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Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Disobedient Twit in Dallas Disses OCA SOBs with Petulant FB Post

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The self-important don’t like it when they’re caught out, do they? Note well the TONE of the FB post below… if I were the OCA SOBs, I’d fire his ass as the icon-painter in Dallas… to teach him a sharp lesson…


One of the Cabinet sent me some intel about a FB post by one Vladimir Grigorenko:

This guy was the iconographer for the Dallas cathedral. It appears the OCA has taken some action. We’ll see what comes of it.

This is what this petulant toddler posted on FB:

Today, I have been asked by OCA Metropolitan Tikhon “to immediately remove this post an (sic) all images associated with it”. Also, I am “forbidden to post any pictures of Archbishop Dmitri without permission of the Holy Synod” (!) It worth noting, that being a citizen of a free country, on my personal page I will continue posting everything I want, as long as it is legal ant (sic) true. However, out of obedience and respect of the office of the Metropolitan I choose to follow his order at this time. Thus, some pictures and parts of the text will be removed.

Can you imagine? This semi-Proddie bastard is arrogant beyond words. He “chooses” to follow this order “at this time”. Doesn’t this sound like the juvenile tantrum that Freddie M-G issued at the time that the ROCOR pulled the antimins from those nutty nuns in Maryland? These twits have the consummate gall to lecture the rest of us about “obedience”. Of course, the OCA SOBs were within their rights (and within the Mind of the Church) to insist that all discussion cease on this and that all those promoting this claim stop all public promotion of that claim (that includes FB posts, naturally). As this person has a semi-official status in the Church (as an icon-painter working in a cathedral), he had the responsibility to say to the SOBs, “Yes, sir; yes, sir… three bags full”, and shut up (without a petulant FB post, BTW). He’s not a private individual (who, as believers, must keep silence until the Church decides it all)… like the konvertsy brats who commented on his post.

This HURTS his cause… do reflect on the fact that this clueless smarkach doesn’t realise that. The world’s not a boring place, is it?


Monday, 7 March 2016

7 March 2016. No Mention of “Incorruptibility” in OCA Piece on Royster Reburial

01 newspaper


Read this. There is NO mention of “incorruptibility” in this piece. NONE. Ergo, all the juveniles should shut up about it until an official announcement to that effect comes out. We’re Orthodox… not irresponsible and self-willed Proddies. Therefore, we wait for the Church to investigate all such claims and make its decision. That’s what all the noise is… CLAIMS. Until the official word comes out, all, especially the Monomoron toddlers, should shut up and await a considered and well-thought-out investigation of this claim. I know this doesn’t please the konvertsy, but that’s the Church. We’re Christians… that’s what we do… we do NOT rush to judgement.

Dmitri Royster was no saint… that’s clear… it’s odd… the homophobic elements amongst us are defending a man whose past was quite… “singular”. The world’s an interesting place, no?


Sunday, 6 March 2016

6 March 2016. The Church Has NOT Spoken on Royster’s “Incorruptibility”



It’s time for the konvertsy toddlers to cool their jets. Only an official Church investigation can declare whether the Royster case is actual incorruptibility or simply a case of natural mummification. As usual, the Monomoron crowd is chock fulla nuts (and chock fulla shit). These jumped-up frauds don’t know that the only people who can declare a case of incorruptibility are our bishops, after being advised by true experts, not irresponsible Convertadox charlatans on the internet. I’d like to see our bishops forbid discussion on this topic until there’s a proper investigation.

The only people who can declare this to be a case of “incorruptibility” are on the OCA Holy Synod of Bishops. No-one else has the authority. Everyone should shut up until they speak (and that does mean everyone). That’s what the Church is all about. ‘Nuff said…


Saturday, 5 March 2016

5 March 2016. “Fr” Joshua Anna… More on an Obvious Spiritual Fraud

01 Reject false icons


I got this from a Cabinet member about “Fr” Joshua Anna (AKA “Hieromonk Joshua”):

According to his hermitage website:

The Hermitage of St Cornelius (Non-Affiliated)
272 Tacodo Loop
Belen NM

So, it seems questionable as to just to whom he’s under. Of course, if ROCOR dissed him, they should say so, but just like the “Catholic Church of the East”, they won’t say anything because it may point out their mistakes.

In short, this guy is another Internet Winnegan’s Fake. Don’t go looking for Orthodoxy on the web (save for sites vetted for and approved by the Church). Much of it’s rubbish and twaddle posted by charlatans or the self-appointed. Just because it’s called Ask an Orthodox Priest or the like doesn’t mean that the poster has explicit permission and blessing from their bishop to be doing it. Have a care… not only are there counterfeits about, they look all too “real”. Remember… Satan always baits his traps with objectively good things. You forget that at your peril.


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