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Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Georgia Woman Charged With Murder For Taking Abortion Pill, Could Face the Death Penalty… This is Why I HATE the so-called “Pro-Life” Movement and Will Fight It To My Last Breath

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo. Pro-Life Means... 2012 copy


Read this:

On Saturday night, Kenlissa Jones begged her neighbour to drive her to the hospital. Jones, a 23-year-old mother of a young son, had taken Cytotec, an abortion pill she procured online. However, Cytotec is only safe in the first trimester of pregnancy, and Jones was over five months pregnant. She delivered the foetus in the car, and it died after half an hour in the hospital. The authorities promptly charged Jones with malice murder. The crime is punishable by death or life imprisonment.

Jones isn’t the first woman to face prosecution for attempting to abort her own foetus. I recently wrote about Jennie Linn McCormack, an Idaho woman who, like Jones, took abortion pills in her second trimester, and was later arrested for it. By the way, McCormack wound up suing Idaho and knocking down its anti-abortion laws in court. The details of these cases are tragic and grisly, causing both pro-choice and anti-abortion groups to shy away from them. On the pro-choice side, no one wants to celebrate a doomed 5-month-old foetus delivered in a car. On the anti-abortion side, few are willing to concede they believe that the state should prosecute women like Jones and McCormack. As I explained in my McCormack article, anti-abortion activists generally insist that the law should protect women by prosecuting only abortion providers. However, the law didn’t protect Jones or McCormack. It sent them to jail.

By restricting access to abortion clinics and honest counselling, the draconian abortion laws enacted in states like Georgia push women like Jones to terrible extremes. Rather than find a clinic willing to perform her abortion… that would probably have been illegal under Georgia law… Jones bought a pill online. Rather than get a safe medical abortion, she took a dangerous gamble, and… after a period of intense pain… delivered a foetus in a car. Her story doesn’t fit neatly into the pro-choice or pro-life narrative. It simply illustrates what happens when a desperate woman takes her abortion into her own hands. Currently, Jones is in jail without bond. Her case will soon go to a grand jury.

9 June 2015

Mark Joseph Stern



I wrote this a year ago:

Bernie Sanders is more Pro-Life than the lot of them… yes, I know that he’s “Pro-Choice”, but when you add up all of his other good points, they outweigh this bad point. In like manner, Rick Perry and Sarah Palin aren’t Pro-Life at all… all the other evil that they advocate overwhelm that one good point. Like it or not, we face a full-blown moral dilemma, which we shouldn’t turn into a cartoonish caricature. It isn’t a simple matter… I wish that it were! Neither position is purely ”good” or purely “bad”. However, I’d say that the Church teaches that a strong state is a necessity in our fallen world, it supports government-sponsored healthcare, and it teaches that the death penalty is a rare resort (like for the Minsk Metro bombers or for the Uniate putschists in the Ukraine). The Republican Party fails on all points. Its anti-abortion plank fails to rescue it. Orthodox Christians can’t vote for warmongering racists in good conscience.

The Republican Party is the party of “Greed is Good” and “God has a plan for your life”… neither one is good. The first contradicts our Lord Christ (The love of money is the root of all evil)… the second destroys Free Will, thus destroying all truly Christian concepts of theodicy (“Why is there evil?”). Don’t forget what the Apostle said, “Love God… and do what you will”… that isn’t a manifesto for licence. Do think on it… the matter is too serious for childish and mawkish posturing. Unfortunately, that’s all that we’re getting now… from both sides.

Let’s keep it simple. This is what happens when you listen to Republican and sectarian anti-abortionists. They’re NOT “Pro-Life”… the guilty party was the person selling the drugs… but no, the “Christian” sectarians and GOP want blood. I gotta walk away from this one. If you need proof that we need to elect Bernie and not Chilly Hilly or any of the Repug clown car, this is it. This is repugnant, disgusting, and without justification. Kiss my ass, “Pro-Lifers”… you don’t give a good goddamn who you hurt. I’m on the other side of the barricades and I’m gonna fight you as long as God gives me breath.

