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Sunday, 1 February 2015

Fr Vsevolod Chaplin Calls for Crackdown on Scientology and JW Cults

04c Kirill and Zyuganov

Fr Vsevolod with KPRF leaders… the Church and the Party are on one wavelength. The Church is compatible with collectivist socialism… not with Republican oligarchic anarchy… fancy that…


On Friday, Archpriest V A Chaplin, the Chairman of the MP Synodal Department for the Coordination of Church and Society (OVTsO), told us that the authorities shouldn’t trust adherents of Scientology and Jehovah’s Witnesses (JWs), saying, “From my point of view, it didn’t surprise me that they searched the office of the Scientologists as part of a fraud case”. The media reported that the police raided Scientology headquarters in a building on Taganka Street in Moscow. Fr Vsevolod noted that this wasn’t the first time that Russians asked, “Why does this pseudo-religion, tightly controlled from the USA with a strict chain of command, collect data about our citizens, storing it in a massive storage system? The authorities should investigate not only the Scientologists and JWs, but also other similar sects, and so-called expert and humanitarian structures, subsidiaries of American corporations and think tanks, which don’t engage in Russia in expert or humanitarian activities, but rather in propaganda. For example, they assert the alleged inevitability of the Western model of democracy and of financial-oligarchic capitalism, and so on. We should investigate these sects and experts, as the majority of our people reject them; after all, honest, free, and self-respecting people don’t want to deal with them. If the JWs come knocking on your door, don’t open it; tell Scientologists that their beliefs are incompatible with Christianity, refrain from further conversation, don’t go to their Soros-financed seminars… if they offer you money for renting a hall, don’t accept it… if they throw about the term ‘domestic violence’, ask them why someone so concerned about the family allocates so much money on one thing, allocating much less money on violence in prisons, on the streets, in markets, and in military units”. Fr Vsevolod stated that in an environment where America calls Russia a major threat, “It’d be strange to extend to these organisations preferential treatment, especially since many of them openly say that they’d like to change the consciousness and the historical path of our people. They don’t listen to our will; they often openly challenge it”.

30 January 2015



Tuesday, 21 May 2013

US State Department Sez Russian Laws and Policies Restrict Religious Freedom

00.01a Pussy Riot. Belarus. Romney Advisers. 02.10.12


According to an annual report released on Monday by the US State Department, Russia was amongst the countries (including Saudi Arabia, DPRK, Cuba, Iran, and China) that imposed restrictions on freedom of religion last year. US Secretary of State John Kerry commented to the press, “This report is a clear-eyed objective (sic!) look at the state of religious freedom around the world. When necessary, yes, it does directly call out some of our close friends, as well as some countries with whom we seek stronger ties. It does so in order to try to make progress, even though we know that it may cause some discomfort. But when countries undermine or attack religious freedom, they not only unjustly threaten those whom they target. They also threaten their country’s own stability… attacks on religious freedom are therefore both a moral and a strategic national security concern for the USA”.

According to the International Religious Freedom Report for 2012, the Russian government “targeted members of minority religious groups through the use of extremism charges to ban religious materials and restrict groups’ right to assemble”. It said authorities also “restricted religious minorities through detention, raids, denial of official registration with the Ministry of Justice (Minyust), and denial of visas to religious workers”. Suzan Johnson Cook, Ambassador-at-Large for International Religious Freedom, a division of the US State Department that monitors religious persecution and discrimination around the world, said, “Religious freedom is essential for a stable, peaceful, and thriving society. … As this report makes clear, much work remains to be done”.

The report finds evidence of anti-Muslim sentiment and discrimination in Russia, as well as an increase in anti-Semitism, pointing to vandals in Russia painting a swastika on a fence at a St Petersburg synagogue in May 2012, and in July 2012, vandals painting a swastika on a synagogue wall in Irkutsk. The report alleged, “Members of minority religious groups continued to experience harassment and occasional physical attacks. Violent extremism in the North Caucasus region and an influx of Central Asian migrant workers led to negative attitudes in many regions toward traditionally-Muslim ethnic groups”.

