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Saturday, 24 February 2018

24 February 2018. Babylon Bee Posts Satire on Russiagate… Good Stuff


Here is the satire referenced:

Russia Announces New Plan to Let the USA Tear Itself Apart Unaided

On Thursday, after years of meddling by Russian agents, Russia-funded bots, and hacking attempts, the Kremlin announced it would withdraw from all activity in the USA, and would instead allow the country to tear itself apart without any help from them. President Putin said in a press conference:

Our spies and bots simply couldn’t keep up with the rapid pace at which America is destroying itself. They’re on the verge of tearing each other to shreds. Really, it’s quite impressive. Our spies stationed abroad tried their hardest to divide America, but were outpaced and outclassed at every turn by the country’s highly-motivated politicians and partisan activists, who are doing a far better job than his own spies could at ripping the country apart. They don’t need our help, apparently. So, we’ll just get out of the way and let them have at it. Bravo, America!

22 February 2018

Babylon Bee


This is satire, but it has truth in it. Remember what satire is… it’s using irony and humour to say “unsayable” things. This is stark truth… the USA is ripping itself apart and has done so since the time of Ronald Reagan. We’re paying for “Greed is good” and “The race goes to the swiftest”. Do note that the Born Again crowd cheers the nabobs of selfishness on. It tells you much about both groups, does it not?

VVP simply believes, “A bad peace is better than a good war”… his elder brother died in Leningrad during the siege due to starvation-related disease. Nearly all Russians feel the same way. Russians think that Americans are crazy to call World War II “the Good War”. As one of my friends at the Centre put it:

Only unbalanced and insane people call war “good”.

America IS tearing itself apart. Clinton and Trump are only symptoms… not causes. Neoliberalism is ripping the USA apart… its interlocutors simply watch and wonder. They aren’t doing anything… we’re doing it all on our own.



Friday, 26 January 2018

A Smile from the Babylon Bee… Russian Orthodox Church Accused of Interfering With Doctrine of Election


On Thursday, the nation’s agitated soteriologically Calvinistic Christians released another statement alleging that the Russian Orthodox Church has, and continues to, meddle in the historical Christian Doctrine of Election. A Reformed pastor, who declined to give his name, complained:

One can hardly read the comments under my blog without some mention of the Patriarch of Moscow, or #ReleaseTheWillFromBondage. The Russians have clearly weaponised their faulty theology against our precious doctrine. They think they have an ability to choose… but this is our election, and Totally Depraved Americans won’t stand for it!

Facebook and Twitter are feeling pressure to censor pro-Russian Orthodox dogma, which overran the two social media platforms through automated robotic posts. You can identify these Russian bots by their frequent use of icons, in contrast to the stoic emoticons familiar in Reformed social media posts. Russian President Vladimir Putin denied the charges of Russian Orthodox interference, saying:

Election is hardly a Russian concern.

However, American Calvinists are still fuming over the wilted tulips he recently posted on Instagram, claiming the Russian leader’s predestination is certain.

25 January 2018

Babylon Bee


Friday, 12 January 2018

12 January 2018. Trump… The Little Duffer Boy



By the way… Hillary Clinton and Oprah Winfrey are Affluent Effluent beneficiaries of Trump’s tax giveaway. You’re stupid if you think that they’d change it if they took power. You’re a sucker to believe that such fatcats would betray their class interests. After all, didn’t the Clintons give us NAFTA and “welfare reform?” Even Slobberin’ Ronnie couldn’t do that.

Repugs and Corporate Dems… NO difference under the skin. “Conservatives” and “liberals” are both two sides of the same rotten neoliberal coin.


Wednesday, 10 January 2018

10 January 2018. No Comment Necessary Department… Sanity Reigns in Woodstock NY


Remember Rocky and Bullwinkle? Trust me, all the phoney media frenzy and frenetic accusations about “Russian hacking and interference” makes me think of Boris and Natasha, along with Mr Big and Fearless Leader. “It is lie of Moose and skvirrel”… that’s what all the media and political hype sounds like to me. Kudos to the guy who put up the sign… whatever side his political windsock points to, they’ve got one hell of a sense of humour.

Smile awhile…

Oh, if hacking and interfering in someone else’s elections are culpable, tell me… when will all the directors of the CIA stand trial for crimes against humanity? It seems to me that such interference was one of the main things that they did…


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