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Saturday, 7 February 2015

7 February 2015. OCA Finally Comments on Storheim… LATE… Watch ‘Em “Wash Their Hands”

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The OCA finally commented on the Storheim story. The First Families are going to concoct a lie that no one will believe. First, there was the gay going-ons of Soraich… then, the kiddie porn plea from Brittain… now, this. Keep it in mind… Fathausen defended and covered up the perps (along with Peterson, Hatfield, Brum, and Eliel). Hmm… the konvertsy go into orgasm about him (I think that their gaydar is FUBAR). Syosset will do the minimum that its lawyers recommend… the people will have much less respect towards the Syosset apparat, but that won’t faze Lyonyo and Jillions. The only thing that saves Mollard is that the people are war-weary and want no more upsets. However… the Centre WILL notice this and mark it down. Will this affect the Centre’s support for the OCA? Time will tell us.


Friday, 6 February 2015

6 February 2015. OCA SILENT on Canadian Court Upholding Storheim Conviction

01 read all about it


There’s nothing on oca.org about the Canadian court upholding Seraphim Storheim’s conviction. NOTHING. The official website has an OBLIGATION to post news of the Church, which this most undoubtedly is. Lyonyo and Jillions are up to their usual tricks, aren’t they? V R Legoida has news of the Church up within HOURS of its occurrence, INCLUDING Sundays, holidays, and Easter! If that means that Vladimir Romanovich is conscientious and dutiful, the oca.org silence means that Lyonyo, Jillions, and whomever is in charge of the website are lazy, inattentive, and contemptuous of you. They’ve wasted thousands of the believers’ dollars on a fruitless and bootless attempt to overturn Storheim’s conviction. The goodthinkers bleat, “You can’t say anything until it goes through appeal”. It HAS gone through appeal, and the judges upheld Mr Justice Mainella’s verdict. Mr Justice Mainella didn’t hide his contempt of Storheim or his legal mouthpiece in his verdict.

When the shyster Gindin attacked the plaintiffs’ sanity… we all attacked them, for the OCA backed this weaselly and verminous tactic. We all owe them an apology for what they had to go through. I’m sorry that Gindin implicated all of us in his nasty-ass manoeuvres. I’m sorry that he hurt the plaintiffs. I’m sorry that our efforts didn’t stop this monstrous lawyer from trashing them in a public venue. Most of all, I’m sorry that a group that claimed to be “Christian” fucked them up the ass with no vaseline in full view of a drooling public.

I’ve got to walk away from this one. This is just repulsive beyond all words. Let God see and judge…


Storheim’s Appeal Denied, Victims’ Group Responds

01 child abuse


Today, the appellate court announced that it denied the appeal of convicted child molester Archbishop Seraphim Storheim. For many years, Storheim was the highest-ranking Orthodox Church in America (OCA) official in Canada. We’re extremely grateful for this decision.


We hope that the two men who courageously testified about what they had suffered at Storheim’s hands will again feel vindicated. Without their bravery, the conviction wouldn’t have been possible and kids would still be at risk. Now that Storheim had his conviction affirmed, we hope that the OCA will finally act to remove him from the ranks of clergy. We also hope that the Archdiocese of Canada would check its records to insure that the archbishop didn’t use his position to shield other predators or to discipline whistleblowers. Finally, we recognise that paedophiles usually have many victims. We beg anyone who suffered, saw, or suspected Storheim’s crimes to report to professionals in law enforcement and help protect kids. The archbishop worked in the following locations:

  • 30 May 1980-31 January 1981: Supply priest in Valamo Monastery (Finland)
  • January 1981-October 1982: Missionary priest, Alberta (Canada)
  • October 1982-15 December 1983: Missionary priest, Charlotte NC (USA)
  • 15 December 1983-1 December 1984: Missionary priest in London ON (Canada)
  • 1 December 1984-13 June 1987: Rector of Holy Trinity Sobor, Winnipeg MB (Canada)
  • 13 June 1987-29 June 1990: Bishop of Edmonton AB (Canada)
  • 28 October 1990-21 March 2014: Ruling hierarch of the Archdiocese of Canada, with his seat in Ottawa ON (Canada)

If anyone has further information, contact Cappy and Mel… go to Pokrov.org and follow the contact instructions.

5 February 2015

(no URL available… sent to me as cut n’ paste)


Cappy and Mel have gone through hell from the goodthinkers. I’ll say this… NO ONE has the right to abuse our kids, and clergy DON’T get a “get out of jail free” card for being clergy. Cappy and Mel have “fought the good fight” and deserve praise for hangin’ in there. This is too much… first, the Brittain kiddie-porn thing; now, this. As a MP priest abroad said to me, “Which one of the OCA bishops isn’t a poof?” It’s coming home to roost.


We’re Christians… that’s what we do…


Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Court Reserves Decision in Ex-Archbishop’s Sex Assault Appeal

01 Canadian gavel


Manitoba’s Court of Appeal reserved its decision on an appeal by Seraphim Kenneth Storheim, a former archbishop convicted of sexually assaulting an altar boy in the 1980s. On Friday morning, Storheim’s lawyer, Jeff Gindin, appeared before the court with photographs that he claims call a key witness’s testimony into question. Gindin said that the photographs show that the witness was not with Storheim in 1985, but in 1986. However, the appeal court justices questioned the validity of the photos… whether they show the boy in question and whether they were, in fact, taken in 1986. They pointed up that the witness who presented the photos to Gindin hasn’t signed an affidavit. The justices also questioned why the witness didn’t come forward during the trial. The judges said that the new evidence isn’t particularly “material”. The Crown argued that the photos are unverified, and even if they were admissible, they wouldn’t be enough to overturn the conviction. Prosecutors told the court that the only affidavit signed regarding new information was by an administrative assistant who was unable to verify the identity of the boy depicted in the photographs. Gindin argued that there wasn’t a “fair analysis of evidence” during the trial. The hearing continued until about 13.30, with the justices reserving their decision on the matter.

In January, a Manitoba court found Storheim guilty of sexual assault involving one of two brothers, who claim that the then-priest assaulted them when they were pre-teens. The brothers, who are now in their 30s, testified during the trial that they lived with Storheim briefly, on separate occasions, when they worked as altar boys in 1985.

31 October 2014

Katie Nicholson




Gindin is a weaselly sack o’ shit who based his defence on shredding the cred of the victims. That’s why many victims don’t come forward… the lawyer for the defence clobbers ‘em in the court without mercy and all the goodthinkers trash them in all sorts of public venues, especially, the internet. It’s a wonder that anyone comes forward at all… I’d say that the loud claques around clergy are the worst… they show such unbridled mean and nasty behaviour that one does doubt the reality of Christianity at times. I don’t know who’s worse… the clergy claques or the pompous phonies such as Freddy M-G and Rod Dreher. Trust me… it does makes me think at times that religion is just a grand n’ glorious mind-fuck, then, we die, for good-and-all. It doesn’t last… but I’ll say that the best argument against Christianity… is so-called “Christians”. Do think on it…


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