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Friday, 4 September 2015

Bishop On Leave Pending Sexual Misconduct Investigation

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A Michigan Orthodox bishop is on leave and can’t work as a priest following allegations of sexual misconduct. On Tuesday, Dearborn Heights Archbishop Nathaniel Popp publicly disclosed that his auxiliary bishop, Right Rev Irineu Duvlea, is under investigation for sexual misconduct. In a statement, Popp said that Duvlea, 53, is presumed innocent, but is now on leave and is banned from working until the investigation is complete. The church didn’t announce any information about potential victims. Popp added that the investigation is highly confidential and urged his followers not to speak about the matter. Popp said in the announcement, “No one should discuss the investigation with anyone”. Duvlea served as the Bishop of Dearborn Heights and auxiliary bishop of the Romanian Orthodox Episcopate of America.

Members of SNAP, the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests, said they welcomed the fact that Popp made the investigation public. However, the group feels the archbishop isn’t going far enough because the investigation remains confidential. Melanie Jula Sakoda, the Orthodox Director for SNAP, said in a statement, “Investigations into sexual misconduct should always be made public, and I was very pleased to see that Archbishop Nathaniel had made this announcement. Such disclosures encourage others who experienced witnessed or suspected abuse to come forward”. Cappy Larson, also of SNAP Orthodox, added, “The Church should also supply additional information. Did the misconduct involve a parishioner? If so, was the victim a child, an adult, a male, a female? How many victims have come forward? More complete disclosure can help to jog memories and reassure other survivors, producing additional testimony and evidence”. Duvlea was a monk in Romania before he came to the United States in 2001. He founded The Ascension of The Lord Monastery in Clinton MI. He was the head of the Western States Vicariate of the OCA Romanian Orthodox Episcopate of America. His territory included parishes in Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, Texas, Oregon, and Washington.

3 September 2015

Jodi Rempala

Dearborn (MI) Press and Guide



This legal threat appeared as a comment:

My ACLU attorneys (aclu@aclumich.org) will contact you today for clarifications regarding the allegations done against me for church political gains. + Irineu, Bishop of Detroit, ROEA, OCA.

If the above comment is on the up and square, it shows that Irineu is an arrogant son of a bitch. You simply don’t make such implied threats in the USA. He can’t sue me for pointing that up. The last thing that he needs is an unsuccessful legal action. If his lawyer told him to do this, he has incompetent counsel. No, we won’t be silent! Who accused Duvlea of misconduct? When did the alleged incident take place? It smells as if the OCA is trying to sweep this under the rug. They tried doing that with Storheim and it blew up in their face.

Remember the nasty tactics used by Gindin, Storheim’s shyster? One wonders, is Duvlea’s counsel going to do the same? That is, are they going to smear the accuser in public in an attempt to discredit them? It didn’t work in Winnipeg… although that bastard Gindin did his best to bad-dog and attack Storheim’s accusers. Storheim ended up convicted, and Mr Justice Mainella, the judge involved, was rather emphatic in his condemnation of Storheim and totally trashed Storheim’s credibility in public. Duvlea had best watch his step. This isn’t Romania… it’s the USA, where the judiciary wouldn’t be inclined to help any putative coverup.

Duvlea’s lawyers can’t sue me for the above. However, his clumsy “comment”, if genuine, shows a total lack of understanding of the American legal system, and of how it works. If it’s secret, there’s no real investigation. Full stop. An MP priest once asked me, “Which of the OCA bishops isn’t reputed to be gay?” Antics like this don’t help such questions. Come clean, Nathanael. If not, it just may come to haunt you…

If Duvlea’s lawyers attempt to pressure me legally, I’ll be sure to post on it and tell you. After all, a threat of a lawsuit is a public action, it’s an “act of public record”, and I’d have every right to publicise it. Just a friendly word of advice… do be cool.


Friday, 14 August 2015

14 August 2015. Vox Pop on Paffso’s Attitude to Abuse

01 Paffhausen with Isidore Brittain

For those who doubt my word, here’s Paffso with the kiddie porn king Brittain (note that Brittain is vested, at time when Brittain was under suspension). Yes sir, Brittain plead out to kiddie porn… hmm… Paffso’s there with Benjamin Peterson, who got nicked for DUI (and refused to do the right thing and resign). If shitbirds of a feather flock together, what does that tell you about about Paffso’s character?


I’m in italics…

That’s why I HATE Paffso and all that he stands for. He upheld abusers.

