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Sunday, 13 March 2016

13 March 2016. Today is the Ninth Anniversary of Eric Iliff’s Death

00 Eric Iliff 13.03.12 Pannikhida


I wrote this four years ago:

[Five] years ago, Eric Iliff died, supposedly a “suicide”, after having been sexually assaulted by a staff member at SVS. Today… remember his memory… light a candle… say a prayer… have Pannikhida said for him. Do NOT forget his tormentors… the main ones were Timothy Blumentritt and John Erickson. Erickson is still in good odour with the OCA apparat (indeed, Erickson’s the mentor of the strutting smarkach Oliver Herbel (the one who denies that St Peter the Aleut existed)… “birds of a feather”)… he’s not only an amoral monster, he’s an indifferentist heretic. Indeed, the unrepentant weasel just gave a lecture at a Uniate seminary in Pittsburgh… we shouldn’t even be in the same room with these imposters. They’re a dagger of the Roman Curia aimed directly at our hearts. Is it surprising? The good word has it that Erickson covered up the Iliff case… facts show that he consorts openly with our implacable Uniate foes (who attack the Church openly and relentlessly in the Ukraine). What a loser. Remember Eric… remember his Golgotha. Also, remember how his tormentors walk free… the OCA diehards applaud them. DO draw the proper conclusion.

Вечная ему память, раб божий Ерик Иванович…

NOTHING has changed, sadly enough, save for us to be mired still further in the same old pit. When you pray for Eric, or have Pannikhida said for him on the anniversary of his passing tomorrow, DO NOT FORGET HIS PARENTS JOHN AND MONICA. They didn’t deserve what happened to their son. His death was “convenient” to some in the apparat, wasn’t it? Oh, yes… the lawsuit against SVS “went away” with Eric’s death, didn’t it? I’d say, “Ask yourself, ‘cui bono?’ and connect the dots”. Follow the evidence… it’s a rum go, isn’t it?

Note well that those who tormented Eric all were (and are) in good odour at SVS (save for the sacrificial lamb, Blumentritt). Those who covered up Eric’s death also supported the convicted perv Storheim (and approved of his attorney’s tactic of smearing the victims as “mentally ill”… that’s SVS common tactic, after all). Follow the truth wherever it may lead you… be prepared for the “respectable” and the goodthinkers to hate you for it…



Friday, 15 May 2015

15 May 2015. More GOAA Scuttlebutt… Is Metropolitan Isaiah in the Doghouse Too?




I got this from a source:

Yes, I have heard those rumours as well. I also heard that the Archdiocese may remove Metropolitan Isaiah over the problems in Salt Lake City and stories about priests preaching sermons on the aerial toll houses, etc. in parishes of the Denver Metropolis, influenced by Fr Ephraim’s followers.

The buzz ain’t dying down. That doesn’t mean that it’s true, but it does mean that the buzz ain’t dying down. No one can sue me for saying that. In any case, look at the head of this… it’s tentative; I’m reporting what people are saying… not what’s happening. This is the fruit of the secrecy in the Church. When no real news comes out, all sorts of rumour and innuendo result, hell, it’s worse for the Church than the godawful idiocy in the first place. However, if priests are preaching on the Toll Houses, the Church should slap them down HARD. It isn’t a teaching of the Church… it’s NOT a synodically defined doctrine… it’s nothing but a pious opinion that one can take or leave as one wills.

I think it’s time to reiterate what the ROCOR Holy Synod did back in the day. It simply forbade all discussion or publication on the matter. That was WISE, kids. We should follow that, not scum-bum guru “elders” and internet swami bloviators. I say that the ROCOR Holy Synod should reissue its missive and direct it at all the loudmouth asshats out there. Now, that would warm my innards and make me rub my tummy in joy…


Thursday, 14 May 2015

14 May 2015. Heavy Buzz Out There That GOAA Shitcanned Iakovos of Chicago and His Vicar Over Milwaukee Brouhaha

01 newspaper



There’s much rumour and buzz out there that the GOAA shitcanned Metropolitan Iakovos of Chicago and his vicar due to the present scandal around Light-Fingered Clerical Louies sticking their hand into the cookie jar at Annunciation parish in Milwaukee WI. Of course, the Monomoron toddlers are caterwauling. I’d say, “Let’s wait for the official word on this one”… but the Monomuckos toddlers aren’t particularly known for prudence and care, are they? A source told me:

I have confirmation that the EP asked Met Iakovos and Bishop Dimitri of Chicago to resign… the confirmation is from 79th Street.

Is this so? Keep tuned… same bat-time, same bat-station…


Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Putin Said That He and His Wife are Divorcing

00 Vladimir Putin. Russia. wedding. 12.06


On 6 June, President Vladimir Putin and his wife Lyudmila Putina announced that their marriage is over. Putin said that there was no need for a Church divorce from Lyudmila, since there was no Church wedding. Putin told RT Television, “As far as the religious side of things is concerned, we don’t have to do anything, as we never got married in Church. In fact, both Lyudmila and I want to speak openly and honestly about what’s happening. This is a much better way of behaving than running and hiding”.

Last Thursday, the president and his wife attended the ballet La Esmeralda at the State Kremlin Palace. A little later, in a television interview, they announced that they decided to divorce after nearly 30 years of marriage. Presidential spokesman Dmitri Peskov said that Putin and his wife haven’t yet formalised their divorce, stating, “They said that they decided to divorce; I can’t say when it’ll be fully legalised, but that isn’t as important as the announcement of the decision”. He noted that Putin’s schedule, including a full travel agenda, is well known. For some time, the president and his wife haven’t lived together. Replying to a question whether Lyudmila Putina, who comes from Kaliningrad, will live in Moscow or whether she’d return home, Peskov said that he hadn’t the right to interfere in anyone’s personal life or comment upon it. He said that the Putins said what they had to say on their divorce, it’s not yet time to make further details public. He noted, on the topic of a possible presidential elopement, “I’ll give you what Vladimir Vladimirovich and Lyudmila Aleksandrovna said, in their words. As for what’s out there, it’s nothing but gossip, rumours, and speculation. It isn’t difficult to look at Putin’s work schedule. It isn’t rocket science. When you do, you realise that his life is probably, unfortunately, devoid of most personal relationships; it’s all too full of the responsibilities and obligations that he bears as the Head of State”.

Click here for further information on the topic

11 June 2013



Editor’s Note:

There is a major difference between the Church and the papists in the matter of marriage and divorce. For one thing, we hold that civil marriages are “marriages indeed”. That being said, most priests would prefer couples to have a religious Church wedding as well as the registry office affair. However, if one only has a civil wedding, one is considered “married” by the Church. You can have a Church ceremony as well (indeed, it’s preferable to have both), but it’s not strictly and formally necessary for a marriage to occur. After all, marriage as a religious rite is a somewhat late development, relatively-speaking… I’m not denigrating religious marriage; I’m merely pointing up that it wasn’t a primitive facet of Church life. Besides this, the Church accepts that marriages sometimes fail, that divorce is, sometimes, the only way out of a nasty situation for both parties. I agree with VVP, “In fact, both Lyudmila and I want to speak openly and honestly about what’s happening. This is a much better way of behaving than running and hiding”. This is going to INCREASE VVP’s cred… he’s being open and honest about his sticky personal life. Shit happens…



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