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Thursday, 11 October 2012

11 October 2012. Something to Think Upon Before Marking Your Ballot on 6 November…


Let’s not be coy… “anti-abortion” doesn’t equal “pro-life”. If someone’s in favour of perpetual warfare in foreign parts, bloated arms budgets, and generous giveaways to the rich, they’re NOT Pro-Life, no siree. That’s to say, no contemporary Republican is Pro-Life using the late Cardinal O’Connor‘s “seamless garment” rule. This is especially true of Wet Willy. He’s a warmongering coward who ran away and hid in France rather than serve in the Vietnam War. In any case, he’s a religious kook who belongs to a questionable cult (Mormonism isn’t Christian, and anyone who calls Willy “god-fearing” is crackbrained, full stop).

Don’t vote for Republican candidates. They want to take away from poor women the option of “choosing life”… strange, ain’t it? Don’t look at what someone says, look at what their proposals would result in. The Republicans want a nasty and vicious world where the voracious rich and their Affluent Effluent lickspittles would have full rein to fuck whomever they pleased, without any interference from the government. That’s what they mean by “freedom”…



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