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Saturday, 20 October 2018

20 October 2018. Genprokuratura Reclassifies Kerch Terakt as Criminal Matter


The Genprokuratura reclassified the Kerch terakt from terrorism to murder. That is, it views it more as a criminal matter than a terrorist incident. Trust me, it doesn’t mean that the incident wasn’t momentous or that there wasn’t a serious loss of life. It simply means that the preponderance of the evidence points to a criminal rather than a terrorist action. It doesn’t lessen the tragedy one little bit, however, it does change the complexion of the response. I’ll say this, though… the security at the Kerch Bridge just went up a notch. NATO is boasting that it’s going to hold exercises in the Sea of Azov. To do so means crossing the Kerch Strait, which is in Russian territorial waters. I do hope that the boastful and feral Anglos rethink this one…

Just one last thing… the Galician Uniates and schismos are all agog with glee on the web over this tragic event. It tells you much about them and their American paymasters, doesn’t it?



Friday, 27 March 2015

Avakov Regrets Not Taking the Opportunity to Blow Up Donbass Patriots in Donetsk OGA Building and Lugansk SBU HQ…

00 A B Avakov. 27.03.15

Avakov… a shady “businessman”, who’s now the so-called “Minister of Internal Affairs of the Ukraine”… many believe that Langley recruited him when he was in the nick for real estate fraud in Italy. He’s the “poster child” for evil… a perfect illustration of Hannah Arendt’s postulation of “the banality of evil”. That is, he’s corrupt enough to suit the Anglo Americans, who’re dishonest to the bone… if you doubt that, ask any Native American… they’ll tell you a story…


RIA-Novosti reported that Ukrainian Minister of Internal Affairs A B Avakov said on 1+1 TV that the junta erred in not blowing up the Lugansk Oblast SBU HQ and the Donetsk Oblast OGA* building, as protestors had taken them over at the beginning of the civil disturbances in Novorossiya. He said, “I’ll tell you a bad thing about myself… I’m wanted in Russia… well, we should have blown up the Donetsk Oblast OGA building. That way, only 50 terrorists (sic) would’ve died, we wouldn’t have had 5,000 deaths in Donetsk Oblast (sic). We should’ve done the same thing to the SBU HQ in Lugansk, too. However, were we ready to do this?”

  • OGA: Oblast State Administration, administrative apparat of an oblast

In April last year, the people of the Donbass in Novorossiya opposed the putsch in the Ukraine, so they demanded a referendum on the status of the region, a federalisation of state power, the recognition of Russian as a second state language, and even rejoining Russia. This led to patriot protestors taking over administration buildings in the former Donetsk and Lugansk Oblasts. The putschist junta in Kiev promised to make concessions and to hold a referendum, but they really began a military operation, deploying troops against the region. According to the latest UN information, there are more than 6,000 victims of the conflict.

In mid-June 2014, the SK RF filed a criminal case against Avakov. They charged him with ordering killings, the use of prohibited means and methods of warfare, and kidnapping, as well as impeding the movements of accredited journalists.

27 March 2015



Sunday, 5 October 2014

SK RF: Junta Soldier Admits Killing Civilians in the LNR

00 donetsk. civilian victims. 28.09.14


On Wednesday, SK RF spokesman Vladimir Markin said that Sergei Litvinov, a private in the so-called Dnepr irregular battalion of the junta forces, admitted killing women and children in the LNR in return for payment offered by tycoon I V Kolomoisky. The SK RF opened a case against Litvinov for murdering innocent civilians during the armed conflict in Novorossiya. Markin said, “Litvinov testified that he personally killed innocent civilians, including women and children, with no links to the military conflict, in Melovoye, Shiroky, Makarovo and Kamyshnoye [in the LNR] on the basis of information provided by anonymous sources. Litvinov received payment from oligarch I V Kolomoisky’s personal funds for committing the murders. I’d like to calm those who’re going to accuse us of bringing this man into Russia from the territory of another state… he entered the Russian territory himself disguised as a peaceful civilian to be admitted to hospital. At present, Litvinov is under arrest and we’ll escort him to Moscow soon to undergo a psychological examination”. A psychological examination is a standard procedure required for everyone suspected of committing grave crimes against human life and health.

1 October 2014



Friday, 3 October 2014

SK RF: Irrefutable Evidence of so-called “National Guard” Involvement in Donetsk Killings

00 donetsk mass grave. 03.10.14


On Wednesday, Vladimir Markin, a spokesman for the SK RF, said that investigators have evidence of involvement by the so-called “National Guard” (sic) and Right Sector in the murders of people found in the mass graves near Donetsk. Markin said, “For those who still have doubts about who’s involved in the killings, the SK RF has overwhelming evidence from witnesses and relevant examinations that clearly indicates that gunmen from the National Guard (sic) and the Right sector committed crimes”. He noted the testimony of a teenager, who said that they threatened him, they demanded that they tell them who were in the opolchenie or who supported them; they simply killed these people without trial, after torturing them.

1 October 2014

Rossiya Segodnya



Humpty has fallen… there’s NO getting up. There was NEVER a Ukrainian nation… there WAS a Ukrainian state, but that’s flown to pieces. Between the grasping oligarchs and feckless Uniates, the once-richest part of the USSR is now the enfeebled Somalia of Europe. The break is now complete… it’s all over save for the bloodletting, which I fear shall take a while to work through.

ROCOR people… reflect on this… the ROCOR helped Langley to attack the Rodina. It ordained such dubious sorts as Agafangel Pashkovsky as bishops… it thrust a knife into the back of the canonical Church at the behest of their CIA paymasters. There are still people like Potapov, Paffhausen, Webster, and Dreher who support the Republican enemies of the Rodina and of Christ’s Church in the ROCOR. Isn’t it time to clean house? Fascist-lovers out! Sweep out the neocon filth!


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