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Saturday, 6 September 2014

6 September 2014. Tonight in Gorlice… Vespers at the Relics of St Maksim Sandovich

00 vespers in gorlice at relics of st maksim. 05.09.14


The Uniates constantly scream, “We’re Orthodox in union with Rome”… that’s hooey in the First Degree. To be “Orthodox in Union with Rome” they’d have to have icons of St Mark of Ephesus, St Germogen of Moscow, St Maksim Sandovich, and St Aleksei Kabalyuk in their churches set out for veneration… they don’t and they won’t, as they kiss the naked bum of the Roman Curia. Keep your distance especially from Galician Uniates, the UGKTs (“Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church”)… they’re the worst of the lot for they bless the murders of the junta as they blessed the murders of the Nazis, as they blessed the oppressions of the Poles and Habsburgs. The Uniates do NOT honour St Maksim’s podvig for Church UNITY. The Uniates honour the memory of his oppressors. I CALL THAT UNMITIGATED EVIL.

In these evil days when Orthodox in the “Ukraine” hang on the cross, mainly through the efforts of Galician Uniates, for us to have anything at all to do with the UGKTs, its institutions, or its clergy and hierarchy is nothing short of crackbrained and mad. Notice who does so… especially notice those like Vassa Larina who’re traitors for filthy lucre’s sake (she sold out to Bob Taft, and he got her a job in Vienna). Note well that the official websites of the OCA and the ROCOR didn’t mark the anniversary of St Maksim’s martyrdom, nor did they note the fact that OCA and ROCOR clergy went to Poland to take part in the commemoration. Is kissing the ass of the Uniates so important to the OCA/ROCOR First Families (SVS is the worst of the lot)? Our co-religionists hang on the cross… all that they can talk about is Bart’s bootless statement on environmentalism or a molieben to mark the beginning of the school year. I’d call that culpable and without excuse. In times of peril for the Church… indeed, our days are such… those who willingly seek out and initiate contact with the enemies of Christ’s Church are without defence. I’d say, “Look at the good trees… look at the bad trees. There are more of them than simply Potapov, Paffhausen, and Webster… note well who schmoozes up to Uniates and who defends them”. Yes, do have a care… the times are evil and some of the most evil actors on the stage are Orthodox clergy. As St John Chrysostom put it, “Bad priests are the lampstands of Hell”.

Have a care… there be cowpats in that there field…


Saturday, 20 August 2011

Video. On St Maksim Sandovich the New Martyr of Lemkovshchyna…

Fr Mikhail Shuvar (1958-2009), he went to an early grave due to injuries inflicted by an American-paid Uniate mob… sadly enough, St Maksim and Fr Gavriil weren’t our last martyrs at the hands of the Uniates


Canonisation of St Maksim in 1994… This is over an hour-and-a-half long… The late Fr Basil Stroyen is visible at 1:27.18


This is a service to St Maksim from Gorlice (POLAND)… the total vid is over an hour in length…


Service in commemoration of the Carpatho-Russian victims of the Habsburgs killed at the Talerhof concentration camp during World War I. This vid is about an hour in length.


Whenever you see a smiling Uniate and hear their lies about being “Orthodox in Union with Rome”, bring St Maksim and all the other Orthodox victims murdered by the Habsburgs, Poles, and Croats to mind. DO NOT HATE. If you do so, the devil wins! Equally, do NOT allow Uniate lies a forum in Orthodox venues. Beware of a snake who calls himself “Josephus Flavius”… don’t reply to him… simply spam him, and be done with him. Remember Fr Mikhail Shuvar and how the Uniates attacked him without mercy! Close your ears to their sweet words… reflect on this, most of the ignoramus Anglican semi-converts are “soft” on Uniatism (they refuse to give up their beloved “Branch Theory”), as are the pseudo-intellectuals at SVS… that’s why most American Orthodox haven’t heard of St Maksim or of Fr Mikhail (His Holiness Patriarch Kirill noted his passing, by the way). The defence of the Church is in YOUR hands… not some cockamamie “Magisterium”… do act accordingly.



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