Amongst the claimed instances that raised concern in Russia:

The report asserted, “There’s no state religion, but the Russian Orthodox Church and other ‘traditional’ religious communities received preferential consideration”. The annual report details the status of religious freedom in 195 countries throughout the world. Mandated by, and presented to, the US Congress, under the International Religious Freedom Act of 1998.

20 May 2013



Editor’s Note:

BOO-HOO! Let’s all shudder together in unison. Americans have NO right at all to point fingers. Look at the vacuous anti-Muslim diatribes broadcast by the likes of Fox News, Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh, and Peter King. You’d think that Muslims were responsible for cancer, the common cold, athlete’s foot, and the heartbreak of psoriasis. THIS is why America and Americans are hated throughout the whole world. “Why, we’re so good that all of you unwashed yobbos and wogs have to kiss our naked arse in full view of everybody, or we’ll send you ungrateful and disrespectful sods democracy on the bomb-racks of a USAF bomber”. That’s what it is, full stop… and no one can deny it. However, they got their comeuppance in Iraq and Afghanistan. In Iraq, they ended by putting a pro-Iranian junta in power (a delicious irony if there ever was one), and they can’t impose their diktat over the Hindu Kush, even though they’ve spent twelve years trying to do so.

This is more Anglo-Saxon posturing… yes, kids, it’s what you see amongst the konvertsy… we’re all so BACKWARD… but all we have to do is to follow the simon-pure WASPs, kiss their bums whenever they present them, and everything will be hunky-dory. Well, I don’t give such twaddle any truck any more… life is too short. Cross yourself, say “Slava Bogu”, and tell ‘em to their face, “Kiss my arse”… you’ll feel 100 percent better, and they won’t bother you any further (they WILL trash you behind your back, but them’s the breaks, kids). Silly sorts, aren’t they? It takes ALL kinds in our sinful-ginful world.


Sunday, 21 October 2012

21 October 2012. Franklin Graham Kisses Romney’s Naked Backside at High Noon… Mormonism is No Longer a Cult According to Him

THIS is what Billy Graham truly believes in… his son is a liar and poltroon


Firstly, I want you to read Frank Schaefer’s post on this topic. Now, read this from the Huffington Post.

Note this from the Schaefer piece:

The surprise outage of the flagship global evangelising organization website comes days before the 2012 presidential election, and on the heels of a widening scandal that opened up when aging evangelism superstar Billy Graham made a widely-heralded non-endorsement of presidential contender Mitt Romney, and, soon after, the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (BGEA) website scrubbed a page on which Graham identified Mormonism as a “cult”, along with the Unification Church and Scientology. … To secular audiences, it is hard to overemphasise the earthquake-scale magnitude of this scandal within modern American evangelicalism… superstar evangelist Billy Graham was friend and confidant of multiple presidents, such as Richard Nixon, and was widely viewed as a more sophisticated and inclusive counterweight to theologically-rigid tendencies within Christian fundamentalism. Fundamentalists strongly criticised Graham for his willingness to appear in public with representatives of non-Christian faiths.

Note this from the latter piece:

In February, Franklin Graham, president and CEO of the BGEA, made headlines after questioning Obama’s Christianity and alluding to Obama possibly being a Muslim; he’s been less discreet about his political support than his father. He wrote in a recent op-ed that Obama plans to rebuild America in what could amount to creating a “new nation without God or perhaps under many Gods”. … After Romney met with Graham, the BGEA removed a page from its website that called Mormonism as a “cult,” along with Unitarians, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Scientologists, Spiritists, and the Unification Church.

I asked an older Anglican friend of mine, who knows Billy Graham personally, what they felt about this. The answer was unambiguous. “Billy’s not concerned with politics right now. He’s at the end of his life; he’s got more important things on his mind than petty political concerns. This lash-up is from his son, make no mistake on it”. Indeed, I agree. Franklin Graham doesn’t have a tithe of his father’s ability or cred; yet, he’s trying to use his father’s charismata and mana to endorse his Far Right delusions. Whatever you might think of Billy Graham’s religious viewpoints, he’s a man of principle. If he didn’t endorse Romney in the near past, he’s not doing so now. His son cleverly worded the BGEA release so that it meant one thing to his father (a gentleman of the old school) and another to New Republican activists such as himself. He misled his father into supporting a policy that he refused to support (that’s clever… and evil to the bone).

