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Saturday, 17 January 2015

Last Sobibór Death Camp Survivor Dies in Russia

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On Thursday, Lyudmila Zakharova, the head of the local Jewish cultural centre, said that the last-known living survivor of the Sobibór death camp died at the age of 92 in Ryazan (Ryazan Oblast. Central Federal District) RF. The burial of Aleksei Vaitsen, who lost all his family in Nazi death camps during World War II, will be on 16 January. Vaitsen took part in the uprising of Sobibór prisoners in 1943, one of the two successful revolts at Nazi death camps. After the war, he appeared as a witness at the trial of Sobibór officers. The Nazis murdered at least 250,000 people in Sobibór, in eastern Poland.

15 January 2015




Russia honours the victims of the Nazi beasts… Ukrainian neofascists honour those who helped the Nazis push Jews in the ovens. Diaspora “Ukrainians” sheltered war criminals and whitewashed their legacy. I call that evil… I’m not alone. The commies brought a few of the Ukrainian guards who served at Sobibór to trial in the USSR. In April 1963, a court in Kiev found ten former Ukrainian guards guilty and sentenced them to death, one of the defendants received 15 years in prison. That’s a major reason the Ukie neofascists hate the USSR and communists… the Sovs hunted down Nazi collaborators who helped in the Holocaust and communists preached (and preach) against the racism of Nazism and neofascism (the Galician collaborators who aided the Holocaust were hardly philo-Semitic). If you support the present Ukrainian junta, you’re a Holocaust Denier… let’s not put too fine a face upon it.

Light a candle in Aleksei’s memory… the fact that he wasn’t a Christian doesn’t matter. You can commemorate whom you will when you light a candle in the church. Say a prayer for the rest of his soul… we’re Christians… that’s what we do.


Saturday, 17 March 2012

Ivan Demjanjuk Died in Germany

Altar in church in Lippertskirchen bei Bad Feilnbach, Gemeinde Bad Felinbach (Regierungsbezirk Oberbayern. Freistaat Bayern) GERMANY. Light a candle for the Servant of God John. No matter what he did or didn’t do, he was an Orthodox Christian, one of us… say a prayer for his rest and for the solace of his family. Don’t listen to the haters…


John (Ivan) Demjanjuk, who received a five-year prison sentence for collaborating with the Nazis, died in Germany in the 92nd year of his life. He was a guard at the Sobibór extermination camp during World War II. Demjanjuk died in a nursing home in Bad Felinbach in southern Bavaria. Due to his poor health, the German authorities allowed him to serve his time in a hospital ward. ITAR-TASS reported that no other details are available at present. In May 2011, a German court sentenced him to five years in prison. However, the judicial authorities allowed him to remain at liberty pending ruling on the appeal in his case. Demjanjuk’s trial began in Germany on 30 November 2009, after his deportation from the USA. According to German investigators, Demjanjuk was directly involved in at least 27,900 prisoner deaths in the Sobibór camp, where he served as a guard. The German prosecutor demanded that the court sentence Demjanjuk to six years imprisonment. His defence insisted that he was innocent.

Demjanjuk was born in 1920 in the Ukraine. According to his statements, he served in the Red Army, and, in 1942, fell into German captivity. The court found that the Germans trained him as a guard and sent him to serve as a guard at Sobibór in occupied Poland. In October 1943, Demjanjuk went to Flossenburg concentration camp (on the present border with Czechia). He was a perimeter guard there until sometime in 1944. After the war, Demjanjuk lived in various places, until his emigration to the USA in 1952. In 1975, reports surfaced of Demjanjuk’s alleged involvement in Nazi war crimes. In 1986, the American government extradited him to Israel, where a court sentenced Demjanjuk to death for crimes against humanity. Many former inmates of Treblinka concentration camp in occupied Poland thought that Demjanjuk was a sadist guard nicknamed Ivan the Terrible.

In 1993, the Israeli Supreme Court ruled that Demjanjuk wasn’t a guard at the Treblinka concentration camp, and released him from prison, after which he returned to the USA. However, American officials continued to investigate, and, in 2002, a court ruled that Demjanjuk served as a concentration camp guard during the Second World War; therefore, it decided to strip him of his citizenship and deported him from the country. At the trial in München, the court heard the testimony of 30 prosecution witnesses, 12 of whom came to Bavaria from the Netherlands. For the most part, they were relatives of people killed at Sobibór. The court rendered its verdict, despite the fact that after almost 70 years after the events under scrutiny, not a single witness could definitively identify Demjanjuk as a camp guard.

17 March 2012

Voice of Russia World Service



This was a crank undertaking from stem to stern. Things such as this are grist for the mills of anti-Semites everywhere. The Israel Lobby pursued this poor man… even though he spent seven years in an Israeli prison cell, that wasn’t good enough for them. I remember seeing a photo taken at the time of his release from prison in 1993. The Israeli prison guards smiled and shook his hand, wishing him well. They were Ordinary Joes wishing another Ordinary Joe luck and good fortune. Such was not to be. This wasn’t good enough for the haters in the Israel Lobby in the USA. They wanted to make John Demjanjuk “pay”.

