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Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Dozens of UPTs/MP Priests Fled the Ukraine in Fear… 19 UPTs/MP Churches Seized

00 orthodox church. Petrovsky Raion. Donetsk. 28.04.15


Dozens of priests of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church/MP (UPTs/MP) have left the Ukraine, fearing mistreatment. On Monday, at an OSCE conference on combating intolerance and discrimination against Christians in Vienna, Priest Dimitri Safonov, head of inter-religious contacts at the MP OVTsS, said, “Dozens of our priests had to flee the Ukraine. Right now, it’s impossible to get an exact figure. They fled the Ukraine under pressure. Their families received death threats; they faced threats of physical violence. The war in [Novorossiya] destroyed or damaged 77 churches and monasteries. Besides this, in the Western Ukraine, most religious crimes involve seizures of churches of the UPTs/MP. Today, we know that they seized 19 churches of the UPTs/MP and turned them over to the so-called “Kiev Patriarchate“. This religious body began in 1992 in the Ukraine; it has no recognition from any other canonical Orthodox Church in the world. All actions against the UPTs/MP are due to religious and ethnic antipathy”.

Earlier, Metropolitan Antony Pakanich of Borispol and Brovary, the Chancellor of the UPTs/MP, complained to junta strongman P A Poroshenko about church seizures at a meeting of the all-Ukrainian Council of Churches and Religious Organisations, “There were attempts to seize our parishes in Kiev, and in Rovno, Kyiv, Lvov, Ternopol, Volyn, and Cherkassy Oblasts. As of today, we’ve recorded the seizure of 20 of our parishes. Another eight parishes are still in our hands, but the situation is still extremely tense. All this is happening with the obvious collusion of local government bodies”. Metropolitan Antony said that the Donbass has 1,100 UPTs/MP churches and 17 monasteries; the fighting destroyed nine churches, with another 77 churches damaged.

18 May 2015




Most of the second paragraph didn’t make it into Interfax’s English translation. Interfax has notoriously bad English versions… especially, in stories about papists, Uniates, and the Ukraine. The konvertsy idiots, of course, use it without reference to the Russian originals, which gives them a distorted picture of events (in like manner, they rely on the equally bad translations of Alfeyev‘s crew at Bolshaya Ordynka). I’ve noticed much the same with rancid translation at Pravmir and Pravoslavie… but the toddlers gobble it all up! No matter which way you slice it, Несвятые святые is NOT Everyday Saints! Shevkunov allowed a neophyte konvert to mistranslate his book… it utterly fucked up the English version. The title loses its flavour of tension and contradiction (Unholy Holiness would be a MUCH better Englishing of the title… many of us (including priests) in the diaspora feel the same way about this classic howler of a mistranslation).



Friday, 6 February 2015

Excommunicated Uncanonical Pseudo-Patriarch Denisenko of Self-Proclaimed Irregular “Kiev Patriarchate” Bestows False Award on Russophobe John McCain

00 Denisenko and McCain. Washington dog. 06.02.15.jpg-large


F A Denisenko, the leader of the self-proclaimed uncanonical irregular “Patriarchate of Kiev and all the Ukraine (UPTs/KP)” awarded Russophobic US Senator John McCain (R-AZ) the “Order of the Holy Prince Vladimir I degree”. He presented the award to McCain in Washington “for his positive stance in support of Ukraine during the Euromaidan events and the Russian occupation of the Crimea (sic) and the Donbass (sic)”.  A “UPTs/KP” spokesman said that Denisenko “reminded Senator McCain about the debt of the Ukraine to the USA for its help in defending its independence (sic)”. Denisenko was in the US capital to attend a prayer breakfast organised by US President Barack Obama.  McCain is a known Russophobe; he advocates tougher sanctions against Russia and military assistance to the Ukraine. In March 2014, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MID added McCain to a list of nine officials and US Congressmen denied entry to Russia.

5 February 2015




This means that NO Russian Orthodox person can vote for or support the Republican Party in any way. I don’t care about the GOP’s “Pro-Life” bleats… the GOP hates our Motherland, its Civilisation, and its Faith; it wants to export to us its self-centred narcissistic greed (“the love of money is the root of all evil”… which convicts the GOP as theomachistic and anti-Christian). If you support the GOP, you spit on Christ and His Church. There’s no other way of putting it. The konvertsy and pigs like Paffhausen, Potapov, Trenham, and Dreher whore for the Republican Party… that should tell you about the depth of their Orthodoxy… very shallow, indeed.


