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Saturday, 28 January 2012

28 January 2012. Ivan Ivanovich Speaks… in Favour of VVP!

Working class people at a spontaneous pro-Putin rally in Yekaterinburg, the “Russian Pittsburgh”, showing not only their support for the PM, but their opposition to the pro-Western suck-up managerial creeps who purport to speak for society.


“Citizens, our voice is important!” (text on sign in foreground)


Ever since the chaos of the Nasty Nineties, the working people of Russia have mistrusted the thin layer of pro-Western lickspittles who “speak” for Russia to the Western media. Click here for a western media report (AFP) on pro-Putin rallies. You see, “limousine liberal” poseurs like Serge Schmemann, Sophia Kishkovsky, Anya Schmemann, and Katrina vanden Heuvel only speak to a small circle of zapadnik pseudo-intellectuals and “biznessmen” (the word is a pejorative in Russian… normal people tend to spit after saying it). Look at how they cream their jeans over Gorbachyov! Let me tell you, Mikhail Sergeyevich is one of the most hated men in Russia… most ordinary people blame his dithering and indecision for the death of the USSR and the import of the most feral forms of Western capitalism.

Let me give you a small example. SVS hates the Union of Orthodox Banner-Bearers and calls them “Fundamentalists” (always a term used by the overeducated and underinformed). Supposedly, they’re racists, homophobes, “traditionalists”, yadda, yadda, yadda. I’ll tell you why they hate them… they’re working class people who won’t be led about by phoney pseudo-intellectuals like John Behr, Paul von Meyendorff, and Patrick Henry Reardon. C’mon, such sorts imagine themselves to be modern Mahatma Gandhis, but they’re really the political and academic equivalent of Verka Serduchka (click here and here for two of his funny vids). As for the Banner-Bearers, their strongholds are gritty blue-collar suburbs like Lyubertsy (the famous rock band Lyube comes from there… here’s one of their songs (“KomBat” is a Russian military acronym for “Battalion Commander”)) and Bibirevo (in Moscow, the workers live in the outer ‘burbs, not the oligarchs), not the effete environs of the Vanil Restoran… where one can find Dickie Wood sipping a martini with his oligarch pals (as photos indicate). The people in the image above are of the same ilk. Working people don’t need “direction” from jumped-up fraudulent “middle class voices”. They can do their own thinking and come to their own conclusions, thank you very much, even if credentialised putzes in academe and the media think otherwise.

If you were to ask most working people, they want a society with Social Justice and Social Democracy (with a good dose of Socialism as part of the mixture). Yet, they also want a society where bureaucrats leave them alone and where John Law stays off their backs. That is, they’re NOT Neoliberal “conservatives”, yet, they’re not American-style “liberals” either. I’d say that working people want a society like the New Deal… where there’s a social safety net and social benefits to ensure a decent “floor” for living, where the government looks out for the “little guy”, but where criminals go to the slammer, and where the state leaves people free to pursue their private lives. That’s what most ordinary folks want… not the “freedom” to rape one’s fellow man for personal gain, or, for the “right” of corporations to have more rights than living-and-breathing people do.

The ordinary people of Russia are speaking… and they’re NOT saying what the NY Times, the Economist, CNN, and Fox News want you to hear. Look at the image… and be enlightened. “Citizens, our voice is important!” I’d say that’s true here, too… Barack Obama and Mitt Romney should heed it…

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Saturday 28 January 2012

Albany NY

Thursday, 26 January 2012

26 January 2012. STOP THE PRESSES! Katrina Vanden Heuvel to speak on Russia at the PRINCETON CLUB… If Ms vanden Heuvel Calls Herself a “Progressive”, I’ll Call Her a “One Percenter Liar”

Note how Ms vanden Heuvel wraps herself up in “Progressive” rhetoric… the venue of her speech shows her to be a lying hypocrite…


Look at this:

We want to invite you to a special event taking place in Manhattan next week featuring Nation Editor and Publisher Katrina vanden Heuvel and Russia expert and Nation Contributing Editor Stephen F Cohen.

