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Thursday, 2 October 2014

SK RF Stated that Over 13,000 Civilians are Victims of War Crimes in the Present Ukrainian Civil War

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On Thursday, the acting Head of Department for the Investigation of Crimes in the SK RF, Aleksandr Drymanov, stated that his investigators estimated that at least 13,500 Ukrainian civilians are victims of war crimes involving the use of prohibited means and methods of warfare. He said, “Currently, about we recognise approximately 13,500 Ukrainians as victims in a criminal case. These are Ukrainian citizens who’ve crossed into Russia, who fled Ukrainian jurisdiction”. Drymanov pointed up that these innocent civilians suffered emotional, physical, and other kinds of harm.

2 October 2014

Rossiya Segodnya


Thursday, 5 June 2014

SK RF Opens Criminal Cases on Junta Atrocities… Turchinov Issues Empty Boasts… Rostov Oblast Opens Its Arms to Battle-Scarred Refugees

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Refugees from the war… do you note how much Zbig and Nuland care for THEM? BASTARDS!


Opolchenie leader Igor Strelkov told RIA-Novosti that junta forces resumed shelling in Slavyansk and continued military operations on Tuesday evening, “The situation is very difficult for us. Our opponents constantly use planes against us, 2-3 strike fighters at a time (changing the flights as they work with several airfields), and 6-7 combat helicopters. A battery of Uragan rocket launchers heads our way, and Grad rocket launchers already fired on Semyonovka today. The number of self-propelled and conventional howitzers above 122 mm is already well over fifty {that’s the artillery component of a single division: editor}, I won’t even start to count the mortars. The opponent’s goal is to close a ring around Slavyansk once and for all”. Witnesses reported explosions around Semyonovka in the suburbs of Slavyansk. There were also clashes between opolchenie and junta bands at the Kramatorsk airport and the roadblock near Kirovsk. The opolchenie HQ stated that at the end of the day there were seven killed and around ten injured.


The Uniate bastards are firing Grads at civilian areas! The Grad is an unguided weapon, without any means of guidance. In short, the Uniate swine are targeting the Orthodox population… in a war of genocide. Note well the SILENCE of the Uniate church, its hierarchy, and its clergy… that betokens SUPPORT of this vile massacre. This is waking up Orthodox in the Rodina; even Alfeyev is castigating the Uniates publicly. What about us in the diaspora? We should to stand up for, and with, our beleaguered co-religionists… where do YOU stand?

Too much Orthodox blood lies soaked into the soil of Novorossiya… this means that when the patriots throw out the Uniate forces, the payback will be horrendous. I don’t wish it, I wish that it wouldn’t happen, but those who sow the wind, reap the whirlwind. It’ll be like the VOV… “Don’t cry, Mother, we’ll make the bastards pay ten-fold for this”… and they did. I don’t like saying it, but that’s what’s there…



Interfax reported that Aleksandr Borodai, Chairman of the Donetsk People’s Republic (DNR) Government, said at a briefing, “We have to announce a partial mobilisation. Some will go to Slavyansk, others will stay in Donetsk”. Meanwhile, Fyodor Berezin, a spokesman for the DNR army commander-in-chief Igor Strelkov, said there are many volunteers for the opolchenie, saying, “We haven’t resorted yet to full and mandatory mobilisation, but those who go to fight will keep their jobs”.


On Wednesday, Aleksandr Borodai, Chairman of the Donetsk People’s Republic (DNR) Government, told a briefing in Donetsk, “Casualties in the opolchenie were nine killed and 15 wounded during fighting near Slavyansk over the past 24 hours. At the same time, opolchenie shot down one aircraft and one helicopter of the government forces attacking Slavyansk, but the fighting continues”.


On Wednesday, Interfax reported that SK RF spokesman Vladimir Markin announced, “We’ve set up a special department to investigate international crimes committed in the Ukraine against civilians. The newly formed department will remain operational until we hold all Ukrainian military officials and individuals committing crimes against civilians criminally responsible”. He said that SK RF divisions in all territories in which refugees from the Ukraine are arriving would be part of the operations of the special department.

Markin said, “As for individuals involved in crimes against civilians, the SK RF intends to hold criminally responsible all officials without exception… military officials immediately involved in punitive operations as well as persons giving orders and financing the killings of civilians. In this context, the SK RF intends to offer a legal evaluation of the actions taken by Arseny Avakov, Igor Kolomoisky, and others. The SK RF urges everyone, including conscientious Ukrainian citizens to give assistance in identifying concrete perpetrators of murders of civilians in the southeast… military pilots, snipers, commanders of artillery units, and other individuals immediately committing these crimes. These ‘Heroes of the Ukraine’ shouldn’t doubt that their ‘heroic feats’ will sooner or later get a judgement from Russian and international judicial bodies quite unlike that given by their present masters, who’re giving criminal orders”.

