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Sunday, 26 May 2013

The Amerikantsy Know-Nothings Show their True Colours: Passengers Kicked Off a Flight in San Diego for Speaking Russian

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Airline staff kicked six San Diego residents off a Spirit Airlines flight in the USA for speaking Russian. The six people, including a business owner, a teacher, and an accountant, were flying to Las Vegas NV for an anniversary party last Thursday. However, less than 10 minutes after they got in their seats, staff led them off the plane. One of the passengers said, “I was very confused”. All of them are Russian natives. The group was chatting about the party in their regular voices… only slightly louder when someone was speaking across the aisle… when an airline worker walked up to the Russian natives and told them that they had to leave. An airline employee told them that the stewardesses were intimidated by their speaking a different language. The passengers got a refund from Spirit, but missed their anniversary party.

26 May 2013

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Editor’s Note:

Get a load of:

The stewardesses were intimidated by their speaking a different language.

What goofy bullshit! It’s San Diego, which is three loud farts away from Mexico. If they were speaking LOUDLY in Spanish, this wouldn’t have happened. If it had, the staff would be in the deep kimchi and the airline would have to pay a beaucoup bucks settlement. This is the Bush-instigated Security Society at work (with a strong added measure of Nativist bigotry)… and the Republican Party neocons and libertarians want to reinforce such BS (no money for social problems, scads of cash for police state repression of all those who’re “different”)… reflect on that, kids. If you love freedom…


Thursday, 21 February 2013

21 February 2013. A Friendly Piece of Advice from your Tyotya Vara

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Today, I sent on an e-mail attachment that a friend sent me to another friend. My invariable dictum on this is to advise everyone to remove all traces of any header or contact info from the e-mail before sending it on. You’d do well to do that. You don’t know with whom your addressee may share your e-mail with, so, the best policy is to remove all contact info… that preserves your friends’ confidentiality and privacy. I’ve received some e-mails from the Cabinet with contact info still on them… please, remove them! It’ll inculcate a good habit… you don’t know what other people might do (and some of the worst harms out there are done unwittingly, sadly enough).

Get rid of that contact info before sending it on! Sergeant Vara says so!



Wednesday, 16 November 2011

16 November 2011. False Warning from Trend Micro on VFR…

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A friend warned me that a false warning is being passed by Trend Micro concerning this blog. I’ve pasted the warning below. THIS IS BOGUS. If this site were compromised, ALL of WordPress would be compromised… it’s quite that simple. There’s no malware on this site… I have SEVERAL anti-bug programmes installed, and, trust me, I’d know it if there were ANY problems (and there aren’t). In any case, VFR goes through the WordPress servers, and you can’t “contaminate” a particular blog… it’s technically impossible. Screwy world we live in, no?


Blocked by Trend Micro
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Address: https://02varvara.wordpress.com/
Credibility: Dangerous
If you still want to see this blocked page:

  1. Click the Windows Start button and launch Trend Micro Internet Security from the list under All Programs.
  2. Click Internet & Email Controls.
  3. Click the Settings… button under Parental Controls or Protection Against Web Threats.
  4. Click the List of Approved Web Sites link in the next window that opens.
  5. Copy and paste the address of the blocked Web site into the list.
Note: If you think that Trend Micro Internet Security should not block this Web page, please notify Trend Micro by clicking this button: 

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