I know that Fr Ted Bobosh (now battling cancer) tried hard to persuade the OCA that they had to treat the subject of abuse very seriously. Paffhausen seemed more interested in “false reporting” as a liability for the clergy. NO moral fibre in that overindulged body of his.

Yes, I know that Paffso’s strutting about, lying and denying everything that he’s done in the past, especially, his intimate background with Podmo and lying about the circumstances of his trip to Russia in the early 90s. He’s fooling none of the old hands. In fact, all that he’s done is making a fool of himself… but he doesn’t care, as he thinks that he’s gulling the simple and playing up to the drooling konvertsy. He doesn’t care about grounded Orthodox Christians nor does he care for the OCA Synod nor does he really care for the ROCOR Synod. He’s a disobedient suka who needs rustication to a remote monastery immediately. If the ROCOR doesn’t do that, this POS, who defended the convicted perv Storheim, the convicted kiddie porn king Brittain, and the suspended questionable Ray Velencia, will hurt others, just as he hurt many people in the OCA.

Don’t let hatred of the OCA and its past abuses blind you. Paffso is a nasty piece of work and a disobedient and wilful monk. Why isn’t this supposed monastic in a monastery, where he belongs? Yes… why isn’t he?

One last thing… Dreher caterwauled about Catholic sexual abuse by clergy… note well that he pals around with Paffso. Why does Dreher throw bricks at outsiders, yet winks at abusers and their enablers in the Church? Yes… why does he?


Thursday, 13 August 2015

13 August 2015. Friends… And a Thought on Those Who Steal Innocence

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Childhood innocence… the most precious thing in the world… that’s why child abusers are low-life scummers. That’s that… it’s doubly evil when the abuser is a clergyman. Do note how loud sorts continue to defend such scumbags even after they’re convicted in court… I know that we live in a fallen world, but must it be SO evil and perverted (that is, the defence of perverts simply because they’re clergy)?


Friday, 24 July 2015

Canada… Convicted Orthodox Archbishop Released from Prison

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For more information:

Victims want abusive bishop defrocked

  • He’s been released early from Canadian prison
  • SNAP to hierarchs: “Tell public where the molester is now”
  • Group begs officials to limit his access to kids and parishes
  • “You have a moral duty to disclose and warn families at risk”, victims say

A Canadian archbishop convicted of child sexual abuse has been released from prison early. A support group for victims wants church officials to defrock him, warn families about him, and keep him away from parishes.



Leaders of SNAP, the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests, are writing to the bishops of the Orthodox Church in America (OCA) about Archbishop Seraphim Storheim, who was once the church’s highest ranking official in Canada. The OCA Synod suspended Storheim following his arrest in November of 2010. In January 2014, the Synod forced him into retirement after his conviction for child sexual abuse.

SNAP wants church officials to take the next step and defrock the archbishop. The victims’ group has been urging the OCA to do this since the archbishop’s 2014 conviction.




According to the website that announced Storheim’s release, he left custody on 7 July 2015, in compliance with the “Statutory Earned (early) Release”. Also according to the site, the authorities removed the conditions and restrictions of his release while his appeal was pending and THERE ARE NO CONDITIONS OR RESTRICTIONS ON THE ARCHBISHOP (Emphasis supplied).


However, a group of Canadian parishioners who remain loyal to the disgraced cleric apparently maintains the site.



Members of SNAP have written to the synod again pleading with them to defrock Storheim. All of the bishops are in Atlanta from July 20-24, at the Hilton Atlanta Hotel, for their national council. The victims’ group also asked the synod to:

  1. Inform the faithful and the public of the archbishop’s current whereabouts and any restrictions imposed by the Canadian government
  2. Use their authority to restrict Storheim’s access to children and parishes
  3. Caution and alert families at risk, particularly those who believe the archbishop was wrongfully convicted and who may put kids at risk to demonstrate their trust in Storheim

The complete text of the email can be found below.

The sex abuse guidelines of the OCA mandate the removal of those clerics convicted of abusing children. The Policies, Standards, and Procedures on Sexual Misconduct states that “Any clergy … found to have committed child sexual abuse … shall be deposed by the Holy Synod of Bishops, and shall be permanently prohibited from exercising any functions or responsibilities of parish ministry. …”


Melanie Jula Sakoda, the Orthodox Christian Director for SNAP, wants action now. “It’s time for the OCA to remove Archbishop Seraphim from the priesthood.  He’s been convicted and even served his sentence. No more excuses”.