“Russia and the Arab Spring

Monday, 30 January 2012 18.00 EST

The Princeton Club of New York, Manhattan

Stephen Cohen, Katrina vanden Heuvel, and Paul du Quenoy will discuss Russia and the Global Protest Movement in a lively and free-wheeling conversation about how the Russian, Occupy, and Arab movements for change are shaping our future world, including upcoming elections in both the US and Russia. 10 USD (305 Roubles. 7.60 Euros. 6.40 UK Pounds) for members; 15 USD (460 Roubles. 11.50 Euros. 9.60 UK Pounds) for guests (includes one drink).

To reserve seats, please contact Nicole Diamant at:


All best,

Peter Rothberg

The Nation


What kind of “Progressive” is this? The event is at the PRINCETON CLUB. You can’t get more “establishment” and “One Percent” than that. Get this, the admission price includes “one drink”… is this a lecture, or, is this a party held in the bar? Everybody’s heard of vanden Heuvel and her husband Stephen Cohen, but the third party involved is a relative unknown, Paul du Quenoy (a hack academic from the American University in Beirut LEBANON). Click here for a short blurb on this academic nonentity. Do note that NO real Russians are involved in this. They’d all shit their nicks if Comrade Zyuganov or Vsevolod Anatolyevich showed up! Hell, they’d run for the hills if the Russian Consul General or Vitaly Ivanovich came to call!

Betcha any amount of money that phoney shits like John Behr, Paul von Meyendorff, Anya Schmemann, Serge Schmemann, Sophia Kishkovsky, and Lyonyo are going to be there and (mis)represent Russia and Russians (wanna bet that Potapov and his Charlie McCarthy, Fathausen, are going to show, too?). What they need is for a bunch of po-nashemu guys from the Wyoming Valley to gate-crash this affair and give ‘em the razz! Note well that they didn’t include ONE Russian on the list of featured speakers… hey, this is in the City, not Podunk Centre; they could’ve gotten Ambassador Churkin or somebody from RT or VOR. In short, it’s a bunch of credentialised blozos bloviating on Russia… ho hum! Now, if Val Zorin were to show up, that would shake things up! He was reporting on the American news for Gosteleradio whilst Ms vanden Heuvel was still shitting in her nappies.

This is why so many good people won’t have anything to do with the Left. They see posturing Establishment limousine liberals like vanden Heuvel, and they conclude, logically enough, that if she represents herself as being of the Left, then, that’s what the Left is like. If that’s what the Left is like, they want no part of it. Hell, I don’t like this sort myself… their condescension and patronising ways nauseate me. It kept me from looking at the Left objectively for YEARS… ergo, I understand why many reject the Left… they don’t reject Socialism; they reject those who purport to speak for it.

In short, this is GIGO all the way around. I wonder if Lil’ Mizz Sophia is going to report on this in the New York Times… perspirin’ minds wanna know…

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Thursday 26 January 2012

Albany NY

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Western Shock Headlines Misrepresent Patriarch Kirill

Here’s the real deal on His Holiness… he’s NOT a Langley lickspittle like the Blunder, Denisenko, Rusantsov, and Pashkovsky (not to mention Paffhausen, Kishkovsky (père et fille), Reardon, Serge Schmemann, and Potapov)…


The sensational headlines found in the Western and Scandinavian media caused a Christmas shock. Unfortunately, quite a few Russian news outlets repeated these headlines. Through them, an ordinary reader might suppose that His Holiness Patriarch Kirill [of Moscow and all the Russias] and Archpriest Vsevolod Chaplin might even support dollar-funded colour revolutionary leaders. The Western media didn’t write any references to specifics about the Orthodoxy (right mind) and Orthopraxis (right practise) of the Eastern Orthodox Church. In the worst cases, the above-mentioned journalists had never even attended an Orthodox service.

Many greetings and prayers of the Orthodox Christmas services focus on brotherly love and peace in Jesus Christ. According to Vladimir Lossky (1903–58), an influential Eastern Orthodox theologian, the Christian life of prayer and worship is the foundation for dogmatic theology, and dogma helps Christians in their struggles. Orthodox doctrine has its basis in liturgical life, prayer, and in the experience of church members of the presence of God in Christ. Did the journalists understand the speeches of Kirill and Chaplin in the context of the Orthodox understanding and devotion surrounding Christmas?

