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Saturday, 30 June 2018

“Alternative Sexual Identity”: Austria Recognises “Third Gender”


Austria’s Constitutional Court handed down a verdict that allows people to register themselves in official documents as something other than male or female if they wish. The Austrian court, in response to a request from an intersexual activist known as Alex Jürgen, called upon the European Convention on Human Rights to introduce the option of “other” or “inter” on civil register forms that ask for a person’s gender. Jürgen, whose birth name remains secret, said:

For the first time in my life, I feel like I’m recognised as what I am, how I was born.

The court emphasised in its ruling that Article 8 of the European Human Rights Convention certifies the right to “an individual sexual identity” and defends “in particular, people with an alternative sexual identity”. The court decision won’t amend existing law since it doesn’t explicitly require documentation of male or female gender.

Last November, Germany became the first European country to call for official recognition of a “third sex”, a decision supported in May by the Netherlands. The third gender already received legal recognition in several countries, Australia, New Zealand, the USA, Canada, India, Pakistan, and Nepal. According to UN experts, from 0.05 to 1.7 percent of global births are intersex.

30 June 2018

Sputnik International



I find this more than a little disquieting. It appears to hinge upon personal choice, not objective medical criteria. It’s one thing if an intersex person or a transsexual under medical supervision asks for a change in gender on documentation, but it’s quite another if we open it to untrammelled personal whim. I know that this’ll open me up to attacks from both sides of the aisle. Those on the left will excoriate me for not being “sensitive” enough. Those on the right will vilify me for even offering a pathway to change one’s documents (they wouldn’t even accept medical vetting, I’ve found). I’d say to you to ignore the activists on both sides and keep it grounded in medical reality. That’s how it stands in most places today (including my home state of New York), and I think that it’s best kept that way. That is, there should be a limited and controlled way to amend one’s personal documents. Otherwise, it becomes anarchy and chaos. Keep it grounded and you won’t go wrong.



Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Olympics for Gays, or, Apotheosis of Unfair Ideology

00 Sochi 2014 logo 2


Western media crossed the bounds of common sense as they grow increasingly adamant in their desire to disrupt the Sochi Olympics over a Russian law banning homosexual propaganda to minors, which left them fuming with rage. Opponents of the law post angry comments on the online forums of leading American newspapers, calling Russia a “plague”, accusing it of ethnic and racial discrimination and demanding a boycott of the Games. However, the worst may yet to come. Cyd Zeigler, the founder of California-based Outsports.com, raised many eyebrows recently when he suggested something offbeat. He said that we must allow the Olympics to take place, and foreign athletes must travel to Sochi, but the International Olympic Committee must bar Russian athletes from Olympic sporting events. That’d kill two birds with one stroke… gay athletes wouldn’t have to miss the Olympics, whilst it would duly punish Russia for presumably abusing the rights of the so-called LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) community.

Zeigler’s absurdity is just one episode in a vehement anti-Russian campaign unleashed in the Western media. As we know from our Soviet past, whenever a campaign’s launched, it quickly turns into a farce. Sergei Mikheyev, General Director of the Centre for Political Information think tank, told VOR, “After the breakup of the USSR, the West assumed the role of a victor and mentor, the sort of mentor who beats lazy pupils on the head with a ruler and gives others bad grades for failing to grasp the lesson properly. Therefore, this campaign virtually never ever stopped. It just changed topics. The one that’s being mulled now is about gays and other such communities, which gained legitimacy in the West. In my opinion, the West is experiencing a profound ideological crisis. What was condemned for centuries as perversion is now a norm, and, still worse, this norm is proclaimed a sign of a civilised society and progress”.

Oddly enough, the current campaign didn’t immediately follow the adoption of amendments to the criticised law. In fact, this law is an amendment to a previously adopted law, On the Protection of Children from Information Causing Harm to Their Health and Development. The RF Gosduma passed it in early June. Initially, there was some immediate criticism from the West, but not too severe. At present, six weeks later, it occurred to someone to link the gay issue to the 2014 Olympics. Western media were quick to take the cue. Since then, the Sochi Olympics has received mention almost exclusively in the context of a threat to gay athletes’ rights and safety. Pundits draw provocative parallels with the 1936 Olympics in Nazi Germany. Moreover, it all happened within a very short time.

