicalism” is nothing but a religious apologia for that neo-pagan mindset… it isn’t Christian in the least possible way. Radical American Sectarianism (for that’s what “Evangelicalism” is) didn’t begin until after the American Revolt of 1776 established the USA (it was the first of the Three Great Godless Revolts… the American, French, and Russian (that is, the “February Revolution“) “Revolutions”). It’s a somewhat-jumbled religious justification of the Radical (in the French sense of the term) state formed under the US Constitution. “Personal salvation” (“Me n’ Jayzuss”) is perhaps the most blasphemous anti-Christian concept out there, and Christians would do well not to associate overly much with those groups that advocate it.

Let’s not be blasé… the rot’s present amongst us, too. For instance, take Fr Maximus Urbanowicz, “he found God while playing football at Penn State {one wonders what his relationship with the questionable Joe Paterno was: editor}, went to St Tikhon’s, and then learned how to evangelise at Regent University in Virginia Beach VA”. They named their School of Government after Pat Robertson, which tells you volumes about their cred and substance. He’s started an outfit called Gospel to All Nations, and seems to be racking up frequent flyer miles giving the Good News to the entire rest of the world (he claims to have preached in 120 Russian cities). One can only imagine what he’s “teaching” them. Well, I did some checking, this guy is a “nobody”… no legit Russian media source mentions him in any way. Probably, he’s got a connection with Potapov, which means that he’s a Langley follow-traveller, as his Robertson ties indicate (that means that everyone in the Rodina has to be careful what they say in front of this Quisling). However, it’s proof that we’re not immune to such mind-numbing twaddle.

That’s to say, Christianity stands for cooperation. “Evangelicalism” stands for selfishness, greed, and godlessness. You can have one or you can have the other. The Church blesses Social Democracy… it does NOT bless the greed of the Far Right. “Cooperation opens doors for everyone”… Neopagan hubris and greed close them violently in the faces of the vast majority. Which one do you want? You ARE at a fork in the road…


Tuesday, 6 March 2012

6 March 2012. The Truth is EXCITING… Heaven is Joyful… Hell is in Earnest… Ponder That…


To hear some people talk, all the fun’s on the hell-bound train, whilst the road to Heaven is paved with tears and sadness, and one has to subsist on a diet of thin gruel, Brussels sprouts, stewed prunes, and water on the way. Actually, the opposite is true. Heaven’s full of joyful abandon and GOD SMILES… hell’s full of deadly earnest seriousness, humourless keenness, and Satan‘s perpetual grimace of all-consuming care. Makes one wonder, doesn’t it? Heaven is more like the child-like simplicity that Fr Vladimir Sukhobok showed during his life than it’s like the high-minded purposefulness of Panteimon Metropoulos or Gleb Podmoshensky. It’s NEVER “pious”… it’s loving… it’s NEVER “serious”… it’s playful.

Know this… as Archimandrite Tikhon Shevkunov put it, we need to grasp “unholy holiness”… think on that one… now, there’s a Lenten meditation…


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