At present, Billy Graham doesn’t move much from his North Carolina home due to infirmities of age. His son uses his father’s name and rep to back his harebrained notions. Note well that there was no video or audio of Billy Graham making these statements; they’re written statements issued by the BGEA. In short, Franklin Graham used his father… I find that unconscionable, nasty, and quite “below the salt”. Any child who’d do such with their parents is a shit-spattered pig, full stop. Franklin should’ve left his father out of things after Billy’s statement of non-support for Romney. That’s what an honourable and decent person would’ve done. Franklin Graham told the world what he was by this legerdemain.

Nevertheless, it tells one much about both “New Evangelicals” and the “New Republican Party”…  both are soulless and godless in their essence. Their loud religiosity only compounds the evil. “Honour your father and your mother”… Franklin Graham spat on that, so, what does that tell you of his “religion” and about his ethical grounding? If he can’t even keep the Decalogue, what sort of “Christian” is he? I’ve got to hurl… politics is a foul rum go at best, but this is nauseating beyond all measure. God have mercy on poor Billy… his son used him to advance low political ends… HIS OWN FLESH N’ BLOOD DID IT TO HIM. That’s what makes it so horrendous. Deus videat et iudicare.

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Sunday 21 October 2012

Albany NY

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

US State Department Accused Russia of Violating the Rights of Religious Minorities (Again…)

Scientology’s E-Meter… if this isn’t proof that “there’s a sucker born a minute and two born to take ’em”, I don’t know what is. I don’t cry over cults getting the chop from the authorities… they’re more P T Barnum than C S Lewis… and that’s a fact.


According to a report published by the US State Department on patterns of religious freedom in the world, Russia has significant restrictions on religious freedom. The report said, “The RF Constitution guarantees freedom of religion; however, other laws restrict this freedom. Some religious groups suffer discrimination; others can ‘t register officially”. The State Department stated that Russia doesn’t have a state religion, but the Russian Orthodox Church (sic) has a dominant position, “giving it a privileged status, along with other traditional religious groups”. In the opinion of the report’s authors, other religious organisations in Russia, in particular, Jehovah’s Witnesses and Scientologists, still face difficulties in registering. In addition, often, the authorities ban their literature. “For most Russians, religious questions aren’t a source of social tension or other problems. However, there are tensions between the majority religions and religious minorities”, the compilers of the State Department report concluded.

14 September 2011



Editor’s Note:

We’re supposed to boo-hoo over JWs and Scientologists… they’re cults, NOT religions. If adult nutters want to kill themselves by refusing proper medical treatment, so be it… let them do so. The Russian government is correct when it steps in and overrides nutcase parents, though. Let ‘em howl, I say… save the kid’s life… that’s what’s important. These people are the equivalent of Fred Phelps, Terry Jones, and Harold Camping. To say that they’re fringe lunatics is an understatement… such sorts make all believers look bad (Pat Robertson and Franklin Graham aren’t much better).

The state has the right to preserve order… and Radical Sectarians are Nihilist Anarchists to the bone. If you don’t believe in the Church, you proclaim an anthropocentric and self-absorbed faith. It’s “Me and Jayzuss”… “Jayzuss, my personal saviour”, no doubt about it… and that’s NOT Christian in the least. Remember, Sectarianism requires Anarchy to thrive… and the most vicious form of Anarchy is Nihilistic Libertarianism. It’s not just “Objectivism”… Ayn Rand’s noisome little ideology… it’s also the Prosperity Gospel, the Religious Right, and the Moral Majority sorts (the organisation’s gone, but its sordid ethos lives on). That’s why the Religious Right is brutally Neoliberal and Laissez-Faire. If there were order and justice… why, there’d be no place for them, don’t you see? Order implies structure, which implies hierarchy, which implies the Church, which implies God… and His Truth. Anarchy implies formlessness, which implies cacophony, which implies self-absorption, which implies Satan… and his lies and deceptions. Reflect on this… those who have the name of Jesus most on their lips honour Him the least by their actions.

None dare call it blasphemy.


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