John Demjanjuk was nothing but a spear-dragger; he was a perimeter guard, for God’s sake. He wasn’t even a squad leader… he was nothing but an ordinary slogger, he gave no orders to anyone else, he made no decisions, not even minor ones. He carried out his orders, for, as he put it, “I wanted to eat”. It was an immense miscarriage of “justice”… it was a travesty, nothing but naked bigotry and hatred, the Demjanjuk family did NOT deserve such. John Demjanjuk deserved to die amongst his family circle… the haters snatched that away.

I’m sorry that the Israel Lobby did this. All that it did was to stir up hatred and anti-Semitism. In short, they cured a hangnail by blowing off their foot. Their stupidity in this affair is mind-boggling. I do know this… the ordinary Jewish family down the block didn’t do this… but the Israel Lobby did. Don’t succumb to hate, but do notice who did what to whom. The same people who screamed for Demjanjuk’s head are screaming for war with Iran and Syria. If they were horridly wrong once, they could be equally mistaken again…

Вечная память…


Thursday, 12 May 2011

Justice Denied: Demjanjuk Convicted by Kangaroo Court in Nazi Camp Deaths

I can just hear the bailiffs talking amongst themselves… “Poor old sod… wonder who he pissed off to be here”. “I dunno… but I do know this… keep it to yourself, or they’ll come down on you like a ton of bricks”. “You got that right… there ain’t no freedom of speech any more… ya gotta watch what ya say”. They’re Bavarians after all… a grounded and sensible lot…


Read this and note this:

Demjanjuk faced 28,060 counts of being an accessory to murder, one for each person who died during the time he was accused of being a guard at the Sobibór camp in Nazi-occupied Poland. There was no evidence he committed a specific crime. The prosecution was based on the theory that if Demjanjuk was at the camp, he was a participant in the killing… the first time such a legal argument has been made in German courts.

And this:

The Simon Wiesenthal Center’s chief Nazi hunter, Efraim Zuroff, called the conviction “a very important victory for justice”.

Mr Zuroff, you’re chock fulla shit! This was nothing but vengeance against an old man who suffered wrongful imprisonment in the past due to a crank verdict passed down by a “bloody assizes” in Israel, due to the sick hatred of an unrepresentative set of twisted people. I’m no anti-Semite… anyone who reads this site knows that. Hell, I’ve stood tall when people made even slightly anti-Semitic remarks. I say that all that this crook decision is going to do is to increase ill will against Jews. I’ve always stood against the Holocaust deniers in the past, I do so now, and I’ll do so again in future, if necessary.

However, I believe in good sense and the truth. This was nothing but a sick desire to attack old people in their last years before they die. I say, let John Demjanjuk go home; let him die amongst his people. He’s suffered enough. He was nothing but a perimeter guard, if he was that. He made no decisions, he gave no orders, and he was legally responsible for the death of no one. This was cheap and tawdry grandstanding of the worst sort. Escapades such as this one kept me out of the classical “Left”… all too many of them support nastiness of this sort. I hate loudmouthed “liberals” as much as I hate posturing “conservatives”. Both elevate their notional “ideology” over people… the latter in favour of their love of filthy lucre, the former in favour of their pretensions of intellectual pride. Both pander to the worst tendencies in us… we should avoid both.

True Justice would recognise that John Demjanjuk was nothing but the lowliest spear-dragger, if he were even that. NO ONE died because of his decisions… NO ONE suffered imprisonment because of his actions… NO ONE was even brutalised by him. Mr Zuroff’s sick hatred is clear to all grounded decent people… just as I hate Neo-Nazis, just as I hate racists, just as I hate religious phonies; I hate “justice seekers” just as passionately. John Demjanjuk did some dumb things in his life… being a loudmouth Ukie nationalist was one of ’em… but he did nothing to merit one minute of imprisonment. Let John Demjanjuk go home to die amongst his people and end this farcical charade. Shit such as this keeps anti-Semitism alive and green… thankfully, most Jewish people know this, so, don’t blame them! Blame the loudmouths… say it loud n’ proud! There’s real justice in this case, and the Simon Wiesenthal Center isn’t standing for it. Give the Demjanjuk family some peace… if you have any humanity.


Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Demjanjuk Being Crucified to Mollify “Holocaust Industry” Lobby

This book is available from Amazon… on the whole, it’s a good read. A court tried the poor bastard and found him innocent… but in spite of “double jeopardy”, they kept dragging him to court. Doesn’t the ADL and the Wiesenthal Centre realise that it’s grist for the anti-Semitic mill? I wouldn’t call that very bright…


I warned him, if you follow this, you’re going to get in trouble… because you’re going to expose the American intellectual community as a gang of frauds, they’re not going to like it, and they’re going to destroy you.