In his 2012 Christmas message, His Holiness Patriarch Kirill told his flock that hope resides in the birth of Christ, rather than in political power struggles, personal greed, and relativism:

God was born in the flesh in order to reveal His love, to help people to find the fullness of life, to give this to every man who wants to hear His message. That’s why this holiday gives us hope for help from above even in the most difficult circumstances of our lives.

Patriarch Kirill spoke about the serious challenges facing our modern world:

This challenge aims to destroy the moral sense embedded by God in our souls. Today, there are those who’re trying to convince people that man, and only man, is the standard of truth… that everyone has their own truth, and everyone defines what’s good, and what’s evil.

One can easily see that Patriarch Kirill’s guiding people away from greedy enterprises and moral relativism towards a sense of morality and an appreciation of the spiritual dimension of life.

Personal forgiveness and Holy Communion (Eucharist) are at the centre of Orthodox Christmas worship; this applies equally to small children and old people. For many secular people, to see that believers of all ages participate in Holy Communion at Christmas is an impressive experience, for everyone needs confession of sins and forgiveness. Orthodox Christmas is joyous, but that joy isn’t commercial in nature. Patriarch Kirill invited both the protesters and the government to Confession. His Holiness turned to the government, as the Western media made very well-known, but he turned also to the demonstrators, and exhorted them to be renewed, “Be honest with yourselves”.

His Holiness warned, “Social networks manipulate the awareness” of people. In his Christmas homily he said, “It’s important to learn how to recognise the deceits and illusions of Earthly well-being in our destructive addictions, in our greedy strivings, in the temptations of advertisements, in the entertainment industry, and in political propaganda”. The patriarch’s speech about “social networks” echoes Archpriest Vsevolod Chaplin’s cautionary words about “social network hamsters”. The clerics express the Church’s love for people, but they’re concerned about manipulation and incitement.

On 8 January 2012, Patriarch Kirill said in the Word of the Pastor that everybody wants “to express his own judgement, not only to present it to others publicly, but also to lead others”. Everyone lives under the powerful influence of the informational media during times of election campaigns and political conflicts. To better orient us, the patriarch referred to the Christmas Tropar {a short hymn encapsulating the theme of a feast or saint: editor} and reminded us that the birth of Christ the Saviour opened a new era. Christ is “a guiding star, a beacon, which helps to pull out of the darkness”. His Holiness prayed that God would grant Russia the will to follow the mind of God. “Then, we could avoid the many mistakes of the past”. The messages [of Patriarch Kirill and Fr Vsevolod] sprung from the Orthodox theology and devotion of Christmas. The Church shouldn’t incite dispute, rather, it should try to steer people towards divine peace, brotherly love, and peaceful unity. His Holiness and Fr Vsevolod want to direct people away from momentary emotional manipulation towards a deeper spiritual orientation. Everyone needs to listen more to each other, instead of each one inventing consistently wilder campaigns against one’s opponents.

14 January 2012

Juha Molari

Russia Today


Sunday, 8 January 2012

Sophia Kishkovsky Lies to You Yet Again by Omission… What Does That Tell You About the OCA/ROCOR First Families?

Note well that Lil’ Mizz Sophia didn’t tell you about how the Socialists, nationalists, and commies were the driving force behind the recent demonstrations for fair elections… a fact that her Langley puppeteers didn’t want you to know…


Sophia Kishkovsky’s issuing misleading white propaganda again. If you wish to read it, click here and here. Firstly, she didn’t give you what the Russian press reported on Fr Vsevolod’s essay on Thursday. Here’s what he wrote:

This 10-day ‘party’ can create the powerful impression for some people that everything’s back to business as usual, to the political calm of the past decade. No, it won’t return… it’ll never come back. … The leaders of Russian organisations were ashamed to have to stand on the same platform with Boris NemtsovGarry Kasparov, and Ksenia Sobchak. … we should start a serious national dialogue about the basic political and economic structure of the country, including the role and status of the Russian people. … If the government doesn’t want a slow degeneration, and if the people don’t want to pay for an occupying army and enrich foreign business, you need to move from ‘stability’ to the realm of conscience and freedom. Freedom… both political and moral. Much of what’s happening in Russia is profoundly abnormal and isn’t responsive to the will of the people, it’s a legacy of the ‘90s of the last century, and we must decisively reject it. … Soldiers in Russia shouldn’t be below ‘mere merchants’ (ниже торговцев) in social status. Every officer of the armed forces and law enforcement agencies should have a house, even in the Moscow region. However, we need to tie this housing with their posting or [as a reward for] a decent retirement. This is the best remedy against corruption. Let 2012 be a year of a resolute and moral Russia. Let us be a country with a strong sense of the meaning of life… both today and in the future.

She quoted none of this, but that shouldn’t surprise you. Langley has an agenda… it wants to put pro-Western zapadnik oligarchs in charge of the government and put a pro-Western lickspittle heretic like the Blunder at the head of the Church. This article shows you that Ms Kishkovsky doesn’t give you the “whole truth and nothing but the truth”. She only gives you what’s useful for US white propaganda purposes (the line that Russians want American-style “democracy” and “laissez-faire” capitalism, etc, etc, etc).

Note well that Ms Kishkovsky NEVER EVER interviews Fr Vsevolod… the gaybisti know that the OCA Schmemann and Kishkovsky families are ravening pro-Westerners and enthusiastic allies of the Rodina’s foes (don’t forget, ADS was a keen and willing US propaganda mouthpiece on Radio Liberty), both in the political and religious sphere (it’s why ADS was forbidden to go to the USSR and Serge Schmemann was only allowed to go there in 1990). They know that Ms Kishkovsky wouldn’t tell the truth and would distort the transcript; ergo, Fr Vsevolod won’t speak to her directly. Talking about the truth… do note how a tabloid caught Dickie Wood and photographed him at an oligarch’s party at a ritzy restaurant at the Centre. The good word is that no one in higher Church or state circles trusts him… by the way, what HAS happened to him? Where was Lil’ Mizz Sophia? She and her father Lyonyo are as SILENT AS THE TOMB on Dickie Wood’s whereabouts (certainly, they can’t be scared of Dickie’s consigliere?)

There’s another facet to all this. “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree”. Her father is Lyonyo Kishkovsky… he’s NEVER told the truth, he’s an old hand at the “memory hole”, and do remember how nasty he was in the Sea Cliff dispute in the ‘70s. Therefore, why should it surprise you that she refuses to tell the truth, when her father did likewise as editor of The Orthodox Church for years? She saw that lying and deception paid… and she saw how her Uncle Serge got ahead at the New York Times, too. Now, if she told the truth… that would be a news story!

Let’s go on to Lil’ Mizz Sophia’s second story, which had a dateline of today. Guess what? She did comment on His Holiness’ interview of yesterday, but, again, not completely. She claimed that he said the following:

If the authorities remain insensitive to the expression of protest, this is a very bad sign, a sign of the authorities’ inability to adjust. … Every person in a free society must have the right to express his opinion, including disagreement with the actions of the authorities. … If demonstrations ahead of the 1917 revolution had ended in the expression of peaceful protests and had not led to a bloody revolution and a fratricidal war, Russia would have had a population of more than 300 million and would have challenged or maybe even surpassed the United States from the point of view of economic development.

This is what Interfax reported him as saying:

People should be able to express their disagreement, but they shouldn’t yield to provocations and destroy the country, for we’ve reached the limits of keeping one another at arms length… those in authority should hold a through dialogue and listen, to put society on the right course, and, then, all will be well for us. If people are deprived of [the right to criticise the authorities], they perceive it as a restriction of liberty; it’s very painful… but we must show wisdom in doing it.

If the demonstrations prior to the 1917 Revolution had ended in peaceful protests, not being followed by a bloody revolution and fratricidal war, today, Russia would have more than 300 million people and would be on the same level as the USA in terms of economic development, or even higher. We weren’t able to maintain our balance and we lost our heads. We destroyed our country. Why did this happen? To put it simply, political forces seeking power very cleverly used the just protests of the people.

