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Sunday, 21 October 2012

George McGovern Dies at 90… Nixon Used Dirty Tricks to Defeat Him in 1972


George McGovern, a proud liberal who argued fervently against the Vietnam War as a US Senator (DSD), and who suffered one of the most crushing defeats in presidential election history against Richard Nixon in 1972, died before dawn Sunday. He was 90. A spokesman for McGovern’s family, Steve Hildebrand, told the AP by telephone that McGovern died at 05.15 CDT (03.15 PDT 06.15 EDT 11.15 UTC 14.15 MSK 19.15 AEDT) Sunday at a hospice in Sioux Falls SD, surrounded by family and lifelong friends. A family statement released by Hildebrand said, “We’re blessed to know that our father lived a long, successful, and productive life, advocating for the hungry, being a progressive voice for millions, and fighting for peace. He continued giving speeches, writing, and advising all the way up to and past his 90th birthday, which he celebrated this summer”.

20 October 2012

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Editor’s Note:

George McGovern was no pacifist. He was a decorated bomber pilot in World War II; he willingly served his country in combat (unlike Willard Romney). He wasn’t a wild-eyed radical (again, unlike Willard Romney); as he put it simply, “You don’t get elected from South Dakota by being a radical”. He was a man of conviction, grace, and standards, defeated by an opponent with no scruples about lying about him. George McGovern was a man who stood by what he believed in… a rare commodity in politics. May God grant him rest and solace to his family…

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