Naom Chomsky

It’s taken me some time to absorb what I should always have known, that in my whole approach to the study of the destruction of the Jews I was pitting myself against the main current of Jewish thought.

Raul Hilberg


Read this. This is a judicial farce. Earth to Wiesenthal Centre and all other loudmouth “Holocaust pimps”… Demjanjuk is NINETY-YEARS-OLD. John Demjanjuk was a perimeter guard at Sobibór… since he was a Slav, the Nazis considered him untermenschtum… “subhuman”. He made no decisions, he gave no orders, and he had no one underneath him. That’s to say, he was an ordinary spear dragger, who was as much a victim of the situation as any other (after all, he was trying to escape a German POW camp for Soviet troops, which were well-known as death traps). He wasn’t RESPONSIBLE for anything in legal terms.

This is why I despise the Holocaust Industry and agree wholeheartedly with Norman Finkelstein’s thesis on them. They’re nothing but pimps and bloodsuckers. For example, I question the very term, “Holocaust”… in English, a “holocaust” is the sacrifice of a spotless animal to expiate sin, such as occurred in the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem before AD 70. The Jüdenmord (Murder of the Jews) wasn’t an expiation for anyone’s sin nor were the Jews of Europe any more or less innocent than other ethnic group. It was a sin, it was an enormity; it was barbarous, vile, and beyond words. However… reflect on this… it was NOT a crime. A crime violates formal statute law, full stop. It should give us pause that this evil act was NOT illegal… it was legal and it was state policy. There’s a distinction between sin and crime, and one does violence, not only to the language, but also to morals themselves, if you conflate them.

To seek redress in the courts for this evil, to seek to punish people for following the law, perverts the very concept of legality. Mind you, I do NOT care for anti-Semitism… yet, I know that I’ll be charged with such for disagreeing with this or that Jew. So be it… I have no control over what others think of my ideas or me. We defeated Nazi Germany in the war… we dismantled the camps, we freed the slave labourers, we returned the looted goods (if they still existed), and Germany lay in ruins. In short, it paid the normal price of the vanquished. The Nazi régime lay in ruins… mostly, a victim of its own racist and hateful agenda (such as the Tea Party shall self-destruct because of its roots in hatred and bigotry).

Indeed, up until the 1980s, there was no prominence for the Holocaust Industry. People knew that the Nazis perpetrated an enormity… they knew that four to six million innocents died, merely for being Jewish. Why was there a change? Perhaps, I could cite the GI Bill… the first sizable cohort of educated Jews in America came after World War II, and many didn’t reach positions of higher authority in academe until the 80s. There was no conspiracy… anyone who believes that deserves a long rest in a home for the feebleminded. It was simply a “meeting of the minds”, a set of the likeminded. It was also the first generation to come of age without direct knowledge of World War II, which meant that jumped-up frauds such as Elie Wiesel had malleable minds to prey upon (simply because one had survived the camps doesn’t automatically confer any special status or wisdom on one).

As for me, I agree with Raul Hilberg. I’ll tell you who were FAR MORE guilty than John Demjanjuk in the slaughter of European Jewry… the members of the Judenräte (Jewish Councils). They cooperated with the Nazis… the killing would’ve been far less without their collaboration. That’s the TRUE taboo subject on the topic… no one’s allowed to say that prominent Jews bought their survival at the cost of their own people’s lives. You want to drag someone into court? Go after these soulless wankers (or their descendants). They sent others to die so they could survive. They sent others to die so that they could live to profit in future. In short, they personified Shylock… only the “pound of flesh” that they demanded was from their own people. That’s nasty and unforgivable. The reason why it’s a taboo subject is clear… some of those in the Holocaust Industry are family members related to such people or were such people themselves.

I have known many lovely people who survived the German camps (and the GULag as well)… most of them didn’t want to talk of it. If you pressed them, the most they would say was, “It was evil… what more can you say?” I remember the photo of John Demjanjuk with his Israeli guards when they learned that Demjanjuk got his release from prison. The Israeli guard shook his hand and smiled… he was GLAD for Demjanjuk. I can hear the Israeli guard, talking to his bros that night over a beer, “Poor bastard… he got caught in the wrong place at the wrong time. He wasn’t a bad sort”. His mate would say, “You’re right, Avi, the higher-ups will always send one of us to hell if they fuck up. It’s a crazy world… have another drink”.

That’s the long and the short of it. John Demjanjuk is guilty of NOTHING. They should let him go home and live the rest of his life with his family. Those who’re behind this judicial charade are soulless pigs and we should treat them accordingly. It’s not against the law for me to express my opinion of them, nor is it libellous. God help us all, especially the poor Demjanjuk family.


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