[In this regard, His Holiness recalled the appeals of “democrats” in the late Soviet era calling for the destruction of the Nomenklatura, to chase out all those who drove “black Volgas”, and other such things.] Indeed, thousands marched under this slogan… what happened? Those in power abandoned their ‘black Volgas’ and traded them in for a ‘black Mercedes’; they changed their spots and shared the resources of the country amongst themselves. It was a classic example of how easy it was to tempt a person [to do the wrong thing]. The same thing happened in connection with the 1917 Revolution. ‘Take from the plunderers’. After that, people broke into apartments, destroyed estates, and put the torch to the country. Where did the stolen goods go? The new élite got their hands on it, and did the people really begin to live better?” [The task of the present day is] to protest in the right way, which would then lead to a correction of policy. That’s the main thing. If the government is insensitive to the expression of protest, that’s a very bad sign.

There’s more than a slight difference, isn’t there? There’s a reason why Lil’ Mizz Sophia didn’t give you the last paragraph of the Interfax submission… her father is one of the “black Volga-driving nomenklatura” of the OCA (and a member of the warmongering CFR to boot)… he’s cut of the same mouldy cloth as the Sov nomenklatura was… Lyonyo Kishkovsky is one of the most hated individuals in the combined OCA/ROCOR apparat. Yes… I used the singular, not the plural. As a correspondent wrote me:

In the “old days”, with such strong personalities as Platon Rozhdestvensky and Antony Khrapovitsky, I think [that the conflict] was real. Then it sort of degenerated into a “turf war” exacerbated by the ROCOR’s move to the USA. It was sort of peaceful in the days of Leonty Turkevich and Anastasy Gribanovsky, but I believe Georgi Grabbe mucked things up and set the ROCOR off on the wrong path, alienating the ROCOR from just about everyone else. The ROCOR provided a “way out” for dissatisfied OCA clergy and parishes, but the numbers were relatively small. The posturing in the past two decades has been a sham, a lot of it sort was nothing but personal fights on a local level. By and large, the apparat was happy to use it for its own purposes. Now, all those “illegal” moves seem to have been forgiven.

I wrote in reply:

Looking at it all through the lens of current events, it seems that they were shadow-boxing… for if there were a united Church, SOMEBODY would lose a position (not money… we don’t have it… POWER over people… that’s what they want).

To which my interlocutor shot back:

I can’t disagree. Certainly, a lot of people are happy to be relatively big fishes in a small pond, and they won’t give up that status.

It all comes back to basics. Sophia Kishkovsky learned how to lie and obfuscate at home, from her father. It’s why none of her antics surprise any grounded Orthodox Christian… it’s the same kind of goofy shit that ADS, Lyonyo, and Hopko have been dishing out for years. It does prove one thing… the younger generation of the First Families have certainly learned its lessons from its elders. That’s why the entire edifice is rotten to the core. Mark Stokoe was like a Roy Medvedev… Stokoe’s thesis was that the OCA was sound, all that we had to do was to return to the wisdom of ADS. I’m like Solzhenitsyn… I submit that the entire construct’s crumbly at its foundations, and it was always such, and it was NEVER sound in the first instance. We need to remove it before it collapses with God-alone-knows what consequence, and we need to expose the plug-uglies… we needn’t “punish” them… we need only expose them, to bring them to admit their crimes and corruption (which, of course, would lead to their removal and discrediting).

Ms Kishkovsky’s a symptom… not a cause. She’s merely an untalented hack journalist who spews forth whatever she’s told to produce. Yet, it’s proof that the OCA/ROCOR First Families aren’t supermen… if THIS is the best that they’re capable of, the present edifice is ready to fall, and much sooner than most of us expect… however, it’s not going to happen tomorrow or next week (it could… but it’d be a great surprise to all, like the August Events). Take my hand… the path’s rather murky at this point, don’t you agree?

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Sunday 8 January 2012

“The Second Day of Christmas”/The First Day of the Svyatki

Albany NY

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