Aleksei Mukhin, Director of the Centre for Political Conjuncture, said, “The rapidity with which mainstream Western media reoriented themselves shows that hidden commercial interests might be involved. The LGBT community represents a branched business system with large amounts of merchandise sold within its framework. There’s a potential market for those goods in Russia. After Russia entered the World Trade Organisation, companies producing those goods began eyeing Russian markets. It seems to me that all that gay hysteria is just about one thing… marketing”. In the West, gays are an important consumer segment, hence, their political influence. As most gays have no children, for reasons easy to understand, they usually have no one but themselves to provide for. Normally, most gays aged between 30 and 50 are successful businessmen with handsome fortunes. Billions are easier to make on luxury car sales or extravagant trips to Thailand than on family fast food or Pampers.

Mukhin said, “Contrary to widespread biased stereotypes about Russia, it’s a very open country with fairly-liberal legislation. I’d like to point out that the law slammed by the West stipulates only administrative and not criminal punishment for the propaganda of homosexual sex among minors. I don’t think that it’s something the LGBT community can’t bring itself to accept”. The Russian authorities stopped in the middle of the road. They imposed fines for gay propaganda, but didn’t propose criminal prosecution for such offenses. Many Muslim and Southeast Asian countries have much stricter anti-gay laws. Russia’s half-measures cost it the embarrassing situation it found itself in with torrents of foul accusations pouring from all sides. In the end, it’ll probably have to tolerate gay protests during the Olympics. Meanwhile, supporters of all-inclusive tolerance permit themselves such nasty and racist remarks, compared to which the amendments to the law on child protection are baby talk.

16 August 2013

Dmitri Babich

Voice of Russia World Service


Editor’s Note:

Russian sources tell me that one of the reasons why there are no criminal penalties in the law on homosexual propaganda is that the Church demanded such a stance. This is a wise position. Compare it to the Russophobic outburst of Christopher Calin of New York City. I’d say that reasonable people would agree with me… “One of these things is not like the other”. ‘Nuff said…


Wednesday, 25 January 2012

25 January 2012. The REAL DEAL on Lay Homosexuals… the Konvertsy are Chock Fulla Shit, As Per Usual


A kitchen cabinet member sent me this:

If certain priests had withheld Chrism as often as some others withhold Communion, we wouldn’t be having this debate. In my estimation, on average, the character of those aspiring to the priesthood has declined over the last 40 years. Don’t panic. We have options. If you want a priest to commune an ordinary gay person, talk to his wife. There are powers-that-be that can make life very uncomfortable for certain priests; as we say, “Mатушка сказала” (“Matushka skazala”: Matushka said so). What if he’s unmarried? Then, call out the babas. It might be distressing for the hipsters to learn, but the repository for what’s normative in the church resides amongst women over 60. When I first came “out” and was still attending my church in the narthex, there were babushkas that would purposely come stand near me. One even smiled, once. Have we lost the sense of loyalty to each other that we’ve forgotten our ethos? Anyone with good manners, who spent a decent amount of time drinking tea with the babushkas, who thanked them for their cooking, who went to confession, and who showed up at Vigil never got a second look in Communion line, no matter how flaming/butch they were. Furthermore, if you’d visited them in hospital or taught their grandsons the Bible, you were golden.