Cappy Larson is the other Orthodox Christian Director for SNAP. She added, “The synod of bishops also needs to make public what they know about the archbishop’s current whereabouts and any conditions of his release. If Archbishop Seraphim is residing in an OCA facility, they need to make sure that he is forbidden to be alone with minors and that he only attends services where authorized.  Even if the Canadian government did not impose any conditions on Archbishop Seraphim’s release, the Church can go the extra mile to protect kids”.

In addition, the Executive Director of SNAP, David Clohessy, urged the bishops to have church officials reach out to every parishioner in Canada, reminding them that children must not be put at risk. “There are people in the archdiocese who believe that the archbishop was wrongfully convicted. These ‘true believers’ are likely to expose kids to danger just to demonstrate their continued trust in their former archbishop. The synod has a responsibility to do what they can to prevent this from happening”.


Sakoda concluded, “The OCA has a moral duty to continue to monitor the archbishop, and to alert and caution families who may be at risk”.


Metropolitan Tikhon Mollard

Orthodox Church in America

PO Box 675

Syosset NY 11791

Email: metropolitan@oca.org


Archbishop Nathaniel Popp

PO Box 309

Grass Lake MI 49240-0309

Email: nathaniel@roea.org


Archbishop Nikon Liolin

PO Box 149

Southbridge MA 01550

Email: bpnikon@aol.com


Archbishop Benjamin Peterson

1520 Green St

San Francisco CA 94123

Email: vikenty@msn.com


Archbishop Alejo Pacheco-Vera

Av Rio Consulado E Iruapato #53

Col Penon De Los Banos

Mexico DF 15520

Email: obispoalejo@yahoo.com.mx


Archbishop Melchisedek Pleska

PO Box 1769

Cranberry Township PA 16066-1769

Email: melchisedek999@yahoo.com


Bishop Mark Maymon

144 St Tikhon’s Road

Waymart PA 18472

Email: vladyka.mark@gmail.com


Bishop Irénée Rochon

15 LeBreton St. N.

Ottawa ON K1R 7H1


Email: bishopirenee@archdiocese.ca


Bishop Michael Dahulich

33 Hewitt Ave

Bronxville, NY 10708

Email: bishopmichael@nynjoca.org


Bishop Alexander Golitzin

519 Brynhaven Dr.

Oregon OH 43616

Email: alexander@bdoca.org


Bishop David Mahaffey

7031 Howard Ave

Anchorage AK 99504-1899

Email: otyetz@hotmail.com


Bishop Paul Gassios

933 N. La Salle Dr.

Chicago IL 60610-3204

Email: bishoppaul@domoca.org


Re: The Release from Prison of Archbishop Seraphim Storheim

Dear Sirs:

We are members of a victims’ group called SNAP, the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests. We are writing to you today because we are concerned about the release of Archbishop Seraphim, and what that means for the safety of kids in the Archdiocese of Canada.


First, according to your Policies, Standards, and Procedures on Sexual Misconduct, “Any clergy … found to have committed child sexual abuse … shall be deposed by the Holy Synod of Bishops, and shall be permanently prohibited from exercising any functions or responsibilities parish ministry. …”


It’s time. The archbishop has been convicted and even served his sentence. We beg you; don’t allow him to continue to hold a position of authority in the Church. Send the message that the OCA has zero tolerance for child sexual abuse!

Also, we believe that your responsibility does not end with defrocking, and we urge you to take three additional steps.

  1. First, inform the Faithful and the public of Archbishop Seraphim’s current whereabouts and any conditions of his release
  2. Second, place conditions on the archbishop’s residency in any OCA facilities: he should not to be alone with minors and he should only attend services where authorised by you
  3. Finally, reach out to the Faithful in Canada via the pulpit, the internet and by mail to inform every one of the restrictions on Archbishop Seraphim. Alert and caution them to respect these limitations to insure the safety of the Church’s children.

As you know, there are some within the Archdiocese of Canada who believe that the archbishop was wrongfully convicted, and they are likely to ignore the possible danger to their kids in order to show their continued trust in the archbishop. Please do what you can to prevent this from happening.



The OCA has made great strides in addressing the issue of clergy sexual misconduct. We hope that you will continue this process.


Cappy Larson

Orthodox Christian Director of SNAP (cappy@rlarson.com, 415 637-2006)

David Clohessy

Executive Director of SNAP (davidgclohessy@gmail.com, 314 566-9790)

23 July 2015


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