Spare a prayer for Kenlissa; she didn’t deserve this.



Tuesday, 10 March 2015

10 March 2015. A Thought from P Yu Gubaryov on His Birthday…

00 Pavel Gubaryov. 10.03.15


Here’s a thought from P Yu Gubaryov, on his birthday. I’m simply going to say, “Amen. I support my brave coreligionists in Novorossiya. Let all Orthodox who support the Uniates and their American puppeteers be cursed and put to shame. Our coreligionists bleed and their blood lies in the gutters… how can they support those who thrust in the knife?” Yes… how can they?

The biggest supporters of the Uniate murderers are John McCain, Sarah Palin, Ted Cruz, and Marco Rubio… do draw your own conclusions… I have…


10 March 2015. Do You Stand with Eugene V Debs or Do You Stand with Sarah Palin? Choose Wisely…

Capitalism. 10.03.15


You can stand with Eugene V Debs and stand for decency, social justice, and communitarianism, or you can stand with Sarah Palin, for greed, narcissism, and moneygrubbing (after all, she quit and ran from being Governor of the State of Alaska to chase after filthy lucre). His Holiness stands with Eugene V Debs… Rod Dreher et al stand with Sarah Palin. I think that tells you volumes about Dreher’s character… he prefers theomachistic anti-Christianity (in pseudo-religious vesture, to be sure) to Christian charity and communalism (after all, HH has called the Free Market a fraud on many occasions). Our Lord Christ was NOT a “capitalist”, nor was he a “libertarian”. Remember what Comrade Zyuganov said, “Christ was the first communist”… the Reds and the Church stood together in the Nasty 90s… don’t be fooled by pied pipers who want you to dance to the Establishment’s jig… they’re getting paid for doing so. I don’t think it a hard choice… I’ll stand with HH any day than with Dreher… Dreher stands with Paffhausen, who spat on a bishop of the UPTs/MP (in NYC to open a special art exhibit sponsored by the Mother Church) to go to a political insiders’ party to kiss up to the First Profit of the Mormons. Bite the coin… there be those offering counterfeits…


Friday, 27 February 2015

Palin Opens Mouth, Inserts Foot… Obama Isn’t to Blame for ISIS… George W Bush Is!

01 open mouth insert foot


Read this. Firstly, consider the source. Sarah Palin is a shameless and feckless poseur who ran away from her responsibilities as Governor of the State of Alaska to become an obscenely-well-paid media flack. Anyone who attends to her vapourings is a boob… it’s why I don’t have any respect for John Whiteford… he had a link up on his blog to her worthless website. Firstly, Obama wasn’t responsible for the war of aggression against Iraq. GWB did that… ISIS is a direct result of American meddling in Iraq… therefore, the Republican Party is 100 percent to blame for their rise. Secondly, the Nazis aren’t all dead… as one can see in the present war in Novorossiya. Who protected the Nazis in the immediate postwar period? Why, the US Republicans did! They saw to it that ex-Nazis got pensions from the German state and they protected evil filth like Galician/Balt SS collaborators and Vlasovtsy/KONR trash and eased their entry to the USA. Why, they were anti-communists! That meant that they were GOOD in the Republicans’ eyes. The SS Cossacks were “unlucky” in that they were in the British Zone… the Brits tended to be less accommodating to Nazis as many of the British soldiers had relatives killed in the air raids, so, they weren’t feeling forgiving towards those who allied themselves with them (also, some of the troops had liberated Mauthausen, so, they weren’t accommodating to anyone in SS uniform). In short, a typical Palin rant. Can you take anyone who walked away from her responsibilities as an elected official to become a Fox News talking head seriously? If so, I’m not going to let you near anything sharp or intoxicating…

They’re serving Poached Palin (and Roast Rush) at Uncle Vlad’s tonight!


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