Markin noted that the SK RF is already working on several criminal cases in relation to offenses committed against Ukrainian and Russian citizens in the Ukraine, saying, “Namely, we’ve opened criminal cases regarding members of UNA-UNSO… Mazur, Bobrovich, Yarosh, Korchinsky, the Tyagnibok brothers, Mamaliga, and others. There are also cases in re the injury of a Russia Today journalist in the Ukraine and others. We’ve attached a large amount of photo-and video-materials evidencing massive crimes against civilians to the case. We’ve interrogated several Russian citizens, including journalists released from captivity, and Ukrainian refugees seeking asylum in Russia because they had to flee their homes due to harassment by the Ukrainian military”.

Quoting Russian migration authorities, Markin said, “The refugee flow from the Ukraine is growing with every passing day. By now, Russia’s accepted applications for asylum from almost 4,000 people, over 500 of them children. We’ll question all of them in relation to this criminal case. If we discover due grounds, we’ll recognise them as victims. We’ll give all victims qualified legal assistance on a full-scale. We’ll explain to them their right to file cases at the European Court of Human Rights and the International Court of Justice”.


Such legal cases would only have validity if Russia had control of the Ukraine’s territory. Does this mean that Russia intends to invade? No one knows… certainly, not me… but no one knows, not even Langley (so far, it’s intel has proven crank and off-base… is it influenced overly much by Uniate diaspora fanatics?).



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On Wednesday, Interfax reported that junta boss Aleksandr Turchinov said that the Ukraine would start mass production of Dozor-B APCs for the “National Guard” (sic). Turchinov reviewed armoured forces intended for service in the present repression operations in Novorossiya at the Chuguyev polygon in Kharkov Oblast. So-called “Interior Minister” Arseny Avakov accompanied him, along with commanders of units in the repression operation. Turchinov said, “The small Dozor APC is three times cheaper than the BTR-4E APC and has proved its efficiency in field conditions. Today, the ‘National Guard’ (sic) awaits this vehicle”. Military experts said that it’d take several months to put the Dozor into serial production. Earlier, Poland purchased a license from the Ukraine to make these vehicles for the Polish Army. Turchinov, Avakov, and junta commanders shall later visit the HQ of the junta repression operation near Slavyansk.


The Dozor is a cheap POS Third World vehicle. It only has limited off-road capability, it doesn’t have heavy armament (it’s outgunned by all MICVs), and its protection is derisory, being sufficient only to protect the occupants against small arms fire and IED blasts. An MICV with a 30mm autocannon could pierce its armour and, of course, even old RPGs could defeat its thin protection. The Dozor is mainly useful as a COIN or rear-area control vehicle, perfect for “National Guard” (sic) thugs who don’t want to be in real stand-up fights anyway. It’s only a cheap “battle taxi” of VERY limited capability. Turchinov is exulting over this… Turchinov is an unmilitary idiot… but he does know how to destroy records and he did help the Americans in their illegal and criminal torture programme. Nice guy…

By the way, there’s a grand total of TWO APCs of this type in service… it’s not yet in series production. Oh, yes… it’s one-third the cost of the BTR-4E because it’s only one-fourth as effective (and poor workmanship and materials often plagues the BTR). The BTR has a 30mm autocannon, giving it the capability to engage MICVs; it’s an 8×8, which gives it better off-road mobility, and it has better protection against RPGs. The BTR also comes from Kharkov, so, why is Turchinov gloating over the inferior product? You’d be interested to know that the junta has a grand total of TEN of these vehicles for the entire army. By the way… one last thing, of the BTR-4Es shipped to Iraq, 80 percent are upso and kaput… due to the poor manufacturing and shoddy materials mentioned above. In fact, the same problems would bedevil the Dozor…



On Wednesday, Rostov Oblast authorities said they intend to instate a state of emergency to mobilise local agencies to provide accommodation to refugees fleeing the former southeastern Ukraine. People flee en masse from the neighbouring Lugansk and Donetsk People’s Republics due to the intense fighting taking place there. Officials meet refugees at the border and direct them to local recreation centres where the authorities help them with migrant processing procedures and give them temporary residence permits. Two additional recreation centres became temporary refugee housing, accommodating up to 550 people. Andrei Vdovchenko, a Rostov Oblast official, said, “We’ve provided shelter to 210 people… 122 children and 88 adults, including 15 elderly. These are mostly women and children from Slavyansk and Lugansk. Many of them haven’t slept for 3-4 days. It was our governor’s decision to direct the refugees to our centre for temporary housing and I completely agree with it. Many of them worry about the well-being of their relatives back in the Ukraine, so we provided them with Russian SIM cards so that they could call them.” Vasili Golubev, Governor of Rostov Oblast, said, “We provide the refugees with housing, food, basic necessities, and access to counselling services. Numerous NGOs and ordinary citizens have already applied to the oblast administration to help in providing shelter for women and children fleeing the battle zone”.

4 June 2014

Voice of Russia World Service







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