Let’s be clear here. Lay homosexuals have NEVER been an important issue in the Church in the American diaspora, or in the homeland. The Church has been around for over two millennia, it knows a thing or two. There’s a key differentiation between lay gays and open clerical poofters. We leave the former alone; we don’t tolerate the latter. It’s why the MP Holy Synod deposed Bishop Nikon Mironov in Yekaterinburg in ’99… he was bloody-minded, but his theology was straight (after all, he burned ADS’ nasty Renovationist tomes in public). Yet, his homosexuality became open… so, the Synod shit-canned him and sent him off to the Pskovo-Pechersky Monastery (the abode of the late Elder Ioann Krestiankin of Happy Memory) to repent. After some years, they allowed him to live in retirement in Veshnyaki Raion in the eastern outskirts of the city of Moscow, where he’s the honorary rector of a parish (the Synod removed him as the ruling bishop of Yekaterinburg; they didn’t depose him). In 2008, Patriarch Aleksei Rediger gave him the Order of St Sergei of Radonezh, and, in 2010, His Holiness gave a panagia on the occasion of his 50th birthday. That’s what REAL Orthodox do with exposed clerical Sallies, if their theology’s straight. You’ll note that they didn’t put him under an anathema and throw him under the train as Fathausen and his minions do. He lost his clerical position, he had to go for a period of repentance, but that was all, so, he’s not only an Orthodox believer, but an Orthodox cleric (I do think that he’s under an order not to serve publicly, though), today. On the other hand, the Church deals with homosexuality in monastic houses harshly. However, even there, the worst that happens is that the miscreant’s laicised and sent away, we don’t throw them out of the Church. I asked a Russian priest of my acquaintance about the usual practise concerning lay homosexuals:

You know, Alekseyev {a prominent gay activist: editor} is a communing Orthodox believer. As long as they’re respectful, don’t disrupt services, and do what everybody else does, there’s no problem. The Church is against propaganda in favour of sexual minorities {“gays” in Russian usage: editor} amongst children, it’s against gay parades because they’re provocations, and it won’t bless homosexual unions, but it doesn’t bless hatred against sexual minorities, either. Homosexuality’s a sin… but so are greed and adultery, and we don’t expel adulterers and misers.

That’s why Moriak is chock fulla shit on Mark Stokoe. Mark wasn’t “in the closet”. Everyone knew of his “state”… Archbishop Job Osacky knew… Fr Ted Bobosh knew… hell, even I knew (and I don’t know everything). Moriak KNEW of Vladyki Job’s oikonomia, yet, one of his first actions was to piss on Mark to curry favour with Fathausen. Moriak also went against the “institutional culture” of the Diocese of the Midwest… that was unwise in the extreme. When you add in how Moriak set up his son in a comfy situation in the diocese (and the whispers about Moriak’s tastes in certain matters), it’s a recipe for a gigantic and malodorous Shit Sandwich, and Moriak had the brainlessness to force everybody to take a big bite (boy, what THAT ever STOOPID and hutsky-klootsky).

It’s simple… individual lay homosexuals aren’t harassed and attacked, although we do depose gay clerics like Gleb Podmoshensky… do recall how Fathausen, Freddie M-G, and Dreher all had guru-disciple ties with him after his deposition… it certainly puts a new “spin” on Fathausen’s loud fulminations against homosexuality, doesn’t it? Do bear in mind that closeted gay clerics (of all sorts, not merely Orthodox) are usually acridly and vehemently anti-gay in an attempt to draw attention away from themselves. If you want my plain blunt opinion, Podmoshensky’s a covert manipulator of Fathausen (along with Potapov), and, through Fathauen, manipulates the witless konvertsy… they’re all acridly anti-gay in public, yet, their real leader is as queer as a three-dollar bill. That’s why Fathausen has to go… his guru’s an unrepentant sodomite deposed by the ROCOR Holy Synod for good cause.

The REAL Church shows compassion to all… it doesn’t hold anyone up to public obloquy. Look at the Church’s real Christian forbearance and compare it to the abusive hatred spewed forth by the loud OCA konvertsy. Well… it looks like the konvertsy aren’t Orthodox in their heart-of-hearts, does it? Mark it well… the Church is the BIG TENT… that’s why they call it the Orthodox Church!

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Wednesday 25 January 2012

Albany NYPanagia,

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