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Sunday, 3 December 2017

3 December 2017. The Clintonistas are Going Apeshit Crazy… Some of Your “Friends” May Turn On You… Some May Go Along With the Hillarybots


At present, the Clintonistas are going apeshit crazy over Russia. As all know, the Hillarybots march in unison lockstep… they make a Stalinist Party Congress look like a pre-US Civil War Congress session (where they spat in spittoons, chawed tobacky, carried derringers n’ daggers, drank corn likker straight from the jar, and beat each other with canes). Some of your FB Friends may have to stay in the good graces of these soulless pigs. Don’t allow Clintonista drivel on your wall (you can delete comments without unfriending someone). I don’t allow Trumpkin bullshit on my wall… I don’t allow Clintonista dribbling on my wall, either.

As for Russia… it’ll survive the Clintonistas and their lies, as it survived the Teutonic Knights, the Poles and their  Unia, the Swedes, Napoleon and all of Europe, and the fascists. The Clintonistas are lightweights in comparison. Take a hint from Baba… Russia WILL be free… no arrogant mud-ignorant Clintonista shit will ever dictate to a Russian (she lied to S V Lavrov and V I Churkin on Libya and on Syria… Russia knows her sleazy scum-ticket fuckwit tricks, so it knows not to trust her at all).

You can bet on Hillary or you can bet on Baba… I don’t think it’s rocket science…



Saturday, 12 August 2017

12 August 2017. Russia’s Wish for a PEACEFUL Future


Compare the above to the filth that spews from the mouths of the Repug/Dem duopoly in the USA. Feel the difference. I need say no more…


Sunday, 21 May 2017

Syrian Army Calls US Bluff: Advance Towards Iraq Border Continues


The USA is desperate to create a pretext for direct military intervention in Syria… but Syrian forces and their allies won’t take the bait. The US military presence in Syria is plainly illegal under international law, and arguably even unconstitutional. There are loopholes that allow for limited US military operations without a formal declaration of war, but the president can’t initiate a war without congressional approval. However, the attack on pro-government forces in southeast Syria on Thursday was just that… an act of war. The USA didn’t intend to deter the Syrian Arab Army from advancing; it knows that its proxy forces and mercenaries are unable to halt the Syrian forces and its allies as they push towards the border. In order to prevent Syria from reclaiming its own territory and securing its border, the USA would need to launch a direct military intervention. Of course, Washington would need a pretext for doing so. Do you see where this is going?

Thursday’s attack was a provocation… nothing more. Washington is eager to manufacture a pretext to increase its presence in Syria further. Therefore, it’s no surprise that the Syrian command and its allies are playing their cards in a calm and calculated way. A military response to Thursday’s attack would’ve been exactly what Washington wanted and needed. It’s hard to say what will come next, but a formation of Syrian troops is approximately 15 kilometres from al-Tanaf, keeping in mind that Thursday’s strike took place about 20 kilometres away; in other words, the provocation failed to deter the SAA and its allies from advancing. Not every loud statement is a true statement, but almost every silent move is a valid one. More will clarify in the coming days; Foreign Minister S V Lavrov made it clear that the US strike against the Syrian Arab Army was a “violation of Syria’s sovereignty”. That may sound like a wimpy response… but don’t be so sure. Lavrov’s statement is a reflection of Russian military policy. A Russian Su-30 was spotted over As-Suwayda Governorate; most likely, it was covering the Syrian troops advancing towards al-Tanaf from any foolish hostility.

21 May 2017

Walel al-Hussaini

Russian Insider


Putin Called Allegations Trump Passed Secrets to Lavrov “Political Schizophrenia”


President V V Putin was speaking with the Italian Prime Minister in Sochi when the Italian asked him about the latest events in the USA. Putin said of these outlandish claims:

We’re seeing a developing political schizophrenia in the USA. There’s no other way I can explain the accusations against the US President that he gave away some secrets to Lavrov. Those who spread them (rumours) are either stupid or dangerous. Russia doesn’t interfere in US political activities. I’ll show the world the Russian transcripts of the entire meeting, should the USA give us permission to do so.

He echoed the remarks of Presidential Spokesman D S Peskov who called the allegations “absurd”. Meanwhile, MID RF spokesman M V Zakharova said:

It’s part of a campaign that began before the US presidential election and gone on since then. This is another attempt to exert pressure on the new US administration and make deals related to various political appointments and lobbying. We can’t even say now that there’s media bias because they’re openly fulfilling political orders. The article mentions no evidence; it comes from information received from unknown sources. Actually, there’s a typical pattern about the way that such articles come out and the response that they get.

17 May 2017

Adam Garrie

The Duran


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