Wednesday, 17 September 2014

SPC Brings “Ecclesiastical Charges” against Schismatical MPC Archbishop

00 Archbishop Jovan in Prison. 06.12


On Tuesday, the SPC Holy Synod announced its decision to bring ecclesiastical charges against Archbishop Stefan, the head of the canonically unrecognised Macedonian Orthodox Church (MPC). The Synod issued a statement, “By its inveterate persistence in schism, the MPC participates in the un-Christian persecution of Archbishop Jovan Vraniškovski, the canonically recognised head of the autonomous Orthodox Archdiocese of Ohrid, its priests, monks, and believers”. At the Holy Assembly in May, the SPC emphasised that it’s ready to start a dialogue “on establishing canonical order, religious peace, and brotherly love with the church in the neighbouring and friendly Macedonia”, stressing that a condition for this is the release of the unjustly imprisoned Archbishop Jovan of Ohrid. The Assembly noted that the arrest of Archbishop Jovan was a result of demands from top MPC figures. The SPC considers the MPC as a schismatical body. It also noted that Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew Archontonis and Patriarch Kirill Gundyaev of Moscow also sent the same message to the canonically unrecognised MPC.

In July this year, the Macedonian Appellate Court upheld the first instance ruling sentencing Archbishop Jovan of Ohrid and Metropolitan of Skopje to three years in prison for allegedly embezzling 250,000 Euros (12.4 million Roubles. 2 million Renminbi. 19.8 million INR. 324,000 USD. 356,000 CAD. 357,000 AUD. 200,000 UK Pounds). Archbishop Jovan received a three-year prison sentence on 2 July 2013 in Skopje. He appealed this judgment in November, but the second instance court dismissed the appeal as unfounded. In his submission to the Skopje Appellate Court, Vladyki Jovan stated, “In the 12 years since its establishment, the Macedonian authorities have subjected the Orthodox Archdiocese of Ohrid to persecution, who deny its application for official registration to this day, which would make it a legal religious organisation”.

Since 2003, Macedonian authorities arrested Archbishop Jovan six times on different charges, including public disorder when he tried to conduct a baptism ceremony in a church the MPC claims as its own. They also charged him with “inciting ethnic and religious hatred” for having “slandered the MPC”, spending a total of almost 18 months in prison. His last arrest was on 12 December 2011, upon entering Macedonia from Greece, on charges of embezzling 250,000 Euros. According to his lawyers, he returned to the country to request a retrial, but they arrested him and threw him in Idrizovo Prison near Skopje, where they still hold him under difficult conditions.

The MPC is canonically unrecognised, and the SPC considered it a schismatical body ever since it declared autocephaly unilaterally in 1967. The MPC defrocked Bishop Jovan when the SPC appointed him as its exarch in Macedonia. The SPC believes Archbishop Jovan to be the victim of rigged political trials because of his opposition to the schism, whilst Amnesty International and Freedom House stated that he’s a prisoner of conscience. Two prominent Macedonian bishops, Timotej and Pimen, publicly requested Vladyki Jovan’s pardon. Unofficially, most MPC bishops would support a pardon, except for Archbishop Stefan and Bishops Petar and Agatangel.

27 August 2014



Monday, 8 September 2014

Schismatical “Orthodox” Steal Three Churches from the UPTs/MP

00 Jesus. 08.09.14


Adherents of the schismatical UPTs/KP stole three churches of the UPTs/MP.  At the same time, they also threatened to steal other UPTs/MP churches. Metropolitan Varfolomei Vashchuk of Rovno and Ostrog make a request for assistance from the authorities to aid the monks involved, but they refused to respond. The UPTs/MP hierarchy stated that the monks say that they’ve put it all in God’s hands.  Metropolitan Varfolomei said, “Under the guise of patriotic appeals, the forces of evil sow discord and strife among our people”. He urged his flock to preserve the faith of the Church, protect its churches, to keep unity with the larger Church, and not to succumb to provocations,

8 September 2014




This looks like the Wild West days of the Nasty Nineties, only the commies aren’t there to protect the real Christians. The UGKTs and schismatical Orthodox hated V F Yanukovich, not because he was corrupt, but because he gave equal rights to the UPTs/MP and protected it against American-paid Uniate and schismatical mobs. Someone from Podkarpatskaya told me that, usually, the Uniates have minority support, but they had guns from nationalist politicians and money from Langley. In many villages, there’s only one church; in many cases, the Uniates took them over by force and killed or brutalised the Orthodox clergy. Fr Mikhail Shuvar’s case isn’t unique. That’s why Frederica M-G is a soulless and ignorant pig… she schmoozes with the Uniate enemies of Christ’s Church and encourages others to do likewise. None of the Anglican “converts” have given up the heretical Branch Theory (the MP defined it as such, HH himself wrote up the declaration when he still a Metropolitan). They’ve never internalised tserkovnost (Churchmindedness) and they never shall.

You may follow the godpleasing example of Fr Mikhail Shuvar or you may follow the demonic example of Freddie M-G. That’s the situation, plainly put and without froufrou. The Uniate and schismatical robbers steal our churches, kill our priests, and brutalise our believers. They call those of us who publicise this, “haters”. Go ahead, you can call me a “hater”… you can gauge a person better by their enemies than by their friends… never forget that.


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